Our Only Hope: Reclaiming the Future of Youth .

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Meaning of Youth Voice. Youth voice alludes to the unmistakable thoughts, suppositions, dispositions, information, and activities of youngsters all through our general public. . A Crisis of Disconnection. Youth are detached in our communitiesYouth are separated from our open goodYouth are disengaged from their own particular prospects.
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Our Only Hope: Reclaiming the Future of Youth Adam Fletcher Author, Washington Youth Voice Handbook

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Definition of Youth Voice Youth voice alludes to the particular thoughts, feelings, demeanors, learning, and activities of youngsters all through our general public.

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A Crisis of Disconnection Youth are disengaged in our groups Youth are separated from our open great Youth are detached from their own prospects

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Youth Voice is Missing in Our Communities At home In school During youth programs Throughout our neighborhoods Across our state In our mutual history

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Youth Voice is Missing No basic leadership for the general population great No constructive effect all in all group Repeat cooperation in poor group exercises

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Barriers to Youth Voice Perspectives of Adults Structures of Disconnection Young individuals themselves

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A Conspiracy of Hope Washington has an untold history of drawing in youth voice New youth/grown-up organizations are being made what\'s to come is still ahead

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An Untold History of Youth Voice in Washington State Early regular history of the state 70s youth strengthening exercises 90s group building organizations 00s youth voice programs

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New Youth Voice Opportunities Birth to 25+ open doors are on the ascent vast methodologies Powerful results are being demonstrated

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Five Point Plan for the Future

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Point 1 Promote people group wide responsibility for the issues that influence the entire group

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Point 2 Engage each youngster in each group as an intense and deliberate accomplice

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Point 3 Encourage and instruct each grown-up in each group about the capability of youth voice

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Point 4 Create sheltered and steady open doors for youth voice all through each group in Washington State

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Point 5 Infuse youth voice all through the structures that influence each youngster ordinary

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Our Only Hope: Reclaiming the Future of Youth "Our youth are not coming up short the framework; the framework is falling flat our childhood. Amusingly, the very youth who are being dealt with the most noticeably bad are the youngsters who will lead us out of this nightmare." -Rachel Jackson

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The Freechild Project Resources for social change drove by and with youngsters www.freechild.org SoundOut Promoting understudy voice in schools www.soundout.org Washington Youth Voice Handbook www.commonaction.org/publications.htm

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