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2. Organizations in the United Nations System. UN framework has been banding together with the private division and common society for more than 60 years.The a decade ago has seen a surge in enthusiasm from non-state on-screen characters to bolster UN causes. Associations have:Increased in numberIncreased in significanceIncreased in degree.
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The UN Office for Partnerships for Smart Diplomacy Interagency Policy Seminar Foreign Service Institute, 12 May 2010 US Department of State Opening Keynote Amir Dossal Executive Director

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Partnerships in the United Nations System UN framework has been cooperating with the private segment and common society for more than 60 years. The most recent decade has seen a surge in enthusiasm from non-state on-screen characters to bolster UN causes. Associations have: Increased in number Increased in centrality Increased in degree New types of Partnerships have risen: Strategic Partnerships and Smart Partnerships "Tending to worldwide difficulties requires a group and deliberate exertion, including all performing artists. Through associations and organizations together, and by pooling near favorable circumstances, we increment our odds of accomplishment." UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

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Millennium Development Goals In September 2000, heads of 189 part states approved the Millennium Declaration. The Declaration set up 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which turned into a concurred diagram for quickening changes in the lives of the world\'s poor by 2015. These 8 MDGs straightforwardly address social, financial and natural measurements of overall improvement, and help to organize some of our most prominent difficulties in the 21st century.

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The Eight MDGs

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The UN Office for Partnerships Serves as a portal for joint effort between the private segment and establishments, and the United Nations family. Advances new associations and unions Promotes the Millennium Development Goals Provides support to new activities of the Secretary-General. UNOP is involved 3 segments: United Nations Fund for International Parterships (UNFIP) United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) Partnership Advisory and Outreach benefit

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The UN Office for Partnerships Organizational Structure UNDEF Advisory Board Partnerships Advisory Board Secretary-General Deputy Secretary-General United Nations Office for Partnerships United Nations Fund for International Partnerships Partnership Advisory and Outreach Service United Nations Democracy Fund

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The UN Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) Established by the Secretary-General in March 1998 to fill in as the interface between the UN framework and the UN Foundation – people in general philanthropy in charge of managing Ted Turner\'s $1 billion commitment in support of UN causes. To date over US$1 billion has been customized for more than 400 activities actualized by 39 UN elements in 123 nations Thematic Contributions by the UN Foundation through UNFIP (in US $) ● Other 63 348 023 ● Peace, Security and Human Rights 49 985 198 ● Women and Population 135 993 119 ● Children\'s Health 619 404 908 ● Environment 162 938 932

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United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) The World Summit Outcome pronounced that Democracy is a general esteem; there is no single model of majority rules system; it doesn\'t have a place with any nation or district. The Heads of State and Government respected the foundation of a Democracy Fund at the United Nations. Starting today the Fund has assigned all the more then US$ 78 million for 211 ventures in more than 100 nations and domains. It underpins Civil Society Organizations who give activity arranged ventures substantial upgrades in popular government and human rights; extends that concentrate on sex fairness and the investment of defenseless gatherings . Majority rules system Fund upheld ventures cultivate popularity based discourse and support for established procedures; common society strengthening ; community instruction, voter enlistment and political gatherings reinforcing; residents access to data ; responsibility, straightforwardness and uprightness.

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Partnership Advisory Services and Outreach (PASO) Provides exhortation on fitting methodologies for creating and overseeing organizations in support of United Nations objectives and destinations and related operational exercises; Provides specialized guidance to United Nations workplaces, offices and elements concerning association building, backing and asset activation techniques with the private division, establishment and common society accomplices; Provides counsel to outside substances on United Nations methodology and best practices; Provides counsel on procedures for viable effort; Identifies open doors for open private associations for backing support and for supporting operational exercises of the United Nations, incorporating asset preparation in support of United Nations causes; Facilitates the engagement of private segment, common society and altruistic administration in the work of the United Nations framework, including by gathering gatherings to advance discourse and effort with significant United Nations elements on association openings, systems and arrangement issues; Facilitates and dealers engagement and exchange between organizations signatories to the Global Compact and applicable United Nations framework accomplices, including senior administration, specialized specialists and the system of private area central focuses, with a perspective of changing over standards into practice; Assists in the plan of projects and undertakings; Helps set up and, now and again, oversee worldwide and provincial systems, and organizations. In 2009, the Office took care of about 1,400 enquires *Source: ST/SGB/2009/14 , dated 18 December 2009.

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Key Data on UNOP UNFIP: By the finish of 2008, 455 activities have been executed by 39 United Nations substances in 123 nations. Add up to subsidizing came to $1.06 billion in 11 years, 42% of which originated from UN Foundation\'s allotment, while the rest was produced through other private and common society accomplices. UNDEF: By 2008, 204 activities out of an aggregate of 1,873 applications from 137 nations were affirmed with a financing of $58.7 million . In 2007, applications expanded by 45%. UNDEF likewise broadened the benefactor base to 35 Member States to lift financing to $91 million . PASO: In 2009, 1,400 or more outside solicitations came through UNOP for organization admonitory help, a 40% expansion more than 2008. Out of the aggregate exercises led by UNOP, 60% was for consultative administrations. (numbers from 2009 Roland Rich) Focus on Results Measurable Reportable Verifiable *Source: Annual Report of the Secretary-General A/64/91 , dated 12 August 2009

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"Today, the United Nations Foundation is a key Partner and partner for the United Nations, filling in as a draftsman of new and creative collusions to propel UN objectives. We have concentrated on making associations that amplify the power that individuals, Governments and associations, open or private, have - cooperating - to impact change and advance a lot of good." - Ted Turner, Chairman and Founder, UN Foundation Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro and Mr. Ted Turner at an occasion held 14 May 2007 to dispatch Microsoft Investment Strategy in Africa.

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Guiding Principles for United Nations-Business Cooperation Advance UN Goals : The target should be enunciated plainly and must propel UN objectives. Clear Delineation of Responsibilities and Roles : the association plan must be founded on a reasonable comprehension of individual parts and desires, with responsibility and clear division of obligation. Keep up Integrity and Independence : organization game plans ought not lessen the UN\'s trustworthiness, freedom and unprejudiced nature. No Unfair Advantage : Every individual from the business group ought to have the chance to propose agreeable courses of action, subject to the relevant rules and criteria of the particular UN office, store or program concerned. Collaboration ought not infer support or inclination of a specific business element or its items or administrations. Straightforwardness : Cooperation with the business part should be straightforward. Data on the nature and extent of helpful courses of action ought to be accessible inside the Organization or to the general population on the loose.

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Private Sector Management Skills Brand Equity Resources Field based Network and Outreach Technologies Operating Discipline Policies and Norms Changing Landscape of Partnerships UNOP fills in as a Catalyst and Facilitator for imaginative multi-partners associations, working with governments, private division, common society and worldwide organizations.` MDGs CSR Smart Philanthropy Technical Asistance Stronger Interdependencies Understanding Corporate Cultures

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Types of Partnerships

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Global Partnerships Entrepreneurial approach Multiple performers included (government, NGOs, private segment, establishments, and so forth.) Capacity of associations past customary specialized help Global battles

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US Engagement all around US is the greatest amusement nearby: ODA in 2009: US $ 28.67 Billions 1 FDI surge in 2008: US$ 311.7 Billions 2 U.S. magnanimous giving in 2008: est. $307.65 billion 3 Sources 1: OECD Net Official Development Assistance, Data 14 April 2010 2: UNCTAD World Investment Report 2009 3: Giving USA Foundation Giving USA 2009 Annual Report Press Release

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The US see Partnerships as a remote arrangement instrument: For open tact and advancement objectives For particular strategy destinations Partnerships for functional critical thinking Importance of an "association neighborly" condition

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Foreign Policy Tool/US ways to deal with association building "Help makes reliance, Investment makes you free." Encouraging enterprise at a nearby level Incubation office Using promoting dollars for vital activities Moving past current capacities

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Challenges in a multilateral situation Avoiding cover Delivering as One Navigating the administration Need for attachment Replicability Smart announcing Understanding hierarchical and social contrasts

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How can Partners get ready for marriage? Use know-how, limit and r

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