Online Framework for Clerkship Application and Survey

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Online Framework for Clerkship Application and Audit What Is OSCAR Adaptation 4? Serves as the single, incorporated asset for notification of accessible clerkships, clerkship application data, and law assistant livelihood data.
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Online System for Clerkship Application and Review

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What Is OSCAR Version 4? Serves as the single, concentrated asset for notification of accessible clerkships, clerkship application data, and law agent business data. Fuses the Federal Law Clerk Information System (FLCIS) functionalities. FLCIS “sunsets” on Friday May 2 nd . Obliges judges who decide to get electronic applications, judges who need to keep on accepting paper applications, and judges who wish to exhort candidates that they don\'t have a clerkship opportunity. For judges who decide to get electronic applications - permits them to sort, screen, and review applications on-screen, downloading and printing just the materials they wish to see in paper structure.

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What Are the Benefits of OSCAR Version 4? Judges no more need to keep up isolated passwords for two frameworks. Judges no more need to give copy clerkship capability and application data in every framework. Judges no more need to contact separate help work areas for help. One focal framework for all clerkship employing will decrease the quantity of calls to chambers from candidates and graduate schools by taking out irregularities of clerkship position postings in two separate frameworks.

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OSCAR System Features Judges post their clerkship positions and application prerequisites. For electronic applications, candidate accommodation comprises of candidate profile structure, resume, introductory letter, gradesheet(s), composing specimen, and letters of proposal. Separate client interfaces for candidates, recommenders, law schools, and judges. Information discharge to judges timed to meet prerequisites of the judiciary’s Clerkship Hiring Plan. Applications from graduate school graduated class will be accessible for audit at the time of accommodation. Applications from graduate school understudies agrees to the procuring arrangement.

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OSCAR 2007 Statistics Total Number of User Accounts 31,409 Judges 800 Applicants 5,724 Recommenders 24,391 Law School Administrators 494 Total Number of Applications 180,832 Total Number of Documents on System 2.7 million

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first Circuit 34 Judges 8 th Circuit 40 Judges Int. Exchange 8 Judges second Circuit 80 Judges 7 th Circuit 42 Judges 9 th Circuit 142 Judges third Circuit 85 Judges 10 th Circuit 42 Judges 6 th Circuit 74 Judges DC Circuit 32 Judges 4 th Circuit 60 Judges FED Circuit 10 Judges eleventh Circuit 84 Judges 5 th Circuit 87 Judges Total Number of OSCAR Participating Judges (by Circuit)

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OSCAR System Interfaces OSCAR Judges Applicants Law Schools Recommenders

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Judge Features Position Posting: - Judges post their clerkship positions and application prerequisites to incorporate application strategy for electronic or paper applications . Tolerating Electronic Applications: - Judges see just the applications coordinated to them. - Applications can be sorted and screened by: -Law school and/or school -Year of graduation -Class rank -Law survey or diary -Geographic area -Publications - Judges can perform full-content word inquiries of introductory letters and resumes. - Judges can hail applications, rank applications, and move them to envelopes. - Judges keep up an OSCAR profile that recognizes fundamental judge data, application document necessities, and position/clerkship data. - Judges can correspond with candidates by means of OSCAR email.

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Version 4.0 New Features Post positions to get electronic or paper applications. Capacity to post “No Positions are Available.” Ability to post different positions for numerous terms. Draft messages and “Save” them to use at whenever. Separate the prerequisites for evaluation sheets (e.g., Law School Grade Sheet, Undergraduate Grade Sheet, and Other Grade Sheet). View that a candidate has been put in different organizers. Trigger a solicitation to a candidate to upgrade electronic application.

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How Does My Judge Sign Up? Go to the OSCAR Informational Website and snap on Judge Sign Up: OSCAR Informational Website serves as the hotspot for judges to electronically sign up for the project and to get to FAQs, client aides, contact data, instructional exercises, and so on. Questions – Contact the OSCAR Help Desk Phone: 202-354-3005 Email:

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