Olympic Coordination Center.

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OCC Operations. FacilitiesOutside workplaces for Whatcom EOC and SecurityLarge open
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A Multi-Agency Center (MAC) Planned through endeavors of 2010 Security board of trustees Jointly led by FBI SAC, TAG DHS selected Federal Coordinator early (a +) OCC coleads in WA State Patrol & Whatcom Co Sheriff Funding backing of WA Congressional Delegation Sited in Bellingham, WA close airplane terminal Organized along ICS structure Operations/Planning/Logistics/Admin Federal Coordinator connected to national Executives LNOs contained biggest gathering CoLeads created Operations Manual Olympic Coordination Center

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OCC Operations Facilities Outside workplaces for Whatcom EOC and Security Large open "warm up area" for most members Open \'Case" game plan 3 projectors for news, move change slides, and so on Situation Awareness shows Secure region for reciept/investigation of delicate data FBI versatile SCIF gave network to LES 2 meeting rooms with telephones/web/projectors LNOs from government, state and nearby organizations

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Coordination Center Layout

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5 1 WC Health 6 CORE #2 6 Fed Coordinator 1 5 PIO 2 WA Health 1 FC Staff 3 CDC 4 MANAGEMENT 5 OCC Mgr 2 Legal/RCMP 6 4 OCC Mgr 3 LNO Mgr 6 1 CORE #1 5 LNO Mgr 2 4 Finance 6 EMD 1 DOT 2 3 Finance OPERATIONS 5 OPS CH 2 CBP FO 7 3 OPS 4 OPS 6 1 SURGE #1 5 2 6 Plans 1 Plans 4 3 PLANNING 2 LOG CH 5 Plans Sec CH 1 8 6 4 LOG 3 LOG SURGE #2 2 5 4 6 WA NG 1 NORAD 4 ATF 3 STATE/FED/MIL 5 FEMA 1 CBP AMO 9 2 FED NGB 6 FAA STATE/FEDERAL 4 USCG 3 Navy 2 TSA OLE 5 BP 4 CBP 3 TSA OSO Bellingham Armory 253-512-8044/8045 Version 1.1 1 August 2009

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OCC AGENCY LIASION STATUS Not Activated On Call Activated 3/10/2014 11:31 AM

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OCC AGENCY LIASION STATUS Not Activated On Call Activated 3/10/2014 11:31 AM

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OCC Operations, cont. Shared frameworks Principal tracker – Web EOC WA EOC support to stand up and adminster Local Exchange server introduced and bolstered Common Operating Picture Internet access for reachback to LNO\'s "home" Informal \'over the case\' discussions Secure sharing LNOs from FBI, Fusion Center, TSA and CBP in secure region Briefings on floor for creating circumstances FBI helped different offices access to their own particular frameworks

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2010 Winter Olympics Communication and Staffing Nodes CATSA – Canadian Air Transport Security Administration CBP – US Customs and Border Protection CBSA – Canadian Border Services Agency CCG – Canadian Coast Guard CF – Canadian Forces CSIS – Canadian Security Intelligence Service DSS – Diplomatic Security Service, Department of State EMD – Washington Emergency Management Division FAA – Federal Aviation Administration FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation IBET –Integrated Border Enforcement Team IBIT – Integrated Border Intelligence Team ICE – US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ISU – Integrated Security Unit JHOC – Joint Harbor Operations Center (USCG) JOC – Joint Operations Center JTFG – Joint Task Force Games NGA – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency NORTHCOM – US Northern Command OCC – 2010 Olympics Coordination Center RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police USCG – US Coast Guard USN – US Navy WADS – Western Air Defense Sector WMD – Washington Military Department WSP – Washington State Patrol YVR – Vancouver International Airport Whistler Admin RCMP, DSS, FBI JTFG CSIS, CF JOC FBI, DSS, CBP, USCG, CF, ICE, CSIS YVR CBP, TSA, DSS, RCMP, CATSA RCMP BICC RCMP, ICE RCMP ISU NGA, FAA, CATSA, RCMP Blaine, WA CBSA, CBP, IBIT, IBET OCC DSS, FBI, RCMP, WSP, USCG, ICE, FAA, NORTHCOM JHOC (Seattle) USCG, USN Camp Murray WMD, WADS, EMD RCMP MOC CCG, USCG

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Operational Review The framework was not worried by certifiable occasions Had a few players not regularly working in the MAC environment (ICE) As "another" element, execution inside ICS likely go through development stage Information by and large shared; however this was simple at low action level Logistical coordination with neighborhood wards untested We didn\'t practice amid the Olympics There were numerous abnormal state coordination focuses Had we gone to level 3-4 operation, may have expected to coord with DoS JOC, JTF Games, ISU in Richmond, NG JOC, WA EOC & others Huge guest activity Needed our own nearby tranportation Situational sharing of information a fresher idea Agencies have a considerable measure of information yet what can be shared? How? With whom? At the point when? Made progress in procuring a few information streams & require transfer speed!

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