Online networking Apparatuses to Prepare.

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Memorable Presidential battle intensely depended on online networking ... ...
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Social Media Tools to Mobilize Using Social Media as an Organizing Tool

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The POWER of arranging! Consequently, sorting out educates as nothing else does the excellence and quality of regular individuals. Through the melodies of the congregation and the discussion on the stoops, through the several individual stories of coming up from the South and finding any employment that would pay, of raising families on beat up spending plans, of losing a few youngsters to medications and watching others acquire degrees and area occupations their folks would never seek to — it is through these stories and tunes of dashed trusts and powers of perseverance, of grotesqueness and strife, nuance and chuckling, that coordinators can shape a feeling of group for others, as well as for themselves.

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Community Organizing… outdated

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Nothing new…

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Bridging the crevice Traditional Social Email Wiki Facebook Youtube Twitter Blog Letter composing effort Phone chain Church meeting Community club meeting Ward/region maps Name others strategies

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Barack Obama Historic Presidential battle intensely depended on online networking

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The Action Plan Identify Cause/Agenda Research data Connect with similarly invested group Share the data Organize activity arrangement

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Working your interpersonal organization

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Time for Action Promote activity steps ■People need to give back and feel they are a part of an esteemed and important development! ■Disseminate assets (toolboxs, PDF, online course, how to video, fascinating articles).

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Navigating Legal/Safety Waters Legal activities are seldom essential most activities don\'t constitute a wrongdoing initiate security settings. Screen website: Be prepared to react to inquiries Others will utilize your webpage/system to post/share their own particular substance (unwind, no major ordeal)

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Social NetWork the Plan… Resources: arranging into-online-social networking effort askanase-test ward-boothe

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La\'Keisha Gray-Sewell National PTA (800) 307-4PTA (4782)

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