Office as an improvement stage with Visual Studio 2008.

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Motivation. VSTO OverviewOffice Ribbon DesignerCustom Task PaneAction PaneOutlook Form Region DesignerWord Content ControlsVBA <-> VSTO interopClickOnce Deployment. Guide. VSTO Functionality Over Time. Doc-level. Viewpoint include ins, VSTA in InfoPathfunctional extensionsinfra speculations. 11 Office include ins, infra ventures.
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Office as an advancement stage with Visual Studio 2008 Daniel Moth Developer and Platform Group Microsoft

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AGENDA VSTO Overview Office Ribbon Designer Custom Task Pane Action Pane Outlook Form Region Designer Word Content Controls VBA <- > VSTO interop ClickOnce Deployment

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Roadmap v3.0 (in VS2008) Workflow & Microsoft SharePoint bolster Office 2007 framework particular elements, record organize, UI App-level include ins for more customer applications Deeper server-side programming VSTO completely incorporated into Visual Studio 2008 2005 SE App-level include ins for most well known Office applications Runtime bolster for key Office 2007 UI components (Custom Taskpane, Ribbon, Outlook shape districts) Runtime bolster empowering Office 2003 doc-level customizations to keep running in Office 2007 2003 2007 2005 Custom Document ActionsPane Host Controls on archive surface Cached information in the report Server-side information handling Application-level include ins for Outlook

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VSTO Functionality Over Time SP Workflow, new fashioners, useful expansions infra speculations 11 Office include ins, infra ventures Outlook include ins, VSTA in InfoPath utilitarian augmentations infra ventures Doc-level

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Doc-Level Version Resilience v1 arrangements utilize the VSTO v1 runtime v2 arrangements utilize the VSTO v2 runtime v3+ arrangements utilize the VSTO v3+ runtime Reduces the quantity of runtimes (enhances execution, working set) Eliminates sort name conflicts in DefaultDomain Based on the Managed Add-in Framework Common VSTO/VSTA runtime

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Set the scene inc report level addins

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"Familiar" UI Ribbon, Custom Task Panes, Actions Pane, Form Region

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Office Ribbon New Look and Feel for Office UI Replaces Command Bars in "the huge 5" Office applications Introduces another extensibility demonstrate: RibbonX Enables you to Customize office tabs, Add to worked in tabs Remove tabs, gatherings and controls Add to Office menu, Override worked in UI Group Tab Control Ribbon

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XML-based Customisation Support Ribbon XML structure requires a particular chain of importance For instance: < customUI xmlns ="" onLoad =" OnLoad "> <ribbon> <tabs> <tab idMso =" TabAddIns "> <group id=" MyGroup " label="My Group"> < toggleButton id="toggleButton1" size="large" label="My Button" screentip ="My Button Screentip " onAction ="OnToggleButton1" imageMso =" AccessFormModalDialog "/> </group> </tab> </tabs> </ribbon> </customUI >

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Ribbon Customization Office worked in support for XML-based customization display VSTO 2005 SE bolster Simplifies hookup from .NET through pre-created classes and test XML VSTO v3.0 (Visual Studio 2008) bolster Adds out and out visual creator bolster "Fare to XML" choice A more vigorous programming layer inc. occasions

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Design Surface Ribbon Designer Property Grid Ribbon Control Toolbox

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Custom Task & Actions Panes VSTO streamlines and accelerates errand sheet UI configuration prepare with visual originators and .NET hookup Actions Pane More vigorous, less demanding to program contrasting option to Office\'s implicit "Keen Document" innovation Custom Task Pane an indistinguishable general thought from Actions Pane, just on the application include level, not singular doc

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Pane UI Customization

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Custom Task Panes and Action Panes

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ActionsPane Architecture WinForms UserControl (ActionsPane) VSTO Invisible ActiveX Control Document Actions Task Pane

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Outlook Form Region Features New innovation in Outlook 2007 for upgrading and supplanting Outlook\'s inherent structures Code behind shape district is actualized as COM include New controls give worked in look & feel and information official to Outlook information

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4 Types of Form Regions Adjoining and Separate Custom and implicit structures Replacement and Replace-every single Custom shape just Reading Pane can show numerous types aside from Separate

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Adjoining in Reading Pane

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Adjoining in Inspector

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Replacement & Replace-All

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VS2008 Outlook Form Region s VSTO facilitates improvement of Outlook frame locales Configure frame area with a straightforward, natural wizard Debugging (F5), Intellisense Import Use wizard to import Outlook-made OFS record Controls are referenced & cast to right name & sort Design Designer bolsters WPF and Windows Form controls Properties window uncovered show

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Outlook Form Region

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Fluent UI

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Word Content Controls

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Word Content Controls New understanding for creating organized reports in Word 2007 New UI for engineers to get to Word Content Controls Programmable through Word Object Model Support for XML Mapping

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Toolbox Support Word content controls accessible in Toolbox Increases discoverability of substance controls Drag-and-drop involvement

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Property Grid Support Easily get to the properties and occasions of the substance controls

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Programming Paradigm Windows Forms style programming model Generate occasion handlers Support for IntelliSense

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Word Content Controls

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Two-Way Simple Data Binding Two techniques to information tie Drag and drop bolster from Data Sources window Set up through the property lattice

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UI Feature Availability

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Where we\'ve been, what\'s left VSTO Overview Office Ribbon Designer Custom Task Pane Action Pane Outlook Form Region Designer Word Content Controls VBA <- > VSTO interop ClickOnce Deployment

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You empower VBA by means of COM Interop executed at configuration time You can then call VSTO from VBA with IntelliSense in the wake of building the venture Call VSTO from VBA

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VBA and VSTO Interop

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ClickOnce for Office Add-ins Low-affect organization instrument Self-contained Solutions introduced per client Prerequisites are introduced if the client is an administrator ClickOnce bolster Full end-to-end arrangement establishment Richer variant autonomous security display Offline get to by means of the ClickOnce Cache

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ClickOnce Deployment

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Summary The justification for the VSTO design Bring together Office and .NET Provide a modern designer encounter Provide a strong gauge runtime foundation Office is a genuine advancement stage

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MSDN in the UK Visit Newsletter Events Screencasts Blogs

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Resources Visit the VSTO Developer Center VSTO Help documentation on MSDN VSTO Forum VSTO Team Blog

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VSTO Design-Time Stack Excel, Word, Info Path Info Path Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, Word , Project Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word SharePoint IDE Hosting Separate IDE Outlook Workflow Document Solutions Add-ins Ribbons Form Regions Project Templates Item Wizards Visual Studio

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VSTO/A Runtime Stack Office Client Host Managed/Unmanaged Host Doc-Level Solution App-Level Add-in Doc-Level Solution App-Level Add-in VSTO Runtime VSTA Integration Doc Task Pane Host Item Controls Win Forms Controls Custom Ribbon Custom Task Pane Custom Form Region Common VSTO/A Runtime AppDomain Management Security Enforcement Deployment and Updating .NET CLR Managed Add-in Framework (MAF) ClickOnce

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