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Origami. Jeanine Meyer Mathematics/Computer Science & New Media. Origami. Paper folding associated mostly with Japan (origami means paper folding in Japanese) but concurrent invention in different parts of the world China Spain hobby, craft, art form mathematical aspects
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Origami Jeanine Meyer Mathematics/Computer Science & New Media

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Origami Paper collapsing related generally with Japan (origami implies paper collapsing in Japanese) however simultaneous innovation in various parts of the world China Spain leisure activity, create, fine art scientific perspectives arithmetic is not simply numbers, likewise examples and shapes essential math to ebb and flow examine

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Origami MANY sites utilize google Meyer family origami site: http://newmedia.purchase.edu/~Jeanine/origami a few illustrations used to illustrate/show Flash look in my office (NS 3003), for the most part by Aviva Meyer Origami USA has tradition in June in NYC Local clubs Mt. Kisco

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Today magazine cover box rectangle not a square business card frog rectangle not a square, with spring water bomb customary overlay, Chinese water bomb base trimming measured illustration hungry fish activity figure (need to separation paper into thirds) Directions accessible on Meyer Family Origami site

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Magazine cover box The "lip" (crease over) is had utilizing the effect between the width and the stature ¼ * length – ¼ * width .25*length – .25*width Final measurements ½*length by ½*width by ¼*width .5 * length by .5*width by .25*width .50 * length by .50*width by .25*width Many boxes, most more solid!

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Business card frog Again: rectangle, not a square Spring originates from solidness of paper RELATIVE to zone (weight?) Experiment: make a hopping frog from various sizes of standard paper. In the event that the paper is sufficiently little, the frog will hop. Aside: Why does a Barbie doll have a little midsection?

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Water bomb Traditional overlay, maybe from China Calculate/envision the surface range of the last model. Attempt: shading outside surfaces of model and afterward unfurl.

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Water bomb trimming Picking 3 sets of 2 of same shading helps last get together in 3 measurements Modulars commonly have "pockets" and "jabs"

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Hungry fish Dividing into thirds: why the "s" strategy works. It is more than experimentation! Say first figure isn\'t right by a blunder e. Collapsing over to that point has the impact of dividing the blunder. Collapsing over again parts the blunder. The mistake gets lessened every time, to land at a gauge that is genuinely precise.

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Research Generalize Betsy Ross strategy\'s for 5 pointed star Given any polygon, is it conceivable to crease a square into a level shape, make one cut, and create the polygon Answer: yes, done by Eric Demaine

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Research Under examination: different inquiries: given an arrangement of lines speaking to collapsed lines, is it conceivable how deliver it? To what extent (what number of steps) would it take? Origami for industry: how to manufacture a telescope to be unfurled in space, how to outline something to be unloaded.

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Discussion Questions? Additional collapsing?

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Quiz on rates? Any inquiries?

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