Olympic Issues.

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Olympic Issues Olympic Goals The point of the Olympics is to advance: Individual greatness Game as training Social trade Mass investment Reasonable play Worldwide seeing Yet!!! 1936 Berlin Hitler utilized the amusements to flaunt Nazi power.
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Olympic Problems

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Olympic Ideals The point of the Olympics is to advance: Personal brilliance Sport as instruction Cultural trade Mass support Fair play International comprehension

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1936 Berlin Hitler utilized the amusements to hotshot Nazi power. Hans Woellke won gold in shot putt and was paraded. American Jesse Owens won four gold decorations, Hitler was nauseated and left.

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1956 Melbourne Weeks before Britain and France attacked Egypt. Egypt, Iran and Lebanon pulled back. China additionally pulled back on the grounds that Taiwan had entered a group. Spain, Holland and Switzerland pulled back in light of the fact that the Soviet Union had attacked Hungary.

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1968 Mexico City Before the recreations all the destitute were cleared so that guests would not see them. While the world viewed on the Olympics on TV, more than 300 revolting understudies were shot dead by warriors.

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1972 Munich Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic town and took 9 Israeli’s prisoner. After a fizzled salvage endeavor the prisoners were shot. Authorities and competitors needed to surrender the recreations, yet they proceeded.

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1976 Montreal Canadian government made huge arrangements yet the cash ran out. The opening function happened in an un-completed stadium. Montreal is as yet paying off the obligation.

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1980 Moscow The Soviet Union Invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. In challenge, West Germany, Kenya, Japan, Canada and America boycotted the diversions.

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1984 Los Angeles First to be totally subsidized by sponsorship and offer of telecast rights. It made $215m benefit. Russia boycotted recreations to pay back US for Moscow in 1980.

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1988 Seoul North Korea needed to stage a few occasions however IOC won\'t. Accordingly they and four of its associates boycotted the diversions.

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1992 Barcelona No-one boycotted the recreations. Made a little benefit. South Africa sent a group without precedent for a long time. East and West Germany joined to frame a solitary group surprisingly since 1964.

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