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By means of outsider associations with MSN Music, Real Networks and MusicNet (AOL Muisc, Yahoo! Music, HMV, Virgin, MTV) Where is the Spoken Word Market Going? ...
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Company Overview For as long as 13 years MediaBay has been a main merchant of talked word amusement including book recordings and great radio shows by means of index, retail, computerized download. MediaBay has more than 75,000 hours of substance: Audiobooks from each real distributer in the United States including Simon and Schuster, Hachette (Time Warner), Brilliance, Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins; and The biggest document of the historical backdrop of American Radio – including such stars as Abbott & Costello, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Orson Wells, The Shadow, Lucille Ball, Burns and Allen, Lone Ranger, Superman, Gunsmoke and considerably more.

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How MediaBay Sells Classic Radio Programs retailers, for example, Barnes & Noble and Borders Direct to customers by means of list Internet at Download at Syndicated Radio show on 250 stations and 24 hour stations on XM and Sirius

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How MediaBay Sells Audiobooks Via Catalog on a month to month premise specifically to buyers Websites and Via outsider organizations with MSN Music, Real Networks and MusicNet (AOL Muisc, Yahoo! Music, HMV, Virgin, MTV)

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Where is the Spoken Word Market Going? The Audio Publisher Association appraises the aggregate Audio Book market in 2004 was $800 Million Includes deals at retail ($600M), to libraries ($150M); clubs ($20M); downloads ($30M) Audiobook market has developed at 10% for each annum for as far back as 10 years In 2004, an expected 8.6% of the music deals originated from lawful and unlawful downloads In 2009, Forrester gauges 33% of music deals will originate from downloads If Audio Books take after the same selection bend, the download Audio Book business sector will be $380 Million in 2009 Source: Forrester Research August 2003 – Disks to Downloads

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How will Downloads be Listened to? Copy Audio CD\'s Music (MP3) Players - Hard Drives - Flash Drives SD Cards Smart Phones Super PDA\'s Satellite Radio Media Centers Portable Video Players Since 70% of AudioBooks are listened to in the auto, this is the open door that should be promoted upon.

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New Technologies & Services Motorola as of late reported iRadio Service Music and substance administration on your Motorola that has several business free music channels and talk stations. Utilizes Bluetooth to play back substance in your auto or home stereo framework Stores content in the reserve memory of the telephone and if intruded on, gets the latest relevant point of interest.

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New Technologies and Services mSpot Private names administration for Sprint Radio on PDAs conveys news, games, back and climate programming from NPR®, Sporting News, MarketWatch and AccuWeather. MSpot\'s versatile radio administrations highlight three programming positions: LIVE – live radio programming; ON-DEMAND – much of the time upgraded clasps and stories that clients can choose and play at whatever time; PRE-RECORDED – long arrangement appears and programs that circle consistently. All programming configurations are gushed straightforwardly to the versatile handset - MSpot does not store any substance on the gadget.

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New Technologies and Services Client Software for Smartphones and PDAs, for example, AudibleAir Allows a client to remotely get to their books or memberships for listening from their Smartphone or PDA. Utilizes minutes from information arrangement. Revive new substance or timetable programmed overhauls comparably as a RSS channel Download new book recording content

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