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Debt Financing. ETP 3700. Courage: Risk and the Dimensions of Work. Life Cycle of a Business Venture. Bootstrapping. Self, Friends and Family. Equity Financing. Debt Financing. Short-term Debt. Expected to be paid within one year
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Obligation Financing ETP 3700

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Courage: Risk and the Dimensions of Work Life Cycle of a Business Venture Bootstrapping Self, Friends and Family Equity Financing Debt Financing

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Short-term Debt Expected to be paid inside one year Most frequently used to fund fleeting uses, for example, stock, supplies, finance, and so on

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Short-term Debt Trade obligation Not a given - need to set up a relationship Communication basic if income is tight Build an association with long haul merchants

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Short-term Debt Banks Some banks spend significant time in working with business people Smaller nearby group banks regularly all the more ready to work with neighborhood little organizations

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Short-term Debt Asset-based moneylenders Lend cash against resources Cheaper than components, however more costly than banks

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Short-term Debt Factors Advance cash on records receivable through "buy" of A/R Good for organizations that are not "bankable" at current time Expensive cash: 4-7% every month (yearly 50-85% identical financing rate) Use for transient just at whatever point conceivable Plan for move to bank or other lower cost financing

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Long-term Debt Beyond one year Most regularly used to finance settled resource buys

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Long-term Debt Banks: term credits Leasing organizations Real domain banks

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Overlooked Forms of Debt Property rents Long-term job understandings SBA or other government sponsored loaning programs

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SBA Loans Funds gave by free moneylenders Loan surety from SBA exchanges danger of borrower non-installment, up to the measure of the insurance, from the bank to SBA advances are business bank advances ensured by the SBA http://www.sba.gov/financing/index.html

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Eligibility for SBA Loans WHOLESALE - not more than 100 representatives RETAIL or SERVICE - Average (3 year) yearly deals or receipts of not more than $6.0 million to $29.0 million, contingent upon business sort MANUFACTURING - Generally not more than 500 employees, but rather now and again up to 1,500 employees CONSTRUCTION - Average (3 year) yearly deals or receipts of not more than $12.0 million to $28.5 million, contingent upon the particular business sort

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Basic SBA Loan Programs Basic 7(a) Loan Guaranty SBA\'s essential business advance program Helps qualified little organizations get financing when they won\'t not be qualified for business advances through ordinary loaning channels.

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Basic SBA Loan Programs Basic 7(a) Loan Guaranty Loan continues can be utilized for: working capital apparatus and gear furniture and installations land and building (counting buy, redesign and new development) leasehold changes

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Basic SBA Loan Programs Basic 7(a) Loan Guaranty Loan development is up to 10 years for working capital and for the most part up to 25 years for repaired assets.  Start and existing little organizations DELIVERED THROUGH: Commercial loaning establishments

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Basic SBA Loan Programs 504 Loan Program Provides long haul, altered rate financing to little organizations to obtain land or hardware or gear for extension or modernization. Regularly a 504 venture incorporates a credit secured from a private-part moneylender with a senior lien an advance secured from a Certified Development Company (subsidized by a 100 percent SBA-ensured debenture) with a lesser lien concealing to 40 percent of the aggregate cost a commitment of no less than 10 percent value from the borrower. Most extreme SBA debenture by and large is $1 million 

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Working with Bankers Initial contact "There\'s a rely upon each corner." Get to know your financier\'s manager Make beyond any doubt they become acquainted with you and your business before you give them money related explanations or arrangements

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Working with Bankers Criteria for Lending by Bankers Ability of the business to create enough income to effectively make premium and rule installments Entrepreneur\'s capacity to by and by pay back the credit if the business comes up short Assets to serve as insurance

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Working with Bankers Key Loan Documents Loan proposition Loan record Terms Restrictions Performance prerequisites Personal ensures Major shareholders Joint and a few obligation Eventually gets to be debatable

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Working with Bankers On-going Communication Bankers detest shocks Give them somewhat more than they need, somewhat more frequently than they need it Verbal and composed

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Downside of Debt Increased hazard amid monetary stoppage Impact on continues from business deal Restrictive contracts Personal assurances

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