Organization Support: MegaWave Partnership Organization Contact: Deliang Wu Personnel Guide: Rajeev Bansal Bunch Individ.

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Research ranges incorporate advancement of hereditarily improved radio wires, heading discovering recieving wires, and recognition of versatile electronic gadgets on-board flying machine. ...
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Mechanized Wideband Antenna Testing System for Outdoor Use Company Sponsor: MegaWave Corporation Company Contact: Deliang Wu Faculty Advisor: Rajeev Bansal Group Members: Emanuel Merulla (EE) Christopher Mouta (Comp Eng.) Peter Lofaro (EE)

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Background Introduction Problem Statement Project Specifications Proposed Solution Components Comparisons Final Decision of Components Software Design Antenna Design Budget Timeline Questions Overview

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Company Background MegaWave Corporation Located in Boylston, MA. Established in 1994. Creates reception apparatuses for radio and TV interchanges advances. Client base incorporates DARPA, U.S. Armed force, NASA, DOT, U.S. Naval force, SOCOM. Research regions incorporate advancement of hereditarily upgraded reception apparatuses, bearing discovering radio wires, and location of convenient electronic gadgets on-board flying machine.

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Project Introduction Antenna Background: At MegaWave, keeping in mind the end goal to test how well a radio wire can transmit and get, they measure reception apparatus radiation designs. Recieving wire radiation is a graphical delineation of the field quality that is transmitted or got by the radio wire. Radiation quality is measured as increase in units of dB (decibels). Reception apparatus increase is the proportion of the force of a radio wire\'s radiation example to the power of radiation of a reference recieving wire. Regular sorts of recieving wires include: monopole, dipole, Yagi, microstrip, circle, and staged cluster radio wires.

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Dipole Antenna Radiation

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Directional Antenna Radiation Azimuth Radiation design

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Problem Statement Currently, reception apparatus under test must be turned physically to wanted position. Estimations are taken physically from system analyzer. The system analyzer will be clarified later in the presentation. This procedure must be rehashed for all information focuses. More focuses = More work = More time

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Project Specifications Environmental and Physical: Testing framework will be utilized outside (MegaWave parking area). Framework might be utilized as a part of reasonable climate conditions (no downpour/snow). Whole framework ought to fit through front entryway (98" x 29") utilizing a truck framework. Framework ought to have the capacity to be moved by one individual. Rotator ought to have the capacity to turn 200+ pounds. 

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Project Specifications cont. Wide Band Antennas The reception apparatuses must have a VSWR of under 3:1 VSWR-voltage standing wave proportion. This lets you know how much power will be reflected at the contribution of the reception apparatus The increase of the recieving wires are TBD. Radio wires with directional examples are favored above 500MHz These Antennas must be tried completely to acquire the addition inside the recurrence band

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Proposed Solution Create brought together PC interface for recieving wire testing. PC controlled radio wire rotator Automated system analyzer setup Automated information recovery from said analyzer Design and fabricate 2 distinct Antennas for use in task (30MHz-200MHz) (1.3GHz-3GHz) Buy off-the-rack rotator and controller

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Proposed System Diagram

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Network Analyzer Network Analyzers measure complex impedances, VSWR, misfortunes or increases in gadgets. It quantifies the addition of a recieving wire by transmitting from a source radio wire from port 2 and measures the increase from the reception apparatus under test from port 1.

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Antenna Rotators For this venture we require an off the rack rotator that could deal with a 200lb burden. These are two of the rotators that we explored: Lintech 300 Series Rotator Prosistel PST-641D

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Antenna Rotator Comparisons Lintech Rotator Positive All reason rotator Has worked in indexing table High rigging proportion Low torque necessities Compatible with any standard stepper engine Negative More costly Requires stepper engine for movement Prosistel Rotator Positive Inexpensive Comes with engine Designed particularly for reception apparatuses Negative Limited programming similarity (not good with VB or Labview) Only couples with constrained sorts of recieving wires Requires manufacture of table and stand Company is found abroad

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Motion Control System Motion Group SID 2.0 NI PCI-7342 Applied Motion Si3540

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Motion Control Comparison NI PCI-7342 Positive Can be arranged as either stepper or dc engine controller Interfaces with Labview Product and programming support from same organization Negative Incompatible with Visual essential More costly Not perfect with portable PCs 2 tomahawks (just need 1) NI does not offer steppers Applied Motion Si3540 Positive Includes movement controller and stepper engine driver. Perfect with any standard stepper engine Includes power supplies and RS-232 serial interface Simple programming included Negative Incompatible with Labview and Visual Basic Very costly Motion Group SID 2.0 Positive Integrated bundle Includes shrewd movement controller, stepper engine and interpreter/driver Includes power supplies and RS-232 serial interface Inexpensive Easily interfaces with Visual Basic Negative Incompatible with Labview

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Software We require programming that controls both the system analyzer and the movement controller framework. Our product decisions for the entire undertaking were contracted down to either Visual fundamental or Labview due to the GPIB standard association compatibilities.

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Software Comparison Labview Positive Program can be run standalone with Labview runtime engine(free) Supported by other OS\'s GPIB driver set incorporates Labview particular libraries Widely utilized as a part of industry Negative Development environment is expensive($1195) No past learning of dialect Not upheld by numerous movement controllers Code not revisable without costly improvement environment Visual Basic Positive Simple interface outline Inexpensive($100) GPIB driver set incorporate VB particular libraries Previous information of dialect MegaWave favored Negative Not bolstered by numerous movement controllers Not effortlessly compact between OS\'s

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Visual Basic Design Process Network analyzer stream diagram for testing HP8753A HP-IB reference guide NI488.2 programming bundle with VB libraries GPIB charge testing through NI Measurement and Automation programming 488.2 VB summon usage into first example test program

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Wireless Transceivers Wireless handsets were given by MegaWave. Computerized Wireless Hopnet 1500 handsets Operate at 2.4GHz Will be tried to guarantee no obstruction with addition test RS232 association

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Wireless Transceivers Testing Transceivers use CSMA for transmission Transceivers will convey for our required extent (30 feet) Data was effectively transmitted and got from every unit at a baud rate of 115 kbps CSMA convention transmits information by sending arbitrary heartbeats all through the 2.40 – 2.48 GHz range Pulses happen less much of the time when both handsets are unmoving Measurements will be taken when handsets are unmoving We trust that these irregular heartbeats will be arrived at the midpoint of out by the system analyzer when it acquires estimations Further testing will be finished with a wired association set up of the remote handsets Results from wired and remote estimations will be looked at

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RS232 Antenna Testing System Diagram Source Antenna Under Test ~ 30 feet Network Analyzer Wireless Transceiver RS232 Port 1 Port 2 Stepper Motor Rotator Table Stepper Motor Controller Wireless Transceiver GPIB

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Proposed Budget

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Timeline For Spring 2006

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