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ONE Programme. Group Introduction to ONE Programme. Why ONE Programme?. Since the formation of Scouting Ireland all programme materials needed to be reviewed One Programme provides a single progressive programme for all age ranges, meeting the needs of young people in the modern world
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ONE Program Group Introduction to ONE Program

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Why ONE Program? Since the arrangement of Scouting Ireland all program materials should have been evaluated One Program gives a solitary dynamic program to all age ranges, addressing the necessities of youngsters in the cutting edge world It is deliberately determined by the youngster and encouraged by Adult Scouters

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Our Aim as a Group The point of Scouting Ireland is to empower the Physical , Intellectual , Emotional , Social , Character and Spiritual advancement of youngsters so they may accomplish their maximum capacity and as capable residents, to enhance society

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If we take the principal letter of each of the region of self-improvement, we can then shape a 6 letter acronym "Flavors" to help us recall S ocial, P hysical , I ntellectual , C haracter , E motional and S piritual We have a technique to help us accomplish our Aim, it is broken into 8 sections and we apply all parts of the strategy similarly – it is known as The Scout Method

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Activities Outdoors & Indoors Promise & Law The Scout Method Small Group System Young People & Adults cooperating Personal Progression Learning by Doing Symbolic Framework Leadership & Responsibility

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Benefits of ONE Program Youth centered development Equipping youngsters with life abilities towards initiative and obligation Allowing youngsters take control of their own movement Achieving our Aim Creating a more significant and element Scouting Ireland

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Program Cycle ONE Program is composed into Program Cycles A Program Cycle is a square of time amid which the adolescent individuals work towards a program action or occasion Each Program Cycle is driven by the youngster and encouraged by grown-ups Young individuals arrange it, get ready for it, complete it and audit how it went, we allude to this as PLAN-DO-REVIEW

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Personal Progression Scheme To accomplish the Aim of Scouting Ireland, we urge every youngster to create in each of the SPICES Each youngster is relied upon to pick up information, aptitudes and states of mind in each of the SPICES We perceive the aptitudes, information and demeanors picked up amid a youngster\'s chance in scouting as their very own movement

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ONE Program The Personal Progression Scheme is upheld by: Special Interest Badges – 5 zones Chief Scout Award – in all segments Adventure Skills – 9 abilities Activities & Events

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What\'s backings are accessible? Area Handbook for every youngster Scouters Handbook for each scouter Adventure Skills Requirements Book Website Other Scouting productions Group Changeover Resource Pack

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Sections Each segment has its own personality Each segment has its own storyline Each segment has its own \'learning destinations\', an approach to challenge every youngster to help them pick up their aptitudes, information and states of mind. Every segment has its own particular arrangement of \'individual movement\' identifications Lets observe a portion of the identifications..

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Beaver Scout Badges Investiture Badge Bree [Bard] Ruarc [Druid] Conn [Chieftain]

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Cub Scout Badges Investiture Badge – Turas [Journey] Taisteal [Travel] – Tagann [Arrive]

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Scout Badges Investiture Discovery Terra Nova Endurance Polar

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Venture Scout Badges Fiontar [Venture/Adventure] Investiture – Suas [Up] – Trasna [Across]

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Rover Scout Badges/Pins The Rover Challenge

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9 Adventure Skills Camping Sailing Pioneering Emergencies Paddling Rowing Hillwalking Backwoods Air Adventure Skills Badges

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Special Interest Badges

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Chief Scout Award Chief Scout Award for every Section

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Nautical Badges Scouts

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Where do we go now? Our gathering will have a devoted preparing day to help us see how the ONE program will function in our gathering. This preparation will be sorted out by the gathering changeover organizer and the province tutor. In readiness for our gathering preparing day there are a few things our gathering need to take a gander at… ..

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Key things we have to take a gander at .. Age Ranges Section Scouters Youth Involvement Youth Leadership Application of the Scout Method over all segments Skills & Equipment Audit (see the gathering changeover asset pack for full points of interest on the headings above)

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Group Training & Planning Day Full days preparing (9.30am - 5.30pm) All Scouters & youth pioneers in the Group must go to, whelp scouts to join at lunchtime Interactive and empowers the members to work through the greater part of the real program ideas Allows every area to arrange the following few program cycles

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Some inquiries? Does everybody should be re-prepared? Everybody must go to the gathering preparing day, yet in the event that somebody feels they might want all the more preparing there will prepare accessible to bolster ONE program from Sept 2010. At the point when do we have to finish this? We have 3 years to finish the move, yet we expect it should be possible in under that. How would we get the new handbooks? Every gathering will be qualified for buy their books once they have finished their preparation day. How would we persuade youngsters to be intrigued? By changing the style of how we approach our scouting and urging youngsters to assume responsibility of their own movement. Some other inquiries? . . . Contact your region coach or

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