Olympic Diversions.

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Olympic Recreations オリンピック大会 奥林匹克运动会 Fuwa
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Olympic Games オリンピック大会 奥林匹克运动会

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Fuwa Beijing in 2008 is the 29th Olympic Games mascot, with its shading motivation from the Olympic five rings, from China\'s immeasurable place that is known for mountains, waterways, lakes, ocean and the famous picture of the creature. Fuwa everywhere throughout the world to the youngsters passing companionship, peace, and the entrepreneurial soul of congruity in the middle of man and nature in the great wishes of the. Fuwa is an exquisite five little personal accomplices, and their mix into the state of fish, titan panda, Tibetan pronghorn, swallow and the Olympic fire\'s picture. Every doll has a sound of boisterous perusing the missing\'s names: "Beibei", "Jingjing", "Huanhuan" and "Ying Ying" and "Nini", in China, covering sound is the kid\'s name to express a most loved Species in the customary way. At the point when the five\'s names youngster together, you will read out Beijing to the world the kind welcome of the "Beijing invites you." Fuwa in the interest of the Chinese dream and the general population\'s craving. Their model contains crown and with the ocean, backwoods, fire, earth and sky, the application\'s picture of customary Chinese craft of expression, to demonstrate China\'s wonderful culture.Blessing will be taken to each side of the globe

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Fuwa——Beibei Beibei is the endowments\' transmission of flourishing. In customary Chinese society and expressions of the human experience, "fish" and "Water" is the image of thriving and an image of harvest, “carpjumpdradoor" good vocation and the acknowledgment of dreams, "Fish" There are more than favorable, after a seemingly endless amount of time More than the suggestion. Beibei utilization of ornamentation on the leader of the Chinese Neolithic Yuwen designs. Beibei tender and immaculate, is the expert of water games, and the Olympic five rings of blue ring has grasped.

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Fuwa——Jingjing Jingjing is the Panda a Hantaikeju, both will go to individuals\' bliss. As a Chinese national fortune, won the monster panda\'s most loved individuals of the world. Jingjing from the unfathomable woodland, an image of congruity in the middle of man and nature exist together. His head enrichment from the Song Ci lotus petals structure. Jingjing hopeful about the basic and legitimate, loaded with quality, for the benefit of the Olympic rings operating at a profit.

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Fuwa——Huanhuan Fuwa Huanhuan is the enormous sibling. He is an offspring of flame, an image of the Olympic fire. Huanhuan is the exemplification of games energy, he will spread the world\'s enthusiasm, passing Faster, Higher, Stronger the Olympic soul. Huan made a go at, Beijing 2008 was loaded with eagerness on the planet. Huan\'s head improvement from the Dunhuang frescoes in the fire designs. His cordial identity and innovative, the recognizable ball games, in the interest of the Olympic rings in red.

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Fuwa——Yingying Ying is a brilliant and adaptable, quick jog of the Tibetan pronghorn, he originated from China\'s tremendous place that is known for the western locale will be better wellbeing gift to the world. Ying is exceptional to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tibetan impala, a secured species, is to demonstrate the Olympic Green. Ying coordinated into the head\'s embellishment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the western district of Xinjiang, and other enriching style. His spryness ability is to olympic style events, in the interest of the Olympic rings in yellow.

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Fuwa——Nini Nini from the sky, is one of the swallows fly, and its innovative outline from Beijing\'s conventional kite Sand Martin. "Yan" for the benefit of Yanjing (Beijing\'s old name). Nini the spring and bring the delight of individuals, sowing Guo Zhichu Flying "I wish you great luck" in the great wishes. Guiltless, merry plot of the Ni-Ni in the aerobatic rivalries will make a big appearance her for the Olympic rings in green.

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Olympic feathered creature\'s home

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Venue: National Stadium (Bird\'s Nest) Construction locales: the strength Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 3 (Beijing Olympic Park, North Asian Games Village) Architectural zone (10,000 ㎡): 25.8, the quantity of seats: 80,000 changeless seats and 20,000 makeshift seats when the diversion: olympic style events , Football, spear, mallet toss, plate toss after the match: household and worldwide social and games occasions, amusement National Stadium ( "Bird\'s Nest") is the 2008 Beijing Olympics principle stadium. By the 2001 Pritzker Prize victor Herzog and de Meuron and China Li Xinggang, and different planners to finish the monster stadium outline, examples of life as conception to the "nest" It is more like a support of human sustenance Hope for what\'s to come. Fashioners of the National Stadium did not do anything additional to manage, but rather to be perfectly honest, the uncovered structure, which normally shaped the building\'s presence. Beijing National Stadium (Bird\'s Nest/Olympic Stadium)

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Water Cube

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National Aquatics Center National Swimming Center, otherwise called the "Water Cube" (Water Cube), situated in the Beijing Olympic Park, is for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games development of the primary swimming pool, additionally for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games one of the point of interest structures. Its configuration depends on the worldwide outline rivalry emerging from the "water cube" ([H2O] 3) program. December 24, 2003 to begin in January 28, 2008 finishing. What\'s more, the National Stadium (regularly known as fowl\'s home) brings up in the city of Beijing in the north end of the hub on both sides to mutually shape a moderately finish recorded and social urban communities of Beijing\'s picture. National Swimming Center arrangements to assemble 62,950 square meters of area with an aggregate development region of 65000-80000 square meters , of which the underground segments of the floor territory of at the very least 15,000 square meters, the measurements of 177m × 177m × 30m. Up to now, from 101 nations and locales, more than 350,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan comrades and abroad Chinese gave an aggregate of 940,000,000 yuan. Cheng Yu-tung of them, Henry Cheng and his child and his business has given 50,000,000 yuan.

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Zhang Juanjuan the ladies\' individual arrow based weaponry men\'s 50m rifle three position QIU Jian Men\'s 10m air gun PANG ladies\' 50m rifle three position Du Li Chen Ying ladies\' 25m gun ladies\' 10m air gun Guo Jun Men\'s light heavyweight boxing (81 kilograms) Zhang Xiaoping Men\'s light flyweight (48kg) Zou Shiming Men\'s singles badminton ladies\' singles Lin Dan, Zhang Ning ladies\' duplicates Du Jing and Yu Yang Canoeing - water paddling men\'s twofold 500 Mi Meng Guanliang, Yang Wenjun Men\'s 85 kg class weightlifting ladies\' 48kg Lu Yong Chen Xia Women\'s 58 kg class ladies\' 69 kg class Chen Yanqing Liu Chunhong Women\'s 75 kg class men\'s Cao Lei 56kg Long Qingquan Men\'s 62 kg class Zhang Xiangxiang men\'s 69 kg class Hui The ladies\' windsurfing sail Yin Jian Men\'s 3m springboard plunging Dr Chong Guo Jingjing the ladies\' 3m springboard Women\'s 10-meter stage Chen Ruolin men\'s 3m springboard twofold Wang Feng and Qin Kai Women\'s 3m springboard twofold Guo Jingjing, Wu Minxia Men\'s 10-meter stage twofold Lin, discharge lady, two 10-meter stage Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin Women\'s free-form wrestling - 72 kg class, Wang Jiao Men\'s individual saber fencing Chung Man Women\'s swimming 200m butterfly Liu Song Men\'s tumbling individual all-around men\'s floor exercise ZOU Kai Yang Wei Men\'s rings, men\'s seat Ma Xiaoqin Chen Yibing Li Xiaopeng men\'s parallel bars ZOU Kai men\'s flat bar Men\'s Chen Yibing, Huang Xu, Li Xiaopeng, Xiao Qin, Yang Wei, ZOU Kai Women\'s uneven bars Ho Ke Women\'s gatherings Cheng Fei, Deng Linlin, Ho Ke Jiang Yu Yuen, Shan-Shan Li, Yang Irina Men\'s trampoline ladies\' Long Lu Wen Na Ho Men\'s group table tennis Ma Lin, Wang Hao and Wang Liqin Women\'s gatherings Guo Yue, Zhang Yining, Wang Nan, ladies\' singles, men\'s singles Zhang Yining, Ma Lin Taekwondo ladies\' 49 kg class Wu Yu Women\'s judo 52kg class Xian Dongmei the ladies\' 78 kg class Xiu-Li Yang Women\'s more than 78kg class Tong Wen Olympic gold decoration

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Zhang Juanjuan bows and arrows ladies\' gatherings, Chen Ling, Guo Dan Men\'s super-heavyweight boxing (91 kg) Zhang Zhilei Women\'s shoreline volleyball Wang, Tian Jia Badminton ladies\' singles, Xie Xingfang Men\'s pairs Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng 77 kg class weightlifting men\'s Li Hongli Wrestling Greco-man - 74-kg consistent Yongxiang Men\'s 10-meter stage jumping Zhou Xin Shooting 10-meter men\'s air rifle Zhu Qinan Men\'s 50m gun Tan Zongliang Women\'s free-form wrestling - 55 kilograms Xu Li The ladies\' saber fencing gatherings Ni red, Tan Xue, Huang Ocean, incorporating Ying Swimming in the ladies\' 200 meters butterfly Jiao Liu Yang Women\'s 4x200 meters free-form hand-off Yang Yu, ZHU Qian Wei, Tan Miao, Pang Jiaying, the Tang Yang Wei vaulting men\'s rings Men\'s 400m free-form swimming Zhang Lin Rhythmic acrobatic gathering all-around Tong-Tong Tsai, Chou Tao, Lu sea, Sui Shuang Jian, Sun Dan, Zhang Shuo Women\'s singles table tennis Wang Nan Women\'s field hockey Pan Feng-ching, Li Aili, Song Ling, Chen Zhaoxia, Ma Yi Bo, CHENG Hui, Huang Junxia, Zhou Wan Feng, Fu Baorong, Li, Tang Chunling, high-Li-hua, Meng Yi, Zhen Sun, Hong-Xia Li, Ren Ye, Chen Qiuqi, Zhao Jade Table tennis men\'s singles Wang Hao Women\'s single-paddle paddling twofold You Wu, Yulan Gao Olympic silver award

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Men\'s group toxophilism Xue Haifeng, Li Wenquan, Jiang Lin Marathon ladies\' olympic style events Zhou Chunxiu Men\'s boxing at middleweight ( 69 kg class) t cap Ha-Ti Sila Women\'s shoreline volleyball Xue, Zhang Women\'s Trac k and Field hamm er Zhang Wenxiu Badminton m en\'s singles Che n Women\'s do ubles Wei Yili a

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