Our third visit.

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Conventions/Celebrations. Christmas. Trade endowments and confection. Family ... Festivities can last up to 3 weeks! Look at this! Eiffel Tower. A standout amongst the most renowned ...
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Our third visit… France ! World Cultures An outing the world over

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Where are we? What is the capital of France?

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Did you know? Did you realize that France is the biggest nation in western Europe? Did you realize that France is renowned for their cheddar?

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Flag What have you seen about the banners of the nations we have gone by in this way? Are there any likenesses?

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People Do they appear as though anybody you know? It is safe to say that you are amazed that they appear to be like individuals in the United States?

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Families Does this appear to be like your family?

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Homes French individuals lives in every single distinctive sort of homes. A few homes are substantial and situated in the nation. Some are pilgrim style homes with vast patios. Others are houses in the nation or condo in the city.

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Christmas Exchange presents and treat Family Carnaval de Nice Large winter celebration Large buoys Music Dancing Celebrations can last up to 3 weeks! Conventions/Celebrations

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Eiffel Tower One of the most acclaimed landmarks in France. More than 200 million individuals have gone to the tower since it was manufactured! Circular segment de Triomphe Symbol of triumph Statues and carvings are recorded in the dividers. Look at this!

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