"On the off chance that I was an utilized auto sales representative… ".

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Presentation A WebQuest for 9 th Grade Science Planned By: Angela L. Harvey AHarvey@northwood.k12.oh.us EDTL 680 – Data Proficiency for Educating and Learning – Summer 2005 "On the off chance that I was an utilized auto sales representative… " Errand Assets PROCESS Assessment CONCLUSION Principles
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Presentation INTRODUCTION A WebQuest for 9 th Grade Mathematics Designed By: Angela L. Harvey AHarvey@northwood.k12.oh.us EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2005 “If I was an utilized auto salesman…” TASK RESOURCES PROCESS EVALUATION CONCLUSION STANDARDS CITATIONS TEACHER’S NOTES EXIT SLIDE SHOW

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INTRODUCTION In this quick paced marketed world, everybody is attempting to get an awesome arrangement. Do you truly know what happens at an auto dealership when you by an auto? How did the dealership\'s proprietors touch base at the last cost for the vehicle? In this WebQuest, we will investigate an understood auto estimating site, and we will find the imprint up between the exchange cost and the proposed retail cost. Utilizing the systems from our ten moment rates lesson, we will see the galactic increment in auto costs, and in seeing this data, we can examine why dealerships feel they have the privilege to charge individuals such an increment. Subsequent to finishing the exercises and perusing about this profession, would you like to be an utilized auto salesperson?

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TASK You are a shopper more or less 35 years old. You are hitched with three kids and a home in suburbia. In view of the accessibility of PC, you may be matched with an accomplice for this venture. You will be given a rundown of ten vehicles and their components. Utilizing the Kelly Blue Book, you should discover the vehicle’s Trade-In Value and Retail Value. Before utilizing this recently discovered data, please verify that you have finished and see completely the ten moment movement on percent expansion. On each of the vehicles, you should discover the percent expansion from the Trade-In Value to the Retail Value. Study every one of the ten rates and consider five bits of knowledge into the salesman’s world. These could be fascinating or aggravating. Remember your expected way of life. 10-Minute Activity TASK, PAGE 2

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TASK, PAGE 2 You should complete the worksheet containing spaces for the Trade-In Value, the Retail Value, the percent expansion, and the bits of knowledge. This worksheet should be transformed into the teacher taking after the finish of the WebQuest. Perused through the recommended articles about auto sales representative, and make your own assessment about the profession of an auto businessperson taking into account the greater part of you\'re given and discovered data. Remember your accepted way of life. In a couple sentences, clarify why you could or couldn\'t be an auto sales representative. You should state your answer at the base of your worksheet. BACK TO TASK WORKSHEET

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Ten Minute Activity Search Steps: Open your web program. Sort www.infohio.org into the location window. Click on “Resources for Grades 9-12”. Click on the “Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition” join. Enter your school’s client name and secret key when incited. Your school administrator ought to have the capacity to give you this data. Caution! Be mindful so as to now tap on Encyclo paedia Britannica not Encyclo pedia Britannica. Look to the page\'s base and under “Learning Materials” click on Mathematics. Underneath Pre-Algebra click on Study Guides. Look down the page until you discover Percents and snap on the connection. A purple screen will seem containing numerous themes on rates. Click on “Sales, rebates, and discovering the first price”. Perused through the little article. When you are done perusing, snap on “Contents List” situated in the base left hand corner. Click on “Percent of decrease”. Perused through the little article. When you are done perusing, snap on “Contents List” situated in the base left hand corner. Click on “Percent of increase”. Perused through the little article. When you are done perusing, snap on “Contents List” situated in the base left hand corner. Make certain that you get any of your inquiries replied about these subjects in light of the fact that these aptitudes will be utilized on our next WebQuest! Come back TO TASK

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WORKSHEET Your Opinion… Five Remarks… ) BACK TO TASK

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RESOURCES Kelly Blue Book www.kbb.com Confessions of a Car Salesmen www.edmunds.com/counsel/purchasing/articles/42962/article.html Career Profiles: Auto Salesperson www.princetonreview.com/cte/profiles/dayInLife.asp?careerID=28 Job Description: Car Salesperson www.connexions-direct.com/jobs4u/jobfamily/retailsalesandcustomerservices/carsalesperson.cfm?id=1577&pagenumber=1&sr&keywords=sales&jobInvolves=&jobInterest=&jobQualifications=&WhenHours=&workplace=&reorder=titleasc&jobfam=20 Handouts Car Features List Worksheet (This is expected at the finish of the WebQuest.) INFOhio www.infohio.org Encyclopedia Britannica

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PROCESS After getting your worksheet and your auto components rundown, start by signing onto Kelly Blue Book. www.kbb.com Use the illustration and headings underneath to guide you to the essential data required for the worksheet. In the wake of recovering the greater part of the important data to fill in your worksheet, compute the percent increments for every vehicle. Verbal confrontation discreetly without anyone else\'s input or with your closest neighbor (s) about what you see with these rates. Ask yourself what are any similitudes by gathering or significant inconsistencies in rationale. You ought to record five comments that you can make about these rates on your worksheet. Illustration FOR FINDING PERCENT INCREASE DIRECTIONS FOR USING KELLY BLUE BOOK CAR FEATURES LIST PROCESS, PAGE 2

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PROCESS, PAGE 2 Read the accompanying articles… Confessions of a Car Salesman Career Profiles: Auto Salesperson Job Description: Car Salesperson Form your own supposition in view of the greater part of your discoveries about retail auto sales representatives. Remembering your accepted way of life, might you be able to or would you be able to not change to a profession in auto deals? Compose your assessment on your worksheet. Class dialog to take after. BACK TO PROCESS

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EXAMPLE PAGE 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate Convertible 2D 265,000 miles Hard Top/Soft Top AM/FM Stereo Leather Good Condition By utilizing Kelly Blue Book, you could figure out that the Trade-In Value for this vehicle is $1,620. The Retail Value for this vehicle is $4,995. To begin with, discover the distinction in the costs. It is $3,375. Also, answer the accompanying inquiry. What percent is 3,375 of 1,620? It is 208 1/3% This lets us know that an auto salesperson simply made over a 200% benefit from the offer of this vehicle. Stunning! It could in all likelihood be pretty much of a benefit in light of the fact that $4,995 is essentially a proposed retail cost. Come back TO PROCESS

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USING KELLY BLUE BOOK Go to Kelly Blue Book at www.kbb.com . Click on Used Cars. Enter the year, make, and model of the vehicle, then select GO . Enter postal division 43443, if provoked. Pick Trade-In Value . Select proper Trim from your “Features List”. Select every other component essential and also entering mileage and condition if incited. Click on Get Pricing Report . Look down until you discover the value and log it on your worksheet. Rehash steps 2 through 10 for every vehicle. You will likewise experience steps 2 through 10 for every one of the ten vehicles again just changing step 5 to Retail Value. BACK TO PROCESS CAR FEATURES LIST

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CONCLUSION Thank you again to part in this WebQuest. It would be ideal if you don\'t hesitate to check your answers utilizing the connection at the base of this page. I trust that by finishing this movement you will start to order other essential inquiries, for example, what to decide for a profession, what sort of home to live in, what way of life to lead, and other future parts of your life. Good fortunes in your future tries! ANSWERS TO WORKSHEET

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STANDARDS Mathematics Standard: Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard Grade Nine Benchmark: G. Gauge, process, and take care of issues including genuine numbers, including proportion, extent and percent, and clarify arrangements. Evaluation Level Indicator: 4. Show familiarity with calculations utilizing genuine numbers. Library Benchmark E: Maintain a library program that is open by ALL understudies and staff when required, throughout the day, consistently. 1. Build up library hours of operation that guarantee that all understudies have entry to the school library media focus. Innovation Benchmark A: Synthesize data, assess and settle on choices about advances. Grade Nine Commercialization of Technology 3. Settle on educated decisions among innovation frameworks, assets and administrations.

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CITATIONS Career Profiles: Auto Salesperson www.princetonreview.com/cte/profiles/dayInLife.asp?careerID=28 . Recovered July 2005. Admissions of a Car Salesman. www.edmunds/guidance/purchasing/articles/42962/article.html . Recovered July 2005. Reference book Britannica. http://school.eb.com/eb . Recovered July 2005 INFOhio. www.infohio.org . Recovered July 2005. Expected set of responsibilities: Car Salesperson www.connexions.gov.uk/jobs4u/summary.cfm?id=577 . Recovered July 2005. Kelly Blue Book. www.kbb.com . Recovered July 2005. Ohio Department of Education. www.ode.state.oh.us . Recovered July 2005.

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TEACHER’S NOTES Hopefully this action will end up being a useful enlightening knowledge for the understudies. At the age when they will begin to wander out into the buyer world, they have to have a grip for what they are up against in a non sugarcoated world. Watch out for the understudies to prevent “surfers” from getting off errand. Be arranged to beg

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