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Occasion Security! From The Illinois Wellbeing Committee and Integra Security Collusion Created by Tony Ramos – President Voice or Fax: 630-592-7767 tramos@integrasecurity.org Security and Security Organization together Occasion Wellbeing Joliet Station Workers Make this one to recall
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Occasion Safety! From The Illinois Safety Council & Integra Security Alliance Developed by Tony Ramos – President Voice or Fax: 630-592-7767 tramos@integrasecurity.org Safety and Security Alliance

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Holiday Safety Joliet Station Employees Make this one to recollect not one to overlook! Be protected at work, home and out and about!

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Credit Fraud Child Safety Pickpocket

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Home Holiday Fire Causes & Results 2,600 anticipated that would be harmed by flame (US Fire Administration ) 240 Christmas tree flames result in 23 passings (NFPA 2002). 18,000 home flames/candles result in 130 passings & 1,350 wounds (NFPA 2002).

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Home Electrical & Fire/Smoke Detection Safety UL posting Avoid over-burdening outlets Indoor/open air use Timers Smoke & carbon monoxide indicators (10,000 wounds & 5,000 passings)

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Home Roadway Safety Total Traffic Fatalities 2005 43,000 Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities 2005 16,000 Source: National Highway Traffic Association

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Home Holiday Alcohol Safety

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Child Safety shopping centers & swarms Separation Take a companion Plan & hone JEANETT HILL Missing following: Sep 8, 2006 LOUISVILLE TN

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Pickpocket Take stock Limit money What if? Activity arrangement

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Personal Safety Ideal stopping area Exposed bundles or assets Avoid being an objective Limit your potential misfortunes

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ID Theft & Cyber Crime Estimated @ $2.8 billion

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ID Theft & Cyber Crime 100 million Americans – one in ten Everyone is an objective and at danger Fastest developing wrongdoing Odds are not to support you Know your choices Federal Trade Commission

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ID Theft & Cyber Crime Spam Phishing Keyloggers Voice phishing

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ID Theft & Cyber Crime Know your vendor Unsolicited email Secured site Use various passwords Use credits cards Check online explanations ‘ often’ Update PC insurance

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Cyber Crime Check your instrument plate for the yellow lock Avoid connections installed in messages Separate messages for shopping Check you security programming and Wi-Fi association In uncertainty, don’t open it www.consumer.gov/idtheft

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ID Theft & Cyber Crime Links to know Identity Theft Resource Center www.idtheftcenter.org/index.shtml Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/index.html Anti-Phishing Working Group www.antiphishing.org/

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Donations For any U.S.- based philanthropy, approach it for a duplicate of its IRS Form 990. State\'s lawyer general\'s office National philanthropy www.give.org Local philanthropy, going to www.bbb.org to contact the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbbonline.org/IDtheft/

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Safety & Security Resource Contacts Illinois Safety Council www.ilsafetycouncil.org ISC@ILSafetyCouncil.org (312) 372-9756 Integra Security Alliance Tony Ramos – President tramos@integrasecurity.org www.integrasecurity.org Voice or Fax: 630-592-7767 .:tslides

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