OU Deals Operations Overall population Surplus Deal Wednesday November 28, 2007 New Hours: 8:30a to 2:00p.

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3 Awia Car Stereo. CDR/RW playback model CDC-X207YU #4 Axius Tint ... 7 Clarion Car Stereo. Magitune CD Stereo DRB3475 #8 Compaq Laptop. with Gateway WBM120 ...
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OU Sales Operations General Public Surplus Sale Wednesday November 28, 2007 New Hours: 8:30a to 2:00p University of Oklahoma Property Control - Surplus Store 2101 W. Tecumseh Road Norman, OK The OU Surplus Store will be shut Nov 21 st .

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General Public Sales Every Wednesday Hours: 8:30a – 2:00p The encased slides speak to a specimen of the things that might be offered at this overall population deal. The University maintains all authority to evacuate or add things before every week by week deals. See encased "Deals Agreement" for all terms and conditions. Require extra data 325-2782 See Map and Driving Directions .

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2101 W. Tecumseh Road

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Directions to Property Control Surplus Store Driving Directions from Norman: 1. From Flood Ave. what\'s more, Robinson, go North on Flood and keep driving past Rock Creek Road. 2. When you get to Tecumseh, take a right hand turn onto Tecumseh. 3. OU Property Control is on the NE corner of the crossing point of Tecumseh and Flood Ave (Hwy 77). Driving Directions from Oklahoma City: 1. Take I-35 South from Downtown Oklahoma City past the I-35/I-240 exchange (by Crossroads Mall). Go South, through Moore. 2. Exit at way out #113 (Hwy 77 South). You ought to be in the far left hand path to make this way out. 3. Take Hwy 77 around 1 mile south, to the convergence of Hwy 77 and Tecumseh Rd. 4. Take a left hand turn onto Tecumseh Rd. OU Property Control is on the NE corner of the crossing point.

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Athletic Sales Items to offered available to be purchased on November 28 th .

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Commons Kitchen Dishes, Cups, Glasses, and so on . Seeking Sale in December

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Commons Kitchen

Slide 8

Commons Kitchen

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Commons Kitchen

Slide 10

Commons Kitchen

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Commons Kitchen

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Cabinets, Wood

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File Cabinets, All sizes, shapes, and hues .

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Furniture - Desks

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Glass Top Computer Desks

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Still Have Metal Lockers and Shelf Units

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Desk Top Glass

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Student Desk/Chairs

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Zerox 5328

Slide 22

TV Cabinet with dim glass entryways

Slide 23

Fire Extinquishers

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Brother Digital Copier/Printing with Scanning DCP1200

Slide 25

Harmon Kardon AVR10 Reciever, Subwoofers, and Speakers

Slide 26

Vertical and Lateral File Cabinets

Slide 27

More Chairs

Slide 28

Flat Panel Monitors

Slide 29

Carts on Wheels

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Slide 32

Study Carrels

Slide 33

Library Table

Slide 34

Xerox Copier & Stand Model 2510

Slide 35

Weight Lifting Benches

Slide 36

Kitchen Equipment Display Chiller

Slide 37

HP Printers SOLD

Slide 38

AB Grinder

Slide 39

Lab Oven Unit – Blue M OVI-18SC

Slide 40

Misc Lab/Network Test Equipment

Slide 41

Omega Type DII Enlarger

Slide 42

Sony VPH-10130 Projectors

Slide 43

Slide Projectors, Ektragraphic Audio Visual Projectors and Carousels.

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Network Cards, DVI Boards, Data Recorders

Slide 45

Cell Phone Accessories

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Pitney Bowes Envelope Mail Sorting Machine U100

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Office – Misc. Work area Supplies

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Monitors & Some Flat Panels Available Various models and sizes to be included every week.

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Various things included week after week. Beyond any reasonable amount to list. Lab, Testing Equipment

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Confiscated Property available to be purchased Authorized under court request CJ-2006-405W The accompanying pictures speak to things that are altered cost and won\'t be marked down until sold. All things are white marked.

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#3 Awia Car Stereo CDR/RW playback model CDC-X207YU

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#4 Axius Tint window film static stick reusable "butterflies"

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#5 Best Data Modem ATS-273B Atech p/n 23680006-001

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#6 Canon Printer BJ200E Bubble Jet K10110A SMM11558

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#7 Clarion Car Stereo Magitune CD Stereo DRB3475

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#8 Compaq Laptop with Gateway WBM120 remote PC card connector – no force strings

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#9 First Year Child Seat

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#10 INFO Scanner Model FB7 Image Reader Ultra

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#14 Computer Mouse (x2)

Slide 61

#15 Paint Ball Gun

Slide 62

#16 Roadmaster Speaker

Slide 63

#17 Seat Massager

Slide 64

#19 Sony Car Speaker

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#20 Sony Car Stereo CDX 4090 CD

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#23 Speedstream Modem

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The University of Oklahoma Property Control Surplus Store Operations 2101 W. Tecumseh Road, Suite B Norman Oklahoma 73069 Sales Agreement 1. Week after week distribution center deals are directed each Wednesday from 9:00am until 3:30pm. There will be no review or pre-testing of offers thing before these built up hours. Deals exchanges and installments are just acknowledged amid posted overall population deal hours. Money is the favored strategy for installment. Individual looks up to $500 might be acknowledged with a substantial Oklahoma driver\'s permit. Deals assessment is added to the sub all out at the material rate of Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, as dictated by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. For resale buys, a duplicate of a substantial resale charge permit must be supplied to the clerk earlier the main buy for exception for deals charge exclusion. Deal things are altered cost and are not debatable. Deals rebates will be promoted. 2. All acquired things must be expelled from the premises by the end of the following business day. Any things not got by the built up time will bring about the title held by the University and might be offered for resale in the following deals opportunity. No discounts will be returned on these relinquished things. 3. Surplus Property must get installment in full and a receipt composed before things might be expelled from the premises. Offering things amongst clients is not permitted on the premises . The University of Oklahoma has the privilege to pull back things from the general population deal whenever. All things are sold "AS-IS, WHERE-IS" . The University of Oklahoma does not give a guarantee; the buyer must decide the state of the deal things. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS AUTHORIZED .

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Sales understanding 4. Stacking of acquired things is the duty of the buyer. Clients are not approved help from college workers or approved to utilize state financed hardware, for example, hand trucks or bed jacks to encourage the expulsion of their bought things. Surplus store faculty will figure out if stacking or arranging will be at the South or North preface exits in light of the measure of the bought things. Surplus store work force will convey every single expansive thing from the store zone to the base of the north stacking slope. 5. The University of Oklahoma does not accept any accountability for harm to anybody or harms to any property which comes about because of expulsion of the property from University premises, any future use, or the state of any property sold at this deal. All property acquired from the University of Oklahoma must be discarded by laws. The purchaser named and by consenting to every business arrangement recognizes that they comprehend this announcement and should repay, guard, and spare safe the State, from all cases, requests, suits, activities, procedures, misfortune, cost, and harms of any sort, including Attorney charges and prosecution costs, which might be brought or made against or acquired by the State by virtue of loss of or harm to any property or for wounds to or passing of any individual coming about because of bidders evacuation or utilization of the property emerging from or in association therewith of execution of this understanding. Store clients commitment under this segment should not reach out to any risk brought about by the carelessness of the State or its workers . I have perused and comprehend the terms and states of this business understanding. ___________________________________ Signature Date

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