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All of Global Crossing Products are transported over the Dense Wave Division ... Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, Caracas, Mexico City, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Monterrey ...
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ONE PLANET ONE NETWORK A MILLION POSSIBILITIES Pacific Rim Networking Meeting February 22, 2002

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Agenda AMPATH Summary – A collaberative exertion with Global Crossing and FIU The Global Crossing Network WaveLengths IP Network IP Transit IP VPN Express Route ™ Global Introduction of Global Crossing\'s Research Network Connection Program

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AMPATH Current Networks Connected REUNA – Chile RETINA – Argentina RNP – Brazil (Rio) FAPESP/ANSP – Brazil (Sao Paulo) – 2 associations: DS3, STM-1 (IP VPN Express Route) StarTap/StarLight: (IP VPN ExpressRoute – GE with OC3 MPLS way) Internet 2 S. Florida GigaPOP, Florida International University U of Miami, FAU Other Latin America Networks soon

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Other Access Alternatives Dial Traffic Aggregation Managed Services Dial DSL Dedicated Internet ATM Traditional Voice Content Hosting & Distribution IP VPN ( IPSC) Interconnection & Peering IRU Capacity IP-VPN (MPLS-Based) Private Line ATM Content Distribution SDH Frame Relay IP Transit Wavelength Service ATM SDH IP Service Node IP Voice SDH SONET DWDM Fiber Network Core IP Network Multi-Service Network (ATM) Product Hierarchy All of Global Crossing Products are transported over the Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical layer

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PEC AC-2 AC-1 North American Crossing PC-1 MAC EAC PAC SAC Global PL POPs: 280 Europe UK (104), Dublin, Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenberg, Oslo, Copenhagen x 2, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt x 2, Hamburg x 2, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich Nuremberg, Strasbourg-Kehl, Stuttgart, Zurich, Milan, Turin, Paris x 3, Lyon, Marseilles Antwerp , Brussels x 2, Madrid, Barcelona, London x 2 Geneva 120 143 North America 118 US POPs, Toronto, Montreal TECOTA/Miami 6 Asia Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sydney Taipei Seoul, Korea Singapore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Manila, Philippines LA&C Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, Caracas, Mexico City, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Monterrey Panama City St. Croix Bogota, Cali, Colombia 11 Available Planned GLOBAL PRIVATE LINE

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Harbor Pointe Seattle North American Crossing Ajigaura Nagoya Grover Beach Los Angeles Tokyo Osaka Shima EAC PAC Legend Landing Stations Cities Connected (Backhaul) Connecting Systems

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East-Asia Crossing PC-1 Korea Ajigaura Shima Tokyo China PC-1 Hong Kong Taiwan Japan: Today Hong Kong: Today Korea (Seoul) 1Q/02 Taiwan: 1Q/02 Singapore: 2Q/02 Kuala Lumpur: 2Q/02 Philippines Malaysia Legend Landing Points 2.5 Gig Wave Cities 10 Gig Wave Cities Planned Wave Cities Singapore

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Stockholm Oslo Gothenburg AC-1 Glasgow Edinburgh Malmo Copenhagen Sylt Leads Dublin Liverpool Nottingham Hamburg Beverwijk Birmingham Manchester Berlin Amsterdam Hannover London ( Dock.) Bristol Dusseldorf Rotterdam Bude Cologne Dresden Antwerp AC-2 London ( Slough) Frankfurt Leipzig Whitesands Strasbourg Nuremberg Brussels Reading Chineham Munich Stuttgart Paris AC-1 Zurich Geneva Lyon Milan Turin Marseilles Legend Barcelona Landing Points 2.5 Gig Wave Cities 10 Gig Wave Cities Madrid Pan European Crossing

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Unprotected, bi-directional point to point administration for information driven clients 2.5 & 10Gbps administrations Standards-based SDH/SONET Framed Signal Transports SONET/SDH, IP, ATM applications over Wavelengths DWDM based arrangement utilizing best-as a part of class accomplices Lucent, Hitachi, Nortel … Fully conveyed worldwide system – Asia to N. America to Europe, Trans-Atlantic, N America, Trans-Pacific – Ready For Service Asia, S America accessible 1Q 2002 Strategic other option to dull fiber and ensured private line Eliminates excess insurance plans empowering clients to influence in-house organizing mastery and applications equipment Economics – CapEx and OpEx funds versus system/framework improvement Speed to showcase – diminishes system organization from years to days Scalable Solution – bolsters financially savvy limit on interest Access Solutions Global Colocation in 50+ urban communities and Mid-Span Meet ability Third-Party & On-Net Metro premise arrangements – general accessibility 1Q 2002

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ONE PLANET ONE NETWORK A MILLION POSSIBILITIES The route to the future Global Crossing IP VPN Service TM

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IP Nodes Tokyo Seoul Hong Kong Singapore Taipei Osaka Nagoya Sydney IP Nodes London Frankfurt Hamburg Paris Copenhagen Amsterdam Zurich Milan Connectivity Madrid Stockholm Dublin Rotterdam Brussels Marseilles Barcelona Lyon Oslo Stockholm Berlin Connectivity Lima Caracas Santiago Rio De Janeiro Monterrey IP Nodes Sao Paulo Buenos Aires Mexico City Panama City The Global Crossing Network PEC AC-2 AC-1 North American Crossing PC-1 MAC EAC PAC SAC Based on declared system

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Peering Partners North American Internet Backbone Amsterdam Customer Networks The Global Crossing IP Network AS 3549 Asia/Pacific Internet Backbone Peering Partners European Internet Backbone Peering Partners Customer Networks South/Central American Internet Backbone Tokyo London Peering Partners Customer Networks Peering Partners Peering Partners Customer Networks Sao Paulo Customer Networks Mexico New York Customer Networks Customer Networks L.A. Peering Partners

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North America Average Latency 39.64 ms Average Packet Loss 0.00 % Europe Average Latency 11.28 ms Average Packet Loss 0.00 % TransAtlantic Average Latency 74.00 ms Average Packet Loss 0.00 % Real Time Performance: Fri Nov 9 19:13:44 GMT 2001 Current Network Performance Latency: the roundtrip time a parcel goes between two assigned locales. Bundle Loss: the rate of parcels lost in transmission.

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North American IP Backbone Small IP Hub IP Hub IP Hub and Peering Center IP Over DWDM (OC48/OC192) IP Over SONET (OC3 and up) Seattle Minneapolis Detroit Rochester Chicago Boston Kansas City Denver New York City Cleveland San Francisco Tokyo Philadelphia Colorado Washington Amsterdam Las Vegas Raleigh London Los Angeles Phoenix Albuquerque Atlanta Dallas San Diego Tucson Houston Austin Orlando Sydney Tampa Panama Mexico Miami Sao Paulo Caracas Mexico

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Large IP POP\'s and peering areas IP associations pop\'s IP over SDH (STM1 and up) IP over DWDM (STM16 and up) European IP Network Stockholm Oslo Gothenburg Edinburgh Glasgow Copenhagen NYC on AC1 and AC2 Total data transfer capacity: 10 Gbps Amsterdam Dublin Leeds Hamburg Liverpool Hanover Berlin Birmingham Manchester London Dusseldorf Bristol Rotterdam Dresden Cologne Leipzig Antwerp Brussels Frankfurt Prague Nuremberg Stuttgart Vienna Strasbourg Munich Paris Zurich Geneva Lyon Milan Bordeaux Florence Turin Marseilles Bilbao Rome Barcelona Madrid Valencia

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East Asia IP Network Expansion Japan Korea Seattle China Taiwan Hong Kong Los Angeles IP POP\'s IP POP\'s, End Q2 2002 IP over DWDM, STM-4 IP over SDH (STM1 and up) Phase 2, 2002 Philippines Malaysia Singapore Sydney

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LA NYC Miami Mexico City Panama Cartegena Valencia Medellin Bogota Cali South American IP Network Expansion Quito Guayaquil Lima Brasilia Belo Horizonte IP POP\'s Backhaul Pops IP over DWDM, STM-4 IP over SDH (STM1 and up) Rio de Janeiro Santos Sao Paulo Curitiba Porto Alegre Cordoba Mendoza Santiago Rosario Montevideo Buenos Aires Punta del Este Las Toninas

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IP Transit Pricing Two estimating models: Fixed Fee - evaluating relies on upon access transfer speed Access port with ensured transfer speed Access transmission capacity is greatest data transmission Price is altered every month Common outside US-Region Variable (otherwise called "burstable") - valuing depends incompletely on conferred access furthermore on use if utilization surpasses submitted Customer focuses on a specific data transmission, access port transmission capacity will be higher then dedicated If fundamental client can blast above conferred up to get to port transmission capacity Billing in light of 95/5 use Monthly cost will shift in light of real use Local Loops or IPL access evaluated independently

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IP Backbone Architecture OC-48/OC192 IP over thick wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) Most contenders run IP over ATM IP direct over DWDM gives enhanced throughput and improved adaptability IP over ATM makes approx. 15% overhead while epitomizing IP into ATM cells (known as "cell duty"). Running IP direct over DWDM maintains a strategic distance from this overhead. MPLS Enables "IP Tunnels" for enhanced transmission capacity administration Reduced "jumps" on the system Improved execution unwavering quality

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ExpressRoute IP VPN™ Availability by means of Global Crossing Private Line PoPS Asia/Pacific Australia China Hong Kong Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore Korea (South) New Zealand Taiwan Europe/Middle East Belgium Denmark France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland UK Americas Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Mexico Panama Peru Venezuela USA 30 Countries Worldwide

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ExpressRoute IP VPN TM Trans-Atlantic 85 ms Intra-Europe 45 ms Intra-North America 75 ms Intra-South America 170 ms Trans-Pacific 150 ms Intra-Asia 140 ms Latency (Round Trip Transit Delay)

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Global Crossing IP Network Differentiation Fully Redundant IP Hub Designs Minimized \'single purpose of disappointment\' Multiple entrance/departure ways for IP activity Multiple information ways inside the center point Multiple force supplies in switch a

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