Online Daily paper Industry B2C.

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Redone electronic daily paper in light of a client chose profile (all) ... for example, legislative issues (Washington Post), business (Wall Street Journal) ...
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Online Newspaper Industry B2C Connie C. Chen Juan J. Cukier Donald A. Hoag Shamit M. Mehta Theo Nicholas

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Major Players in Online Newspaper

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Basics Customers go to site to get national and global news and data on the Internet Customers have admittance to redesigned news at whatever time, anyplace Most destinations offer modified frontpage Most offer free administrations Some offer online membership with yearly charge

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A Sample Front Page (LA Times)

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A Sample Registration Page (LA Times)

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A Sample Front Page (WSJ)

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A Sample Registration Page (WSJ)

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Online Newspaper Who are the Customers? Larger part 60% male middle – high family salary ($75,000) highly taught (90% school) daily clients of the Internet online customers (92% did in the previous 6 months) Sources:

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Online Newspaper How would they pull in clients? Promotions on TV Ads on paper-based daily paper Word of mouth Online advertisement pennants Direct mail (attempt it free for 2 months) Brand-name acknowledgment Referral/Affiliated projects Student-sponsorship (USA)

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Online Newspaper Value Added Access to the documents (all) Video/Audio news online (WP, NYT) Customized electronic daily paper taking into account a client chose profile (all) E-mail Newsletters (all) Time stamps for consistent overhauled data (all) Online Crossword bewilders (LAT, USA)

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Online Newspaper Value Added (proceed with) Online commercial center: employments, houses… (all) Personalized TV postings (all) Web-based email (USA) Specialized news in specific ranges, for example, governmental issues (Washington Post), business (Wall Street Journal)…

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Online Newspaper How would they get "rehash" clients? Customization of news, climate, stock Brand dependability Message sheets - clients are urged to compose and communicate with each other on regular schedule. Email rundown "joins" - clients get feature news with connections to the site page Participation in peruser overviews - clients answer study inquiries to later return for definite results Coupons/Incentives for items by email

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Our Experience Attractive configuration and design User amicable simple to discover articles Informative exact and convenient data Archive Search most include some expense for the full recovery of the article Privacy Concerns hesitance to discharge individual information Useful Portal @

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