Open Field Testing of Rodents.

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Place creature in a corner square for an assigned measure of time ... sniffing, prepping) Observe thigmotaxic. conduct (stay at dividers) 5 min test. DVs What ...
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Open Field Testing of Rodents

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Anxiety – Gross Motor Behavior - Open Field Test Observe species-basic (conduct: raising sniffing, preparing) Observe thigmotaxic conduct (stay at dividers) 48 cm Place creature in a corner square for an assigned measure of time then watch the quantity of squares transversed, raising, poo and so on  Anxiolytics serve to increment exploratory conduct

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5 min test DVs – What kind of information do we have???? Ostensible, Scale, Ratio??? Dormancy (in sec) Squares Transversed (#) Rearing (#) Asst. Raising (#) Grooming (#) Fecal Boli (#) Urination (#) Thigmotaxic conduct * Already Taken (close to 13.5 units) * Already Taken (close to 13.5 units)

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IVs ??? Environment Standard, Enriched Gender Male, Female What is the Design Notation? 2X2

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In your Method you require: Subjects??? Who are they? (age, sexual orientation) Where did you get them? (seller) How are they housed? What is their L/D cycle? Convention Approval? Contraption??? What hardware will you be using???? (Model#, City and so forth… ) Open Field Specifics Any other gear Procedure??? Take notes!!!!

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What are your speculations? Can have more than one… Rats are nighttime… Male versus Female… Older Rats… .

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