Observing Training in Elementary School.

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Results must be at the objective level toward the end of essential training (as indicated by student qualities) Social capacities are at the objective level ...
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´╗┐Checking Education in Primary School Raising productivity of instructive observing Henk Kreeft Moscow, September 2006

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Monitoring on three levels

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Quality Management by Schools Quality administration by schools themselves, school self-assessment, is turning out to be increasingly vital all over Europe In the Netherlands school self-assessment is the beginning stage for the Inspector Yearly and periodical examination

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Periodical examination Starting-point is school self-assessment Most essential quality markers: Quality administration Results (understudy results, students\' advancement) Teaching-Learning process (educational programs, learning time, and so forth) No quality problems : Concluding with report Quality problems : Further examination

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Quality consideration, self-assessment Quality pointers: Knowledge of understudy requests Yearly assessment of the outcomes (utilizing accepted tests) Systematic assessment of educating and learning Systematic exercises to enhance the nature of training The school represents the quality came to partners Caring for social safety

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Results (understudy results, students\' advancement) Quality markers: Results must be at the objective level toward the end of essential instruction (as indicated by student attributes) Social capacities are at the objective level Results dialect and science have the objective level amid essential instruction Pupils\' advancement is on timetable, students are not lacking behind

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End of Primary Education Test 90% of Dutch schools utilize the EPT (the supposed Citotest), 10% utilizations different tests Inspectorate takes a gander at the consequences of 3 years (more steady) Scores EPT are institutionalized scores and can be contrasted and a national standard Stratification of 7 gatherings of schools

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Student Monitoring System Schools can utilize the trial of the Cito SMS The Inspectorate ponders the outcomes at five vital focuses in time: Technical perusing (age 7 and 8) Arithmetic/Mathematics (age 8 and 10) Reading (age 10) SMS has tests for every one of these subjects at these focuses in time Test results are put on one scale (with utilization of IRT), so improvement gets to be noticeable. (understudies\' advancement)

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Teaching and learning Process Quality markers: Such as Learning-time regarding the instructive needs Teaching technique: structure, association, separation, student movement

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Norm Inspectorate A school is an exceptionally feeble school when: Results toward the end of essential training are not adequate or results can\'t be judged Two or more different pointers are lacking Every school\'s aftereffect of the periodical examination is distributed on the Internet

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Raising Efficiency of Monitoring in the Netherlands Self-assessment framework Yearly and periodical examination by Inspectorate Standardized tests amid the instructive procedure and toward the end of essential training

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