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Sensitive Amazon area in Ecuador is oil rich and genealogical place where there is Indigenous groups ... the Board to address the issues in Ecuador, and asked a focused on inquiry to the ...
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Offer POWER SAMPLE TRAINING PRESENTATION Guidelines for utilize This is an example presentation that you can use to teach bunches about the SHARE POWER Campaign. Contingent upon the gathering you are working with, you may utilize every last bit of it or spotlight on some key parts. The timeframe you\'ll need will rely on upon the amount you cover, whether you fuse workshop exercises, and how much q&a you permit. The way to a fruitful preparing is to keep members drew in by empowering their participation.Throughout the presentation there are thoughts for approaches to do this incorporated into the notes. It is exceedingly prescribed to start your presentation with an early on icebreaker to make individuals agreeable. Before giving your presentation, make sure to audit the notes painstakingly with the goal that you feel sure. On the off chance that inquiries come up amid your presentation that you can\'t reply, record them and after that reach us at or 212-633-4288 Make beyond any doubt you get contact data for the majority of the general population going to your presentation so you can catch up with them and sign them up for the Campaign! Erase this slide before making your presentation.

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SHARE POWER SAMPLE TRAINING PRESENTATION Guidelines for use Materials you should bring for the presentation SHARE POWER flyer Bhopal and Amazon truth sheets Workshop directions gifts Pledge structures CAN Brochures *It\'s OK in the event that you don\'t have a spot to demonstrate a Power Point presentation. Simply print out the presentation as "Gifts" and make enough duplicates for your gathering of people. Go to print in the File menu, in the Print exchange box pick "Presents" from the \'Print what\' drop down menu. Erase this slide before making your presentation.

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Amnesty CAN presents another approach to crusade: SHARE POWER SHARE your POWER to end corporate human rights mishandle Use the POWER of venture SHARES to change the world

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Agenda for preparing What is SHARE POWER? Contextual investigations: Dow and Chevron AI Approaches to corporate responsibility Shareholder activism utilizing SHARE POWER Designing a battle (Training workshop) University Institutional Shareholder Investment Company Resources Key dates

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Everyone is Connected! Discover your association with a huge multinational organization Influence them to change! Offer POWER \'s ebb and flow center: Dow Chemical Company Chevron Corporation

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DOW IN BHOPAL December 2 nd , 1984 > 35 tons of dangerous gas spilled from a pesticide plant possessed by Union Carbide Corporation 7,000 individuals kicked the bucket in the following 2-3 days 15,000 more have passed on in the course of the most recent 20 years >100,000 individuals keep on suffering up right up \'til the present time UCC still declines to distinguish every one of the items spilled, averting sufficient medicinal treatment

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Corporate obligation: Union Carbide and Dow Chemical UC India put away "ultra risky" Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) in mass, without fitting wellbeing measures Used diverse principles in India than in US Did not regard past notices UCC claimed 51% of UC India and kept up broad control In 2001 Dow assumed control UCC and is utilizing proprietorship structure to maintain a strategic distance from duty

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Government duty The Indian and state governments knew about perilous substances and procedures State government conceded lawful area titles around the plant site Government did not force wellbeing gauges nor press UCC for wellbeing instruments 1989 Government and UCC understanding left survivors living in penury

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CHEVRON IN THE AMAZON Delicate Amazon locale in Ecuador is oil rich and hereditary place that is known for Indigenous people group Texaco (converged with Chevron in 2001) was first oil organization to find business amounts 1993 report "Amazon Crude," from 1972 to 1992 (the year it cleared out Ecuador), Texaco: Dumped more than 19 billion gallons of lethal wastewaters Spilled 16 million gallons of unrefined petroleum (Compare: Exxon-Valdez 1989 spilled 10 million gallons in Alaska\'s coast)

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Corporate obligation: Chevron Reports in set up therapeutic diaries call attention to: Higher trot rates close oil fields Higher unconstrained unnatural birth cycles close debased water streams In a few streams, levels of Hydrocarbon as high as 280 times the levels allowed in the European Community Chevron: Doesn\'t recognize join between wellbeing dangers and natural issues brought on by oil Hides behind dubious \'tidy up\' concurrence with the Ecuadorian Government Is confronting a continuous claim from Amazon occupants since 1993

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CHEVRON IN Nigeria is Africa\'s biggest oil maker Human rights concerns fixing to oil in the Niger Delta Preliminary discoveries of late Amnesty mission: Security powers guarding a Chevron office utilized unbalanced power against nonconformists One dead, a few harmed Raises questions about organization adherence to the deliberate implicit rules on the utilization of security powers

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Legacy of misuse: Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 8 President of the development for the survival of Ogoni individuals Unjustly executed, alongside 8 others in 1995 for dissenting obliteration created by oil investigation Similar history of security issues with Chevron Incorporation into SHARE POWER and International Day of Action

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What is AI doing? Direct approach: discoursed with organizations Activist Portfolio > Separate from AI enrichment Filing shareholder Proposals Chevron-Ecuador Bhopal-Dow Chemical Other proposition this winter Shareholder Activism: Using associations with shareholders to weight change inside an organization – Top down and grassroots

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Dow shareholder procedure AI\'s coalition incorporates: dependable speculators, substantial open benefits stores, NGOs Planned to bolster a shareholder proposition requesting that the organization address the circumstance in Bhopal > proposition was expelled from the tally AI and coalition created substitute system focusing on shareholders AI sent delegate to yearly shareholder meeting Thousands of postcards, demos, sit-ins, film showings, tabling, (see Webpage) Plan for 2005/06 > Co-document proposition and instruct shareholders!

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Chevron shareholder procedure Amnesty is working in coalition with: Responsible financial specialists, 2 biggest open benefits stores in the US, AmazonWatch Presented proposition requesting that the Board address the issues in Ecuador, and asked a focused on inquiry to the CEO. President anticipated different shareholders and the Board from adapting more about the issues in Ecuador. Facilitated 2 indigenous pioneers, held a rally and photograph show, conveyed 2,500 letters We will record the proposition again one year from now!

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How does shareholder activism protect human rights? Can change the way an organization works Highly broadcasted crusades raise open mindfulness Demonstrate solidarity with casualties Opportunities to team up with affected groups

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SHARE POWER Taking shareholder activism to the following level!

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How are YOU associated with Chevron and Dow? Everyone has an association with a multinational company! YOU Investment Companies *Mutual Funds Public/Private Institutions Universities Multinational Corporation

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Investment Company Connection For proprietors of stocks, shared assets, variable annuity, variable extra security, IRA, 401k or benefits. Right to know where cash is and pick an alternate speculation organization Contact your portfolio supervisor Right to know how they vote List of venture organizations and test letters accessible On-line regulated crusade guide

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Public/Private Institution Connection Nearly everybody associated with institutional shareholders: Public Pension Funds, City or State Treasury, and so on. Substantial shareholders convey a ton of weight with organizations, and are helpless to open weight Sample letters accessible Online regulated arranging guide for institutional financial specialists for more points of interest!

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University or College Connection You can be an understudy, alum, personnel or staff, or a concerned individual from the group Universities have enormous enrichments or handle ventures to subsidize their exercises Might be implicitly and unwittingly supporting human rights manhandle thought its speculations Sample letters accessible Online orderly arranging guide for institutional speculators for more subtle elements!

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How to utilize your association Dual-pronged technique: Direct way to deal with organization CEO/governing body Shareholder approach When enormous financial specialists talk, organizations tune in!

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Direct approach: Board of Directors/CEO 20,000 Letters!!!! By what method will we arrive? Level 1 - 25 letters Level 2 – 100 letters Take the SHARE POWER Pledge!

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Shareholder approach: What do you do with your association? We need vast shareholders to: Publicize ventures and past voting record. Make open their intermediary voting rules (decides that guide their choice when voting on shareholder proposition). Vote positively on, and openly bolster existing shareholder proposition. Build up socially cognizant venture rules. Record or co-document socially cognizant recommendations.

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Designing a SHARE POWER Campaign Innovative Resources: - Interactive page - SHARE POWER Forum - All materials online - Detailed crusade guides STEP 1: Build your case/battle STEP 2: Generate backing and take action! STEP 3: Follow up STEP 4: Track your advancement Repeat as required until you meet your objectives!

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STEP 1: Build your case EDUCATE yourself RESEARCH your objective INVESTIGATE - ask them specifically FOLLOW UP and ASSESS their reaction FORMULATE YOUR CAMPAIGN –draft a letter expressing what you need the foundation to do

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STEP 2: Generate backing and make a move! Instruct , teach! System in and outside of your nearby group Reach out to the MEDIA Put together EVENTS and ACTIVITIES Days of Action. Organizing open doors. Get bunches of signatur

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