"One day's presentation to mountains is superior to anything cartloads of books.".

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"One day's presentation to mountains is superior to anything cartloads of books." Essential Pioneer Instructional class Point Acquaint potential Recompense pioneers with the applicable aptitudes, learning and methodologies required for driving the John Muir Grant conspire, and advance its viable conveyance. Course Destinations
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“One day\'s presentation to mountains is superior to anything cartloads of books.”

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Basic Leader Training Course Aim Introduce potential Award pioneers to the important aptitudes, information and methodologies required for driving the John Muir Award plot, and advance its successful conveyance.

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Course Objectives Review Award encounters Participate in natural diversions and exercises Identify Criteria for picking up an Award Review exercises and offer encounters in the connection of Award Challenges and the ‘Heart, Head, Hand’ Model Set up a counterfeit John Muir Award program

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Other Outcomes Confidence in conveying the John Muir Award plan Increased collection of ecological exercises Understanding of how existing ventures and exercises add to accomplishing John Muir Awards Networking

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The John Muir Award The John Muir Award is a natural Award plan concentrated on wild places. It supports the revelation and protection of wild places, in a soul of fun, experience and investigation. It is non-focused and open to all.

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The Award was built up to: Promote instructive, social and self-awareness Encourage an ecological motivation inside of youth associations, and a young work motivation inside natural associations Ensure that social circumstances don’t prohibit individuals from chances to experience wild places

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Ethos - the John Muir Award is: Non-aggressive Open and inviting to all, paying little heed to age, sex, race, class or capacity Focused on wild places Challenging and dynamic Fun and brave Designed to advance self-improvement A chance to investigate qualities and deep sense of being Established to support moral obligation regarding wild places

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Benefits to Award members Challenge and enterprise Environmental mindfulness Knowledge and abilities Shared encounters with companions, partners and good examples

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Further advantages to members Opportunities to assume liability for change at a nearby or national level Teamwork aptitudes, from arranging, choice making and finishing campaigns, protection ventures and so forth. Certainty and relational abilities from offering encounters and information to a more extensive crowd. Material to incorporate in c.v.s and Records of Achievement A broadly perceived authentication for every John Muir Award level accomplished

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Benefits to associations Promotes a natural plan Recognition for current open air/ecological action An all encompassing methodology, with a simple to-utilize, versatile structure Enhanced natural mindfulness inside of the association

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Three Levels Discovery Award – Introductory Explorer Award – Intermediate Conserver Award – Advanced

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Benefits To Schools Clear 5-14 educational modules joins Positive relationship with Parents and Community Improvement of kids\' self-regard and certainty, paying little respect to capacity. Consolation of combined capacity kids working obligingly. Effectively separated project for different capacities and ages.

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Four Challenges Discover a Wild Place Explore its ferocity Conserve this Wild Place â  Share your encounters

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Criteria To pick up a John Muir Award, members must: Tackle every one of the four Challenges – Discover, Explore, Conserve, Share Complete obliged time responsibility – least! Show eagerness and duty Have a consciousness of John Muir Work with an accomplished officer, educator, earthy person or youth specialist – as suitable

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Who can tune in? Youth Organizations Environmental Organizations  Schools Outdoor Centers Councils Clubs Through an Award Provider, offering the John Muir Award to members, individuals or understudies There are numerous approaches to take an interest As an individual, family or little gathering ‘Self-Guided’ Scheme Summer Program  Discovery Trips

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Delivery John Muir Award conveyance Training ‘Self-guided’ Summer Scheme Program Supported Award Award Provider Provider Assessor

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The 4 Challenges – your own experience Discover Explore Conserve Share What are your own encounters? Essential words characterize to characterize & depict?

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Who can assist you with deliverring the Award? Exercises, thoughts and data Friends, partners, family John Muir Award John Muir Trust Magazines Outdoor shops Ranger Services BMC School offices & trips Websites RSPB Council offices National Trust Scottish Natural Heritage BCTV English Nature SWT Local nature holds

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Who can assist you with deliverring the Award? Subsidizing Commercial associations -viable help, sponsorship Scottish Natural Heritage Local organizations Rotary Clubs Grounds for Learning Bursaries Commonwealth Youth Exchange/British Council Millennium Awards

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Who can assist you with deliverring the Award? Functions, Presentations, Celebrations Local famous people Wild/common venues Local daily papers, radio, TV Sleepout John Muir Trust Trustees Reviews School Assembly Displays Parents & family

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Safety Issues Activities are the Award\'s obligation Provider/Assessor May incorporate Health and Safety Regulations, Adventure Activities Licensing Authority necessities, and protection Activities gave specifically by the John Muir Award hold fast to John Muir Award Safety Policy ‘Self-Guided’ plan – moral obligation

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Roles and Responsibilities Leaders & Organizations – Award Providers & Award Assessors Award criteria are met Quality gauges are maintained & ethos imparted Each member joins in eagerly, and advantages from their interest Commitments of the Partnership Agreement are maintained

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Roles and Responsibilities John Muir Award Staff Manage the Award, make it open Support pioneers, gatherings and people conveying and taking an interest Partnership Agreement duties are maintained

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Roles and Responsibilities Steering Groups Advise and help with improvement and execution of the Award John Muir Trust Financial and administrative backing for the Award, directs its administration

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Assessment For Teachers How would we evaluate? Individuals in the past People set up Living things and procedures of life. Information and comprehension of understudies. Aptitudes Aim For people to find and give their own particular learning – not for you or I to show our insight

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Reviewing Models What happened? What of it? What

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