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Conventional Facilities. Steve Dierker Director, NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Division NSLS-II User Workshop July 17, 2007. Outline. Conventional Facilities Scope Site Plan Building Program Sustainable Design BNL Support CF Schedule & Risk Analysis
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Customary Facilities Steve Dierker Director, NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Division NSLS-II User Workshop July 17, 2007

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Outline Conventional Facilities Scope Site Plan Building Program Sustainable Design BNL Support CF Schedule & Risk Analysis Conventional Facilities Deliverables for Users Beamline Support Space – LOB " s Experimental Floor Utility Services for Beamlines Stability Goals CF Path Forward

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NSLS-II Siteplan Bldg 603 Substation NSLS JPSI LOB (1 of 3) NSLS-II CFN BLOC Service Bldgs (1 of 5) CHW Plant Future LOB " s Access Tunnel

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View of NSLS-II LINAC/Booster Entry Lobby LOB JPSI

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NSLS-II Main Entry Lobby LINAC/Booster Entry Lobby LOB JPSI

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NSLS-II Floor Plan NSLS-II Floor Plan BLOC – Booster/LINAC/Operations Center LOB – Lab Office Buildings (3 base extension up to 5 future) Service Buildings (5) RF Area Tunnel Area Electrical Mezzanine Experimental Floor Access Corridor 2 3 1 2 4 3 2

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Facility Program Base arrangement gives 3 vast LOB\'s to bolster quick form out of beamlines with plan for 2 more LOB\'s to be included future

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Sustainable Design DOE will oblige Certification to USGBC LEED "Gold" sexually transmitted disease. Investigating DOE direction on how it will be connected to NSLS-II prepare frameworks Additional interest in these regions ought to accomplish Gold Additional tempest & consumable water credits Additional reuse/economical material credits Systems for included vitality productivity Photovoltaics & renewable vitality credits Heat recuperation Y M N

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BNL Support BNL Support to the venture is vital and self evident Warehouse Demolition & Replacement Must evacuate Bldgs 86, 100, 210, 211, and 481 preceding FY 09 Warehouse office substitution is in progress as GPP venture Demolition anticipated Spring FY08 Chilled Water Plant Expansion NSLS-II and Lab will share development cost as both need included limit An/E chose and prepared to start outline Design to run simultaneous with NSLS-II T-I and T-II Construction begin in FY09 and finish early FY11

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Existing Site Building 603 Bldg 100 Bldg 210 Bldg 211 Bldg 86 Bldg 209 Bldg 481 CCWF

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CF Schedule FY08 FY07 FY09 FY010 FY11 FY12 Activity FY13 Title I Design CD-2 Title II Design CD-3 Site Prep. Const. Ring Bldg Bid & Award 1st Pentant RFE (Pentant 1) 2 nd Pentant RFE (Pentant 5) 3 rd Pentant RFE (Pentant 2) 4 th Pentant RFE (Pentant 3) 5 th Pentant RFE (Pentant 4) Booster/LINAC/Ops Ctr (BLOC) Lab/Office Bldg " s (LOB " s) CHW Plant Expansion Mech & Elect Utilities Integrated Ctrl & Comm. Standard Equipment Commissioning Begin Accelerator Installation Full Ring Bldg Available for Accelerator & Beamline Installation Control Room RFE LOB " s Complete BO for all CF Construction

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Risk Assessment Technical Risk Primarily fabricating soundness, vibration & temperature control Schedule Risks Title I & II Engineering are on the basic way Construction of Ring Building is basic way Cost Risks Technical and timetable dangers can affect costs Construction and material markets are still unstable Risk registry has been readied Risk appraisal database incorporated with cost gauge database Current Contingency designated for Conventional Facilities ~ 40%

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CF Deliverables for Users Provide an office that advances community oriented driving edge examine in a lovely workplace Structurally stable office with low vibration (<25 nm rms) Experimental floor temperature strength of +/ - 1.0 deg F Utility limit & protecting for 3 GeV operation Facility format that empowers future long beamlines Facility outline empowering future extension to bolster full beamline work out A sensibly calm Experimental Floor - clamor level <NC 60 Convenient stopping and access to Labs/Offices/Beamlines

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LOB Features Modular outline – can be included when required without intruding on operation 3 @ 22,800 SF each – Each serves six parts 72 workplaces w/gathering space, cooperation regions, lavs, showers 6 labs - proposed for shared utilize Shipping/Receiving/Storage range & substance stockpiling zone Potential for development for 2 more LOB " s Egress accommodated staff and huge things at every LOB Loading region with outside move up entryway Double-entryway from every lab onto the test floor Rolling access to all beamline territories

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LOB Layout 22,800 SF

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LOB Elevation

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Ring Building Section Bldg structure Isolated from passage and trial Floor Electrical Mezzanine Isolation Joint or Void Space Isolated Grade Beam Beamline Utility Services Tunnel Roof Isolation Joint Ratchet or Shield Wall Earth Shield Berm Access Corridor " Monolithic Joint " Experimental Floor Isolated Pier for Column Tunnel Floor

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Beamline Utility Support Services gave at each BL include: Electric Power Panel at Ratchet Wall, 75-95 kW/Cell, 120/208V Cooling Water, HVAC Supply Air, Exhaust Compressed Air, LN 2 , GN 2 DI Water (Copper and Aluminum)

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Stability Dependent on Conventional Facilities Stability objectives driven by ordinary office plan Stability of capacity ring burrow floor Vibration < 25 nm rms from PSD from 4-50 hz (vertical) Stability of trial floor Vibration level of ~ 25 nm rms (vertical) from PSD from 4-50 hz for general floor zone Vibration level for 1 nm determination pillar lines requires advance definition yet seems achievable with legitimate relationship Thermal dependability of capacity ring burrow environment +/ - 0.1 o C Thermal solidness of trial floor +/ - 0.5 o C

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CF Path Forward Design well in progress for November CD-2 surveys Additional engaged specialized studies in progress for: Vibrational security of passage & trial floor Stability required for 1 nm determination beamlines Optimization of warm steadiness Methods to accomplish supportability objectives CF outline and cost if additional long straits are introduced Value designing audit & specialized survey got ready for September

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