On the off chance that I Were the Chairman of Damascus….

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In the event that I Were the Leader of Damascus… A Presentation by Antoinette Santos Damascus As We Probably am aware It City Board City Lobby found is midway found however not in a perpetual spot.
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In the event that I Were the Mayor of Damascus… A Presentation by Antoinette Santos

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Damascus As We Know It City Council City Hall found is halfway found yet not in a perpetual spot. Group Involvement & Awareness Occurs in city chamber gatherings and through the recently changed, CCI. Presently with the disbanded Observer no nearby news source Image from http://www.pdxrelocate.com/city-pictures/damascus-oregon/l-damascus-city-hall.jpg

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My Vision for Damascus

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Town Hall Relocation Choose another focal area in Downtown Damascus for a Town Hall Legitimizes neighborhood government promote and upholds a sentiment group superior to the present city corridor

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Lending Library Make accessible a loaning library where residents could invest energy skimming the racks, giving books they no more read, and getting to profitable data Great to have our own particular library that could be a library\'s piece region

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Community Center Utilize another space in Damascus Lending Library and Town Hall connected straightforwardly with the Center Place for all ages Recreation for the young, Classes and Lectures for the Adults Available for rent for weddings, gatherings, and extraordinary events

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Saturday Market Strike an arrangement with the Safeway to host a Saturday Market in the parking garage Chance for the group to get together to bolster neighborhood artisans, ranchers, & organizations Improves the administration\'s picture, making the city\'s activities committee more obvious to general society

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Youth Outreach “My Day As Mayor” A project to contact the primary school matured understudies in Damascus Opportunity to spend the day shadowing the chairman Learn about nearby government and have a great time!

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Youth Outreach High School Internships Send city board staff to nearby secondary schools to promote the open door Interns will serve city gathering staff individuals as their partners Opportunity to get included Encourages making premium and move in nearby government

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Youth Outreach Youth Ambassadors Students from Middle School to High School take part as “Damassadors” (Damascus Ambassadors) Word of mouth is intense Ambassadors find out about understudy worries with nearby issues Ambassadors connect with their companions about neighborhood issues and government activities

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Adding Structure to Our City

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Committee for Citizen Involvement Encourages nationals to get included Door-to-entryway activities, by-telephone activities “Let’s Do It, Damascus!” Event has for a yearly festival and meeting on ways Damascus is an extraordinary spot and also courses on enhancing Damascus Announcing and publicizing city occasions in help to the City staff

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Committee for Citizen Concerns Focuses on connecting and listening to citizens’ issues and assessments Hosts general gatherings for the chairman and no less than two city chamber individuals to go to and to examine issues, contemplations, and thoughts straightforwardly (like Coffee Klatches, yet more available and incessant) Representatives from the Damassadors project serve too

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Committee for Citizen Safety & Security Responsible for keeping Damascus natives educated of approaches to shield themselves from regular calamities “Be A Good Neighbor” Program Responsible for arranging neighborhoods, uniting individuals to know their neighbors and to build up crisis contacts and arrangements

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Antoinette as the Mayor G oal-Driven O rganized D emonstrated authority capacity A ctive M indful of the Damascus mission A session doing the best for others S aving cash with spending plan honesty C ommunity situated U niting individuals S tanding by the city and its resi

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