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DEMADES Outline 2001 - 2009
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DEMADES DESIGN 2001 - 2009 Demades Design was established in May 2001 by Nicolas Demades, Engineer and Industrial/Automotive fashioner. Nicolas Demades has chipped away at different modern and car outline extends and had the chance of filling in as an auto creator at the configuration studios of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Milan and DaimlerChrysler Advanced Design Italia. In the 8 years of operation Demades Design has finished with achievement more than 120 of configuration activities in distinctive segments of Industrial & Automotive outline. Organization PROFILE

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DEMADES DESIGN from idea to acknowledgment Demades Design is the first and final Industrial and Automotive outline studio situated in Cyprus that gives complete configuration arrangements from configuration idea stage, through to model advancement, execution & development/producing. Stage II: Computer 3D Modeling 3D plan Demades Design is outfitted with the most recent PC supported outline innovation and offers full plan and prototyping administrations Phase III: Prototyping Phase I: Concept configuration portrayals COMPANY PROFILE

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DEMADES DESIGN outline administrations DEMADES DESIGN offers administrations in the accompanying areas -Car/Automotive Design -Transportation Design -Boat and Yacht Design -Industrial & Product Design -Corporate Identity & Showroom Design - Exhibition Design -Furniture & Lighting Design -Packaging Design COMPANY PROFILE

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1. Σîºî¿ï€ïŒï‚ τî¿ï… Έïî³î¿ï… 1. Αî¹ïƒî¸î·ï„î¹îºî®/DESIGN : Η αïî¾î·ïƒî· τî¿ï… πî¿ïƒî¿ïƒï„î¿ï τï‰î½ Î\'î·î¼î¿ï„ïŽî½ πî¿ï… Î¸î± Ï‡ïî·ïƒî¹î¼î¿ï€î¿î¹î¿ïî½ τî¹ï‚ Δî·î¼ïŒïƒî¹îµï‚ Σï…î³îºî¿î¹î½ï‰î½î¯îµï‚ μî­ïƒî± αï€ïŒ Ï„î¿ Ïƒï‡îµî\'î¹î±ïƒî¼ïŒ εî½ïŒï‚ πî¹î¿ εî»îºï…ïƒï„î¹îºî¿ï κî±î¹ λîµî¹ï„î¿ï…ïî³î¹îºî¿ï λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯î¿ï… . (Σî®î¼îµïî± Ï„î¿ Ï€î¿ïƒî¿ïƒï„ïŒ αï…ï„ïŒ αî½î­ïï‡îµï„î±î¹ σï„î¿ 2% πîµïî¯ï€î¿ï…!). 2 . Οî¹îºî¿î»î¿î³î¯î± : Η Î\'î·î¼î¹î¿ï…ïî³î¯î± νî­î¿ï… σï„ïŒî»î¿ï… λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯ï‰î½ ο οï€î¿î¯î¿ï‚ Î½î± Îµî¯î½î±î¹ φî¹î»î¹îºïŒï‚ πïî¿ï‚ Ï„î¿ Ï€îµïî¹î²î¬î»î»î¿î½. 3. ΠïïŒïƒî²î±ïƒî· Ïƒîµ ÎŒî»î¿ï…ï‚ : Η αïî¾î·ïƒî· τî·ï‚ πïî¿ïƒî²î±ïƒî¹î¼ïŒï„î·ï„î±ï‚/χïî®ïƒî·ï‚ τï‰î½ νî­ï‰î½ λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯ï‰î½ αï€ïŒ οî¼î¬î\'îµï‚ τî¿ï… πî»î·î¸ï…ïƒî¼î¿ï Î¼îµ Î¹î\'î¹î±î¯ï„îµïîµï‚ αî½î¬î³îºîµï‚ (π.ï‡. ηî»î¹îºî¹ï‰î¼î­î½î¿î¹, πî±î¹î\'î¯î±, αî½î¬ï€î·ïî¿î¹. 4. Εî½ïƒï‰î¼î¬ï„ï‰ïƒî· Νî­î±ï‚ Τîµï‡î½î¿î»î¿î³î¯î±ï‚ : Η αî¾î¹î¿ï€î¿î¯î·ïƒî· τî·ï‚ νî­î±ï‚ τîµï‡î½î¿î»î¿î³î¯î±ï‚ Î¼îµ Ïƒîºî¿ï€ïŒ τî·î½ πî±ïî¿ï‡î® κî±î»ïï„îµïî·ï‚ εî¾ï…ï€î·ïî­ï„î·ïƒî·ï‚ σï„î¿ï…ï‚ χïî®ïƒï„îµï‚ τï‰î½ λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯ï‰î½ Ïƒîµ Ïƒï‡î­ïƒî· Î¼îµ Îµî½î·î¼î­ïï‰ïƒî· Î\'ïî¿î¼î¿î»î¿î³î¯ï‰î½, ωïî±ïî¯ï‰î½, έîºî\'î¿ïƒî·ï‚ εî¹ïƒî¹ï„î·ïî¯ï‰î½ κî»ï€ . Σï‡îµî\'î¹î±ïƒî¼ïŒï‚ Κî±î¹î½î¿ï„ïŒî¼î¿ï… Λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯î¿ï… ΠïŒî»îµï‰ï‚

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2. Όï†îµî»î¿ï‚ τî¿ï… Έïî³î¿ï… 1. Αî½ï„î¹î¼îµï„ïŽï€î¹ïƒî· τî¿ï… σî¿î²î±ïî¿ï πïî¿î²î»î®î¼î±ï„î¿ï‚ σï…î³îºî¿î¹î½ï‰î½î¹î±îºî®ï‚ σï…î¼ï†ïŒïî·ïƒî·ï‚ σï„î¿ κî­î½ï„ïî¿ τî·ï‚ Λîµï…îºï‰ïƒî¯î±ï‚. 2. Μîµî¯ï‰ïƒî· τï‰î½ εîºï€î¿î¼ï€ïŽî½ ρïï€ï‰î½ ιî\'î¹î±î¯ï„îµïî± αî¹ïƒî¸î·ï„ïŽî½ σï„î¿ κî­î½ï„ïî¿ τî·ï‚ Λîµï…îºï‰ïƒî¯î±ï‚. Μî­ïƒî± αï€ïŒ τî¹ï‚ πïî¿î\'î¹î±î³ïî±ï†î­ï‚ τî¿ï… λîµï‰ï†î¿ïîµî¯î¿ï…, Î¸î± Ï€ïî¿ï„î±î¸î¿ïî½ νî­î± οî¹îºî¿î»î¿î³î¹îºî¬ σï…ïƒï„î®î¼î±ï„î± κî¯î½î·ïƒî·ï‚ Î¼îµ Î¼îµî¹ï‰î¼î­î½î¿ï…ï‚ ρïï€î¿ï…ï‚, κî±î¸ïŽï‚ κî±î¹ σï…ïƒï„î®î¼î±ï„î± πî¿ï… Î¸î± Ï‡ïî·ïƒî¹î¼î¿ï€î¿î¹î¿ïî½ αî½î±î½îµïŽïƒî¹î¼îµï‚ πî·î³î­ï‚ εî½î­ïî³îµî¹îµï‚. 3. Πïî¿ïƒï„î±ïƒî¯î± τî¿ï… Ιïƒï„î¿ïî¹îºî¿ï Κî­î½ï„ïî¿ï… τî·ï‚ Λîµï…îºï‰ïƒî¯î±ï‚ αï€ïŒ αï„î¼î¿ïƒï†î±î¹ïî¹îºî® ρïï€î±î½ïƒî· κî±î¹ ηï‡î¿ïïï€î±î½ïƒî· εî½ïŽ πî±ïî¬î»î»î·î»î± Î¸î± Î\'î¯î\'îµï„î±î¹ η εï…îºî±î¹ïî¯î± αî½î±î²î¯ï‰ïƒî·ï‚ τî·ï‚ πî±î»î¹î¬ï‚ πïŒî»î·ï‚ πî±ï

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