Officer Buckle and Gloria .

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Officer Buckle and Gloria. Vocabulary Review. department. Jamie’s dad works at the police department. obeys. The dog obeys when it is told what to do. commands. The police commands the traffic to stop. audience. The audience listened intently as the girl made her presentation. expression.
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Officer Buckle and Gloria Vocabulary Review

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division Jamie\'s father works at the police office.

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complies with The canine obeys when it is advised what to do.

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summons The police orders the movement to stop.

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gathering of people The group of onlookers listened eagerly as the young lady made her presentation.

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expression The man had a statement of astound when he discovered he had lost his cash.

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mischance If you are not cautious, you could have a mishap.

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office obeys orders gathering of people expression mishap Your vocabulary words are:

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