Offer Training in East Ayrshire Sexual Health and Relationships Education .

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SHARE Training in East Ayrshire Sexual Health and Relationships Education. Alison Crawford Health and Wellbeing Coordinator East Ayrshire Council Linda Armstrong Community Link Worker Loudoun Partnership East Ayrshire Council. Background.
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SHARE Training in East Ayrshire Sexual Health and Relationships Education

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Alison Crawford Health and Wellbeing Coordinator East Ayrshire Council Linda Armstrong Community Link Worker Loudoun Partnership East Ayrshire Council

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Background SHARE is a sexual wellbeing and connections program delivered by NHS Health Scotland. SHARE is included two productions: The SHARE instructive asset and the SHARE mentor\'s manual.

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The Need for SHARE Teenage pregnancy rates in Scotland are among the most elevated in Europe. High rates of unintended pregnancies and terminations. Rising rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections. In East Ayrshire, we have one of the most astounding rates of high school pregnancies in Scotland. NHS Ayrshire & Arran

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Educational Resource The SHARE asset includes 22 sessions each enduring around 45 minutes. An instruction pack and a DVD. Intended for use by experts working with youngsters from S2 to S4. A far reaching, confirm educated diagram of sexual wellbeing and connections instruction (SRE) addresses complexities that encompass this subject.

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Recognizing, esteeming and sharing assorted qualities SHARE is intended to be comprehensive and esteeming of all youngsters . Understudies who are, or have been, sexually dynamic and the individuals who are not; Students who distinguish themselves as LGBT or are dubious about their sexual introduction; Students who have encountered pregnancy; Students who have been mishandled or sexually misused; Those who have experience of a scope of various family structures; Students with physical or learning handicaps; Students from a scope of social, ethnic or confidence contrasts.

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The Program 22 sessions, every concentrating on a topic Extension/alternatives practices Teachers can include their own materials or redo The program ought to be conveyed more than three years for S2, S3 and S4 students 6 to 8 lessons in every year.

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Program Lessons Starting out Relationships Talking about sex Bodies and sex Being male or female Learning about sex Sexual action, pregnancy and contraception Sexual movement and STIs Good relational abilities Condom utilize aptitudes Pressures and decisions around sex Resisting weight Experiences of first intercourse Pregnancy and parenthood Where to go for help

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Curriculum for Excellence SHARE meets the prerequisites for a far reaching sex and connections training program as laid out in Respect and Responsibility (the national procedure for sexual wellbeing) and in Curriculum for Excellence . The SHARE course addresses the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood encounters and results inside the Health and Wellbeing coordinator of Curriculum for Excellence , and various others including Mental, Emotional , Social and Physical Health .

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Benefits of Partnership Working Young individuals\' learning in Sexual Health and Relationships Education profits by organization working with guardians, carers, school staff, group staff and more extensive offices. The contribution of group accomplices, through their individual mastery and information, connects with students, advances learning encounters and gives a steady message. Viable organization working guarantees that all offices meet up so as to bolster our youngsters and their families.

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SHARE in East Ayrshire In East Ayrshire Council, 3 days of SHARE preparing occurred in February and in September2010 It incorporated an assortment of accomplices including: Guidance instructors, School Nurses, Addiction Services staff, Family Support Workers, Community Link Workers , CLaD, College staff and Campus Police Officers The preparation was conveyed by NHS Ayrshire and Arran Sexual Health Staff from NHS Addiction Services conveyed data on the traverse between liquor utilization and hazard taking conduct .

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Linda Armstrong Community Link Worker My SHARE encounter TOTS Program (Truth On Teenage Sex) Speak Easy Program

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SHARE in East Ayrshire What happened next? Members at SHARE preparing revealed the preparation to their associates. Direction staff in eight auxiliary schools are presently arranging with their accomplices, which sessions will be conveyed, when and by whom. This will guarantee consistency of message and genuine association working. SHARE preparing is arranged again for May 2011. It is foreseen that refresher courses will be offered by NHS Ayrshire and Arran in the coming year to redesign associates.

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Contact Details Alison Crawford Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Woodstock Center Woodstock Street Kilmarnock KA1 2BE Tel: 01563-555650 Email: Linda Armstrong Community Link Worker Loudoun Academy Galston KA4 8PD Tel: 01563-820061 Email:

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Learning and Teaching Scotland The Optima, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8DU Customer Services: 08700 100 297 Website:

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