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Online Auto Industry B2B Electronic Commerce. Nadia-Shazrin Asari Christopher Butsko Joseph Carlen Ljubomir Cvetkovic Kevin Daily. Overview of Auto Industry. The traditional supply chain of business-to-business transactions in the auto industry is costly Dealer commissions
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Online Auto Industry B2B Electronic Commerce Nadia-Shazrin Asari Christopher Butsko Joseph Carlen Ljubomir Cvetkovic Kevin Daily

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Overview of Auto Industry The conventional production network of business-to-business exchanges in the car business is exorbitant Dealer commissions Other mediator costs By computerizing supplier request passage forms, a $71/vehicle supply change can be evacuated This can bring about a $1.0 billion funds opportunity for each year! (Source: AutoChain Online)

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Customers Dealerships Dealers can exchange among themselves to dispose of huge stock and increment different things low in stock OEM\'s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) E.g. Portage, GM, Chrysler-Daimler Suppliers

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Value – Added (Suppliers & OEM\'s) Auctions Get the best cost for both offering and purchasing Introduction to new associations Streamline stock and exchange process "there … exists a chance to expel $71 of store network waste per vehicle via computerizing supplier request section forms… This waste speaks to over $1.0 Billion investment funds… "

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Value Added - Dealerships Dealer – to – Dealer Trading Overstocked merchants can exchange with under loaded merchants Both sides advantage by having better stock pivot

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Major Players Auto Exchange – "e-business for the auto business" Besides being an online trade between automobile makers and suppliers, the webpage encourages coordinated effort on inventory network administration, item plan, and worldwide showcasing. General Motors – This car mammoth\'s online obtainment office is still under development. Be that as it may, examiners anticipate that it will be the biggest player Moving towards turning into an entryway for online car acquirement

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Major Players (cont\'d) Ford – The pioneer of autos has officially built up an online interface between the organization and its suppliers. Exclusive application for Ford BBCN – Although its e-acquirement usefulness is not confined to the car business, it has exhibited huge utility for online car acquisition: "A merchant can go on-line for supplies and get offers from suppliers everywhere throughout the nation. It truly makes the whole procedure so much easier!" John Anderson - Owner of the #1 Chevrolet Dealer in California

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Reasons for current predominance General Motors and Ford – Due to their huge obtaining power, mechanical ability, prominent, experience, broad supplier connections, speed, and worldwide nearness, they have a conspicuous preferred standpoint over more up to date and less settled online activities. BBCN – As a vast "center point" for e-acquisition movement, BBCN can influence the e-trade mastery of banded together firms, for example, Cisco with the business particular qualities of huge car makers and suppliers.

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Business Processes General Process (outlined from every one of the 4 sites, since enrollment obliged us to assume lawful liability): A purchaser must be enlisted with the site A supplier is normally viewed as an accomplice of the site A purchaser scans for an automobile part or vehicle that he needs Query results will show the data of the item If the site is a bartering site, the suppliers will send their offer to the purchaser, and the purchaser will pick the victor. On the off chance that the site is a normal exchanging site, purchaser picks the supplier to buy from, and a request will be satisfied. The purchaser will be permitted to view his request history at the site

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Business Processes (cont\'d) Registration process at User must experience 5 stages before they are permitted to utilize the site (exchange, seek, oversee account) e-Procurement process in Buyer presents an acquisition request (PI) Product accessible is recorded, by Supplier sends an offer to Buyer picks which Supplier to buy from All different Suppliers are informed that the buy is finished

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Business Processes (cont\'d) Requisition administration at Search alternatives (sort/channel) Requisition Listing Line thing tally & Total Most locales require the purchasers/suppliers to be enlisted first before permitting them to utilize the site

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From One-an opportunity to Repeat Customer Offer customized components such Auto-xchange\'s "MyExchange" Maintain a schedule Check request and sale movement Edit individual profile Maintain address book Offer modified obtaining abilities for every client (TradeXchange) Enforce purchaser\'s acquirement standards and evaluating Broadcast email (Autochain Online) Suppliers and clients convey straightforwardly in regards to news Is plant shutting for occasion? Is supplier facilitating a supplier gathering?

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Improving Online Strategies Sites, for example, Autochain must give more data accessible before enlistment what number suppliers? Who are suppliers? What are advantages to suppliers and purchasers? Look highlight to guarantee particular thing is accessible Include demo of how sale functions Provide online group Chat rooms to examine items, hot things Online backing and criticism areas

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Improving Online Strategies (cont\'d) Send email to purchasers about forthcoming things to be unloaded Based on purchaser\'s inclinations Buyer no more experiences tedious ventures Include industry news, occasions, and insights Become one-stop search for purchasers and suppliers

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Final Comparison of Sites The Good GM\'s TradeXchange Has more customized/tweaked segments with respect to record data, things you have offered on, and so forth. Portage\'s Direct Data Link Nice association of items, loads of online backing Breaks sell off down into classifications, then into further sub-classes, making items simple to locate The Bad Auto-xchange Must be a part to get even foundation data about what the webpage offers; easy to use interface however The Ugly Autochain Online Must be a part to get even foundation data about what the website offers; UI poor

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