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Online Instructional exercise Science and Innovation (S&T) Staff Showing Venture Motivation behind Guideline This instructional exercise is intended to offer you some assistance with understanding the essential parts of the exhibit venture It can be seen at your desktop whenever and at your own particular pace
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Online Tutorial Science and Technology (S&T) Personnel Demonstration Project

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Purpose of Instruction This instructional exercise is intended to assist you with comprehension the fundamental segments of the show venture It can be seen at your desktop whenever and at your own pace The instructional exercise can be seen in areas, if you anytime later on feel the need to survey a specific theme . . . Amid the instructional exercise, click on the image toward the end of every area to come back to the chapter by chapter list

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Table of Contents Introduction Conversion into the Demonstration Project Position Descriptions Pay Banding Pay for Performance Reconciliation Process Performance Payouts Supervisory/Team Leader Pay Adjustments Employee Development Leaving the Demonstration Conclusion FAQ Additional Resources Glossary Feedback

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What is the Personnel Demonstration Project? The work force show venture is a chance to create and test better approaches for directing Human Resource works that are viewed as more productive and compelling. The objective is to enroll and hold the excited, inventive and profoundly instructed researchers and designs and submitted specialized, administrative and authoritative bolster work force expected to meet our basic mission

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What is the Personnel Demonstration Project? Preferences to the new, adaptable pay framework offered through the faculty exhibition Supervisors Improved procuring framework Improved administration responsibility Employees Expanded pay movement through pay banding Expanded formative open doors Improved worker responsibility Rewards Performance Pay for Performance Incentives Non-Performance

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Personnel Management Boards Personnel Management Boards exists in the CERDEC and SEC to regulate and screen the reasonable, impartial and predictable usage of the show\'s procurements undertaking to incorporate foundation of interior controls and responsibility

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Conversion into the Demonstration Project

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What happens when I change over into the Demonstration Project? DB Engineering & Science DE Business & Technical DK General Support Step 1: You will be changed over into one of three word related families and pay arranges You will track into a family and pay arrangement based upon your word related arrangement at the time you enter the showing venture Did you know? DB, DE and DK are not acronyms. While D remains for exhibit, these are just designators for a family and pay arrangement.

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Conversion into the Demonstration Project Determine which one of the three Family Pay Plans you will change over into

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Engineering & Science DB Pay Plan 0180 Psychologist Series 0801 General Engineering Series 0810 Civil Engineering Series 0830 Mechanical Engineering Series 0850 Electrical Engineering Series 0854 Computer Engineering Series 0855 Electronics Engineering Series 0892 Ceramic Engineering Series 0893 Chemical Engineering Series 0896 Industrial Engineering Series 0899 Engineering and Architecture Student Trainee Series 1301 General Physical Science Series 1306 Health Physics Series 1310 Physics Series 1320 Chemistry Series 1515 Operations Research Series 1520 Mathematics Series 1550 Computer Science Series 1599 Mathematics and Statistics Student Trainee Series

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0018 Safety and Occupational Health Management Series 0028 Environmental Protection Specialist Series 0301 Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series 0334 Computer Specialist Series 0340 Program Management Series 0341 Administrative Officer Series 0342 Support Services Administration Series 0343 Management and Program Analysis Series 0346 Logistics Management Series 0391 Telecommunications Series 0501 Financial Administration and Program Series 0510 Accounting Series 0560 Budget Analysis Series 0802 Engineering Technician Series 0818 Engineering Drafting Series 0856 Electronics Technician Series 1001 General Arts and Information Series 1035 Public Affairs 1082 Writing and Editing Series 1083 Technical Writing and Editing Series 1084 Visual Information Series 1101 General Business and Industry Series 1102 Contracting Series 1150 Industrial Specialist Series 1152 Production Control Series 1311 Physical Science Technician Series 1410 Librarian Series 1412 Technical Information Services Series 1499 Library and Archives Student Trainee Series 1521 Mathematics Technician Series 1601 General Facilities and Equipment Series 1640 Facility Management Series 1670 Equipment Specialist Series 1910 Quality Assurance Series 2001 General Supply Series 2003 Supply Program Management Series 2010 Inventory Management Series 2101 Transportation Specialist Series 2130 Traffic Management Series 2181 Aircraft Operation Series 2210 Information Technology Management Series Business and Technical DE Pay Plan

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General Support DK Pay Plan 0085 Security Guard Series 0086 Security Clerical and Assistance Series (Non– CIPMS) 0302 Messenger Series 0303 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant Series 0305 Mail and File Series 0312 Clerk-Stenographer and Reporter Series 0318 Secretary Series 0326 Office Automation Clerical and Assistance Series 0332 Computer Operation Series 0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant Series 0344 Management Clerical and Assistance Series 0394 Communications Clerical Series 0399 Administration and Office Support Student Trainee Series 0525 Accounting Technician Series 0561 Budget Clerical and Assistance Series 1087 Editorial Assistance Series 1411 Library Technician Series 2005 Supply Clerical and Technician Series 2102 Transportation Clerk and Assistant Series

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What’s the following step? Since I know which word related family and pay arrangement I will be in, what’s the following stride in the change process? Step 2: Generally your present GS evaluation figures out which pay band level you change over into: DB Pay Band I – II – III – IV – V 5 levels DE Pay Band I – II – III – IV 4 levels DK Pay Band I – II – III 3 levels

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Pay Band Chart and Equivalent GS Range Occupational Family Pay Bands and Equivalent GS Grades Engineering & Science DB GS-01 - GS-04 I GS-05 - GS-11 II GS-12 - GS-14 III GS-14 - GS-15 IV >GS-15 V Business & Technical DE GS-01 - GS-04 I GS-05 - GS-11 II GS-12 - GS-13 III GS-14 - GS-15 IV General Support DK GS-01 - GS-04 I GS-05 - GS-08 II GS-09 III GS-14s inside of the DB pay arrangement may be changed over into Level III or IV (in view of a many-sided quality\'s audit and extent of current obligations) Within your family, which pay band level would you say you are changed over into? Pay band level extents are connected to the GS plan, and will modify every year alongside the GS general boost in compensation (AKA COLA) Dollar qualities are resolved based upon Step 1 of the most reduced GS grade in the band level to Step 10 of the most noteworthy GS grade in the band level.

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Position Descriptions Once changed over, your compensation level is no more alluded to as far as a GS review and step. Alright, I comprehend the change handle, no I need to take in more about pay groups. Before we survey pay banding, there is one more critical point with respect to your transformation into the demo. Before: General Schedule GS Grade 1-15 Step 1-10 Upon Completion: Pay Band DB-DE-DK I - V You may be qualified for a boost in salary upon change!

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Step 2 (cont.) If you are as of now at Step 10 of your evaluation at the season of transformation, you won\'t get a compensation build when changing over into the show venture. Your transformation is finished If you are at Steps 1-9 of your evaluation at the season of change, your pay will be balanced based upon the quantity of weeks finished toward the following step. Continue to Step 3 of the transformation process Let’s figure the up front investment of your stride increment!

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Step 3 Step 3: You will require 3 numbers to compute your “buy in”: Determine the “number of weeks” between steps that applies to you. Step 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 52 weeks Step 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 104 weeks Step 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 156 weeks Calculate the quantity of entire weeks you have finished towards your next stride by the transformation date. Weeks:_______ Use the compensation rate diagram material for your present position (barring region pay) to focus the dollars per step interim for your evaluation. Interval:_______

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Step 3 (cont.) Apply the accompanying equations utilizing the qualities you found for an (aggregate obliged weeks to next step), b ( your weeks finished toward next step) and c (dollars per step interim) Divide b by a : b/a = d Multiply d times c : d x c = “Buy in” compensation increment Did you know? Nobody will ever see a diminishment in compensation when changing over into the show venture. Your compensation will either continue through to the end or increment upon change into the exhibit.

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4 Important Points About Pay Banding Within your pay band level Promotions are not important to advance inside of a pay band level Pay movement through a pay band level is based upon individual execution Moving to a higher pay band level An advancement is typically needed to move to a higher pay band level An individual must get an aggregate execution score of 21 or higher on their yearly examination to be considered for an advancement to a higher pay band level

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How regularly would I be able to get an execution boost in salary? How regularly would I be able to get an execution boost in compensation? It’s conceivable to get an execution boost in compensation every year, except there are a few components to consider. One is the score you get. You must score no less than 21 to be qualified for an execution payout. Others are whether you are at the greatest pay for your band, or on the off chance that you are affected by an execution based standa

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