Oportunities in the Italian PV market .

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Who is IATPhotovoltaic Market in ItalyWhy we are reaching youWhy you require us. Outline. . . List. IAT is an organization dynamic in looking into, planning,
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Oportunities in the Italian PV advertise

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Summary Index Who is IAT Photovoltaic Market in Italy Why we are reaching you Why you require us

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Who is IAT (1) IAT is an organization dynamic in inquiring about, designing, and create building venture (as power plants, oil pipeline) in Italy and abroad. IAT is pioneer in ensuring assurance from ionizing radiations, mechanical confirmations and quality accreditations of modern plants. I.A.T was delegated "High Qualified Laboratory" by the Minister of University and Scientific and Technological Research (G.U. n°249 of 22/10/85), and its exercises for tecnological development accomplished for outsiders are financed for half with sunk capital with the most extreme point of confinement of Euro 200.000 every year and per association (D.Lgs 297/99). IAT is ISO9001 ensured.

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Who is IAT (2) During the most recent 25 years IAT had worked for

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Photovoltaic Market in Italy (1) The Italian PV market is still in its outset yet is probably going to develop quickly from 2006 onwards. It can possibly get to be distinctly one of the world\'s most essential PV markets. The aggregate introduced force of PV frameworks in Italy before the finish of 2005 was 36 (MWp). Current appraisals for 2006 are 30-53 MWp. The administration target is to have 1000 MWp introduced by 2015. Italy could take after Spain in the advancement of numerous huge sun based ranch ventures. In this early phase of market improvement, a reasonable pattern in this heading is not yet obvious.

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Photovoltaic Market in Italy (2) Tariff substantial for a long time Tariff filed on swelling rate Tariff Four time the vitality advertise value Legal structure in Italy The national government propelled a bolster in duty for sunlight based vitality frameworks in July 2005. The tax has been further upgraded and first impacts are currently unmistakable. The Incentive Scheme is managed by the Ministerial Decree of 28 July 2005 of MPA* Activities the Ministerial Decree of 6 February 2006 of MPA* the Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2007 of MPA* which executed Legislative Decree No. 387 of 29 December 2003 ("Decree No. 387/03") * Ministry of Productive Activities

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Photovoltaic Market in Italy (3) The appealing monetary motivating forces (national and local) the great climatic conditions the accessibility of free land … make fantastic conditions for quick development. Italian market offers a substantial potential and is alluring for organizations to move into the PV business and additionally to grow existing PV business exercises Already a few remote organizations assumed control partakes in existing organizations or began new branches…

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Photovoltaic Market in Italy (4) The Italian PV Industry is in its initial stage. There are couple of little organizations that gives PV plants and their administrations are restricted to the istallation of standard field plants. They offered little arrangements (around 50-100kW) to private proprietors, introducing cells and modules imported nearly from German and US. They generally have association with little Banks that propose norms budgetary item to fund the PV markets. Right now the main enormous player is ENEL.SI a branch of ENEL gathering. They are arranging a PV plant of 6MW close to the Montalto di castro Power plant.

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Why we are reaching you? IAT means to abuse the open doors that are groiwing quick in the Italian PV markets IAT is sure that Real Estate organizations and Building organizations will look for administrators that could offer: all around incorporated PV arrangements establishment and outline of huge plants, around 1 to 5 MW support and control of the plants introduced money related answers for enhance financial specialist gives back No one is putting forth these administrations at this moment. IAT needs to fill the crevice!

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Why we are reaching you? IAT has what it takes to outline and introduce finished coordinated plant. In more than 20 years of experience… IAT has composed huge modern plants IAT had a dynamic part in numerous mechanical ventures (… ) IAT has the contacts to enter new markets for PV plants in Italy IAT has worked for probably the most vital Real Estate reserves. IAT has offered very much coordinated power answers for some engineers for building low vitality utilization resources. IAT has profoundly learning of the PV legitimate system in Italy

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Why we are reaching you? IAT needs a major Industrial accomplice that could give awesome volume of cells and module at focused cost give high efficency cells ensure cells execution more than 20 years (ensure execution securities) It is the oportunity to enter straightforwardly in a standout amongst the most gainful PV advertise on the planet. It is the event to offer cells straightforwardly to buyers at costs that twofold yours, to get the whole edge of cells creations. It is the opportunity to get into the new rich markets that IAT sees for PV aplications

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