Open Space Innovation Preparing.

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Open Space Innovation Preparing September 13 - 16, 2000 Respites – Motivation for another Meeting Innovation What OST Gives Cost effective technique to connecting with gatherings in aggregate change. Unleashes repressed enthusiasm. Enough structure to discharge innovativeness and opportunity.
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Open Space Technology Training September 13 - 16, 2000

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Coffee Breaks – Inspiration for another Meeting Technology

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What OST Provides Cost proficient system for drawing in gatherings in aggregate change. Unleashes repressed energy. Enough structure to discharge inventiveness and flexibility. An open door for recovery of organization’s soul

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The Facilitator’s Role: Create and hold space and time

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The Goal is to be . . . Thoroughly Present & Absolutely Invisible

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The Facilitator . . . Lives up to expectations with Sponsors on making Theme and Givens. Keeps the space as “open” as could be allowed. Stays off the beaten path of the members. Centers the members on the Theme. Catches up with Sponsors on consequences of the meeting.

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Be Open to Outcome

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Past is Over ~ Future is Not Yet Soooo, whadda we got? Presently!

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The Object is to turn NOW!!! presently into

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By Opening Space - we extend our “NOW”

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Spirited OST Facilitation: Thanks to Angeles Arrien, The Four-Fold Way

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Getting Ready . . . You require: Clarity Focus Presence

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CHAOS??? Wow!! Confusion = CONTROL

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The figment of Order . . . All is right with the world. “We are as of now in a condition of CHAOS.” M. Gorbachev

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Chaos couldn’t be more characteristic . . . Truth be told, when you accomplish natural harmony, you’re dead.

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Chaos is . . . Some piece of the common request The state that preceeds change The impetus for a higher condition of capacity

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Someday, things will return to ordinary . . . NOT!!!

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Remember . . . “Necessity is the mother of invention!” A unique quote by L. Labron

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Famous wrecks ever: Arthur Fleming neglected to clean his petri dishes - microscopic organisms were all over the place - aside from close shape! In the late 30’s, Kleist and Moore chose to circuit glass obstructs with a blow-light. The chaos that came about proclaimed the “invention” of fiberglass.

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FACT: World-changing leaps forward are all the more regularly the aftereffect of mishaps and motivation than arranging.

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Our impression of time and space have changed.

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In the starting . . . There was nothing . . . Space for the move of CHAOS and ORDER.

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Complex Adaptive System

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Conditions for Self-Organization (as enunciated by Stuart Kauffman at the Santa Fe Institute) Nutrient environment Diversity/multifaceted nature Drive for development Sparse associations Edge of disorder

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Conditions for utilizing OST Real issue of concern Diversity of players Complexity of components Presence of enthusiasm (or Conflict!) Needs quick choice/activity Nobody knows the answers

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Facilitator as Midwife . . . Your part, similar to that of the birthing specialist, is to help those doing the dynamic work of making - to hold the rising baby, to give a protected landing. The procedure, similar to conception, is normal and self-coordinating.

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Facilitator as Shaman The Journey to Transformation . . . Walk the circle Hold the space Begin in Chaos Pass through Order

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The Dance of Chaos Learning Self-Organization Transformation

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Opening Space for Spirit

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The Spirit/Organization Life-Cycle Decline Maturity Growth Change or Die Spirit Birth Organization

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Development versus Transformation

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The Transformative Cycle Spirit Inspiration happens when soul shows up CHAOS Vision Imagination Wonder Shock/Anger Denial Memories Open Space

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The transformative cycle is much like the misery cycle Shock & Anger Denial Acceptance Despair & Silence Memories

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Somewhere in the middle of recollections and depression, every one of the stories should be told . . . at that point quiet opens the space for change

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Wonder in addition to Imagination VISION

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Vision is conceived amidst demolition . . . It’s constantly untidy.

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Stages of Development Bliss Tight quarters Toxic State Down the tubes

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BLISS Plenty of space to develop!

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Tight quarters Feeling really swarmed!

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Toxic state disease apprehension People begin to bite the dust stress

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Down the tubes!

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It’s somewhat like conception Toxic state Bliss Tight quarters

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Headin’ to the NEW! Same old stuff Vision Imagination Wonder Shock/Anger Denial Memories Open Space

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Transformation is from time to time arranged, consecutive or efficient (yet it IS unsurprising)

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TRANSFORMATION Individual Organizational Spirit Inspired Soul Interactive Intellect Proactive Mind Responsive Reactive Body Ken Wilbur Harrison Owen

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The Reactive Organization Like a business person on the first day of business.

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Responsive Organization Nice, methodical, unsurprising - like a Ma and Pa store . . . However, NOT very much situated to react to change.

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Proactive Organization Any very much oversaw partnership - like an all around looked after machine, it is controlled and productive - until it loses control!!

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Interactive Organization .Com Companies Constantly adjusting to a developing domain Consciously self-arranging framework

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Inspired Organizations An aggregate awareness rises - like in a “hot” jazz band, an orchestra or a games group

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By getting to be mindful that we are groups, not associations, we will change the very way of our connections, making them not so much material but rather more otherworldly, not so much mechanical but rather more awesome, not so much transitory but rather more interminable, not so much quick but rather more fundamental. At that point our groups will wake up. Our characteristic yearning to frame enduring associations will then change our issues  and our planet. Spear Secretan

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Owen’s Organizational Transformation Chart Harrison Owen, 1997

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How does OST fit in with the Learning Organization? “High Learning” happens when mayhem crushes old structures, convictions, frameworks - reality gets re-imagined. High play runs as an inseparable unit with high learning - it is the cure to experimental or social fundamentalism or scholarly one party rule.

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ONLY the improper ones. Must we take out all controls?

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Believe it or not, there ARE Appropriate Structure and Controls Usually developing Responsive to: People Work Environment

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Do I have to stress over “Screwing Up”? Simply recollect . . . You’re not in control!

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When Open Space is Suitable Open Space Technology is proper where an assorted gathering of individuals must manage complex and possibly clashing material. No one knows the answer. Continuous cooperation is needed for achievement. Senior administration needs to draw in the entire framework in discovering the answer. Reaction time is “yesterday.”

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When Open Space is NOT Suitable The answer is as of now known. Supports thinksthey know the answer. Patrons feels the should be in control and control, control, control.

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Preparing the Event

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Working with the Sponsor Determine if OS is truly the best decision. Clarify Open Space and guarantee abnormal state purchase in for this sort of meeting How much time Location and space How to welcome participants Theme Givens (suspicions - “unchangeables”)

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Explaining Open Space Don’t clarify excessively: in the event that you haven’t experienced it, it won’t bode well. Go over the rules for suitability of OS, and verify the supporters concur this is the most ideal approach to go. Tell your involvement in Open Space

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Time Considerations Half day = brisk conceptualizing One Day = Deep talk with some next steps Two Day = Deep investigation of the subject with some activity arrangements and a full book of procedures Two and a Half Day = Complete investigation of topic with activity arrangements, book of procedures and more profound purchase in by members.

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Location and Space My inclination is a BIG space with casual choices (hall, out entryway space, and so on.). Be cautious when reserving a spot, on the off chance that you say you are having a meeting for 30 individuals, the space will be too little. On the off chance that conceivable, visit the space before hand. Where will you put the Bulletin Board, Newsroom, and so forth. Test the dividers for tape Prepare “all day” respites

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Location and Space Copying Reports 2 day gatherings ordinarily have a book of procedures given out before joining. Need access to a rapid duplicate machine with sorting capacity. Hotel’s are to a great degree lavish so on the off chance that you utilize a lodging, verify that you consider this along with your financial plan.

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Theme Focus on a genuine business issue that is of energetic worry to the individuals who will be included. Clear, brief, reasonable by all. Forward-looking and absolutely engaged - eg “finding bliss in our work” instead of “coping methodologies for high stretch jobs”. Set aside your time on this…there is no doing a reversal.

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Givens One Way There are three principle sorts of “Givens.” Fence Posts – limits that supporters are not eager to talk about right now. Sign Posts – territories that supporters accept are of incredible significance for the members to consider while examining the subject. What Next? – What will be finished with your work? In what manner will recommendations be sanction?

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Givens Should be communicated in the welcome. At the point when deciding the givens, attempt to converse with the association\'s leader. Be arranged to utilize other facilitative system

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