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October 2006. Property of VBrick Systems.
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Building the Digital Video Classroom of the Future (Today) Pat Cassella Sr. Executive of Marketing - Education Property of VBrick Systems

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Streaming Video - Did You Know… … That there are many applications conceivable with gushing video appropriation today? VBrick is a pioneer in advanced video arrangements and is effectively occupied with a crusade to help bring issues to light of how computerized video is molding our classrooms today Hundreds of instructive establishments are utilizing video conveyance over their current IP organizes today to help enhance the classroom learning background Property of VBrick Systems

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Presentation A gander at what is driving gushing video in the classroom Today\'s applications for spilling advanced video Benefits – for understudies and instructors How to fabricate an advanced conveyance framework Challenges you may experience Success story – Oklahoma State University Who is VBrick Systems Property of VBrick Systems

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Drivers for spilling video Property of VBrick Systems

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Industry Trends, Driving Forces Analog frameworks needing overhaul or going EOL The need to consider computerized versus simple Heavy interests in system redesigns the previous 5 years Infrastructure set up to bolster video over IP Compression advances keep on improving Squeeze more video over littler funnels Applications are driving organization Classroom spilling and recording, content conveyance, webcasts Students grow up with video; expect the most recent innovation Video gushing, on-line get to, podcasts Property of VBrick Systems

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Benefits of spilling video Property of VBrick Systems

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Streaming video in the classroom Improve Learning Improve the exactness of note taking; reiteration and maintenance Visual correspondence more compelling than verbal just - video diminishes learning times by very nearly 20% Increase Flexibility and Reach understudies in remote areas – home, different locale, residences Students can get to addresses whenever it might suit them Video can now be sent anyplace the PC arrange achieves (remote, web, and so forth.) - no longer fastened to persuade Enabler for new applications Video pressure gives you a chance to convey video to anyplace (remote, versatile, iPOD) TV to the desktop, video-on-request, intelligent correspondence Reduce Costs Convergence, no requirement for a different video arrange Eliminate expenses of tape administration Property of VBrick Systems

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The old (simple) days Chalkboard Classroom Corner transport stop Camcorder Reel Projector Coax video organize VCR Library The "school" PC The "VCR" Cart The PC lab Property of VBrick Systems

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The new (advanced) ways Bus stop with video observation and advanced signage Computers at each desktop Chalkboard to Smartboard Podcast of addresses, news, and so on. Simple tapes to computerized DVD circles VCR tape library to advanced video resource library VCR\'s to Video-on-request Property of VBrick Systems

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Applications for spilling video Property of VBrick Systems

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Lecture Delivery and Recording Then Now Teachers can stream their addresses live while recording them for future playback Teacher gives address at settled time/day If you can\'t make it to class… you are stuck between a rock and a hard place or should depend on another person\'s notes If the class is full access to the class is denied Students can see the addresses live from anyplace on the PC arrange – understudy relax, flood classroom and their quarters rooms Property of VBrick Systems

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Delivery of put away resources Then Now Visit the media pro to look at a tape - supplicate that it is there and that you wont be put on the holding up rundown Coordinate the getting of the VCR/TV truck Play tape in classroom, trust that the quality is worthy Teachers get to the video-on-request server appropriate from their PC and send the video to the classroom TV or computerized projector Students with authorizations can see any of the put away resources from anyplace on the PC organize – understudy relax, flood classroom and their residence rooms Property of VBrick Systems

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Cable TV Distribution Then Now TV in the classroom associated with a different urge arrange Separate foundation to buy and keep up Web get to, PC applications and TV get to totally isolate Teachers utilize their PC to convey classroom material while flawlessly incorporating live satellite TV occasions or already spared news cuts Students can see link stations utilizing a normal PC associated with the IP arrange in both the classroom and their residence rooms Property of VBrick Systems

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Special Events Then Now Graduation coordinations confine who can go to the celebrations You are given a predetermined number of tickets for your loved ones Still pictures and home made recordings are utilized to recap the occasion for friends and family who can not go to Ceremonies are gushed live to flood rooms and over the Internet to loved ones who couldn\'t go to The graduation can likewise be recorded and put away for reunions and additionally copied to make a DVD for past graduated class to be utilized as a part of raising money endeavors Property of VBrick Systems

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Rich Media Presentations Then Now Teachers give a rich media address with their introduction synchronized to the PPT slides while it is spilled live over the IP arrange and recorded for future reference Professor readies a PPT freebee for the class address The PPT is made accessible to understudies who scribble down notes amid the address The notes are concealed for future reference some place in your scratch pad Students can see the rich media addresses live from anyplace on the PC arrange and replay the introduction later to survey imperative focuses Property of VBrick Systems

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Summary of Education applications Morning Announcements Distance Learning Security and Surveillance HR Compliance Training HR Teacher/Student Training HR Benefits Training Remote Field Trips Cable TV Distribution Guest Speakers Lecture Delivery Lecture Archive Digital Conversion of VCR Tapes Video Trunking Graduation and Sport Webcast Property of VBrick Systems

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Building an advanced conveyance framework What do I require? Property of VBrick Systems

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A current IP organize Cisco Systems Extreme Networks Nortel Etc.. Ought to bolster an innovation called multicast A proficient method for conveying video to the desktop Gig Ethernet spine an or more Provides a lot of foundation for voice/video/information Connection to Internet Allows you to grow your compass past the grounds Property of VBrick Systems

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Content Chain Creation Delivery Consumption Encoding, making, altering and creating data, for example, video, sound, content and pictures, one-way and two-way. Conveying live and put away rich media utilizing the Internet Protocol Decoding and showing content Security, Control and Management End to end content conveyance, framework control, and estimation Property of VBrick Systems

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What are the parts? Catch the video and put it onto the system VBrick Encoder - equipment Allows you to stream the video live over your IP organize Audio In Video Out Video In Audio Out Microphone Ethernet Power Out Passthrough Port Power In Relay Control Ethernet LEDs Management Port Power LED Property of VBrick Systems

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What are the segments? Convey caught video over the system VBrick Video on request server - equipment Allows you to convey put away video to a PC or TV Can be acquired substance or self-made substance Property of VBrick Systems

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What are the parts? Control and deal with this video VBrick Portal Server-equipment or programming Creates a playlist of live and put away video Allows you to deal with the video, dole out authorizations, and so on. Gives you a chance to record live video and spare it to the VOD Property of VBrick Systems

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What are the parts? Show PC or Set-Top Box – equipment or programming PC permits you to watch the video from your desktop STB permits you to watch the video on your TV Property of VBrick Systems

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EtherneTV for advanced conveyance #1 Live Capture and Delivery #4 Display #2 Stored - Delivery MPEG VOD Servers VOD NXG VOD W WM VOD Server VOD WM Camera, VCR, DVD or link encourage into Encoder StreamPlayer Software Decoder STB Digital Receiver #3 Management and Control Media Control Server Suite Portal Server Scheduler Network Video Recorder VBrick MPEG-2/4 Decoder Network Video Appliance VBrick MPEG-2/4 & WM Encoder Network Video Appliances Property of VBrick Systems

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Other essential elements Automatic framework refreshes Necessary video segments downloaded naturally Universal get to Support for all stages – Windows, MAC, Linux Access Logging The capacity to monitor what\'s happening Permissions The capacity to limit access to specific resources Copyright Enforcement The capacity to agree to copyright laws, handle 3 rd party content Support for outsider control Turn on/off different segments – VCRs, TVs, and so forth Scheduling Record, stream, intuitive, scripting Property of VBrick Systems

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Who is VBrick Systems? VBrick is the main supplier of Video over IP arrangements Long history and money related solidness Founded in 1997, sent first item in 1998 Over 15,000 items transported, 1000+ clients Raised $22 million in funding in 2001 Led by Morgan Stanley and Menlo Ventures Strong income and benefit development High industry perceivability and acknowledgment 2005 Frost and Sullivan Excellence in Technology in Video Over IP Technologies 2004 NAB Editors Choice Award for substance conveyance 2003 Grand Prize Best in Show at Networld Interop (N+I) Deloitte 2004 Fast 500: #148 Property of VBrick Systems

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VBrick Systems What Does VBrick Do? "We give a computerized content dissemination framework called EtherneTV that conveys live and put away video (VOD) over information systems to PCs and TVs" "We manufac

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