Open doors for Physicists in the car added substance industry.

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Open doors for Physicists in the car added substance industry Dr David Moreton, Lubrizol Ltd., Hazelwood, Derbyshire © 2005 The Lubrizol Partnership Presenting the car added substance industry The car added substance industry
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Open doors for Chemists in the car added substance industry Dr David Moreton, Lubrizol Ltd., Hazelwood, Derbyshire © 2005 The Lubrizol Corporation

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Introducing the car added substance industry

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The car added substance industry A multibillion pound industry, offering a huge number of huge amounts of added substances consistently. Why you’ve never knew about us? We don\'t offer direct to clients – our principle clients are the enormous oil organizations and the huge auto and lorry makers.

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Who are our clients? Oil organizations - BP Castrol -Chevron Texaco Shell -Total Fina Elf Exxon Mobil Car and motor producers - VW -GM Volvo -Renault Peugeot -Daimler Chrysler Mack -Ford

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Why are added substances required? In motor oils, expected to grease up, look after thickness, stop wear and balance impacts of maturing oils, for example, carbonaceous stores and acridity – motor oils you purchase in the shops are 10 – 20% added substance In Gear oils and footing liquids the needs are as above, however checking wear is considerably more essential – these liquids can be up to 40% added substance In energizes need added substances to stop gulf valve stores in petrol motors and spout fouling in Diesel motors, and offer lubricity to low sulfur powers, all supporting fuel effectiveness. Added substance sums are low (ppm) however volumes are colossal.

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Who are we? There are 4 primary players in the business Lubrizol (free) Infineum (Shell/Esso joint endeavor) Oronite (Chevron) Afton (autonomous) Lubrizol is the biggest, however the others all have sizeable pieces of the pie, some more in one territory than the other

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Where are we? Lubrizol, Afton and Oronite all US based, Infineum UK based Lubrizol, Afton and Infineum all have UK research offices however Lubrizol at Hazelwood, North of Derby Infineum at Abingdon, Oxfordshire Afton in Bracknell, Berkshire Lubrizol is biggest, 250 utilized at Hazelwood BP Castrol has extensive car added substance exploration focus at Pangbourne in Berkshire Shell likewise has car added substance research and testing offices (“Shell Global Solutions”) at Thornton, Cheshire All these offices utilize scientists

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What do these scientific experts do? Union of new added substances (BSc. Physicists, Ph.D. natural scientific experts) Physical testing and screen testing (BSc. Scientific experts, Ph.D. physical scientific experts) Analysis (B.Sc. furthermore, Ph.D. scientific experts, non graduate physicists) Formulating (B.Sc. what\'s more, Ph.D. physicists, yet frequently after some involvement in the regions above.) Chemists will then regularly advance into administration and business parts, similar to the case with other synthetic divisions.

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Who are Lubrizol? A Global Specialty Chemicals Company 7000 representatives around the world (540 in examination) Independent - claimed by our shareholders NYSE:- LZ ($ 4bn) Technology pioneer - world’s biggest grease added substances organization Specialists in consolidating concoction segments Strong overall foundation (USA, JAPAN, UK)

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Hazelwood, Derbyshire

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What will Chemists do in Organic combination? Union of a wide mixed bag of sciences in lab Data info, plan examination and testing Interpret information & attempt structure-execution studies Work intently with business associates & scientists on location and somewhere else Process add to your particles that have performed well Scale up to pilot plant and plant Often visit other exploration locales abroad and assembling plants Note – just Lubrizol does this in the UK. We are a claim to fame substance industry, and in correlation to pharmaceutical/biotech organizations our advancement times are much shorter – commonly year and a half – 2 years from lab to business creation, instead of 20 years.

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What will scientific experts do in physical testing and screen testing? Execution Screen testing Formulating bolster Drain oil investigation Troubleshoot client questions, client administration Physical Characterisation tribology, rheology, warm examination, measuring, and so on. Connected Research store arrangement, aggressive examination, colloid science Often visit other exploration locales abroad

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What will physicists do in investigation? Run natural, titrometric and ghastly investigation Analyze and decipher information Analyze obscure and contender examples

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What will scientific experts do in planning? Our industry once in a while offers unadulterated fixings, typically bundles of fixings which all have diverse capacities (like defining in the individual consideration industry) Blending, testing and meeting client determinations and prerequisites however is a gifted workmanship. Liaise with business and examination gatherings Formulate and test new atoms Present to clients Rare to utilize scientists direct from school.

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Opportunities for students Both Lubrizol, and as far as anyone is concerned the others, utilize extensive quantities of undergrad scientific expert sandwich understudies. 10 utilized for the current year at Lubrizol Hazelwood alone Employed in every one of the regions simply depicted At Lubrizol they have frequently been utilized for all time toward the end of their position, or supported to do Ph.D’s

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Opportunities for postgraduates Lubrizol and Infineum support (regularly completely) numerous Ph.D’s at UK colleges. Lubrizol is supporting 8 at present. Embrace principally physical science (surface investigation, tribology, rheology, colloid science), additionally natural science (essential manufactured routines, polymer blend) Lubrizol and Infineum regularly utilize these Ph.D’s when they have graduated

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Is there a future for our industry? YES! (in the medium term at any rate) Our clients are requesting Longer deplete interims for motor oils Additives that don’t hurt exhaust systems Fuel economy This implies new added substances, and a greater amount of them. Our clients don\'t anticipate the end of the inside burning motor for the following 30 years Battery and hydrogen driven autos will at present must be greased up.

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Adaptable Enthusiastic Hard living up to expectations Chemical Awareness Teamwork Good lab hones Who are we searching for?

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