~~~ Outline OF Conviction Frameworks ~~~ AP WORLD HISTORY.

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~~~ OVERVIEW OF BELIEF SYSTEMS ~~~ AP WORLD HISTORY POLYTHEISM Belief in, or love of, different divinities or divine beings. Divine beings are imagined as mind boggling personages of more prominent or lesser status, with individual aptitudes, needs, cravings and stories.
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POLYTHEISM Belief in, or love of, different gods or divine beings. Divine beings are considered as intricate personages of more noteworthy or lesser status, with individual aptitudes, needs, longings and stories. The divine beings are not generally supreme or omniscient; rather, they are frequently depicted as identity people as a part of their identity characteristics, yet with extra individual forces, capacities, learning or recognitions. Sumerian divine beings, the Egyptian divine beings, the Ancient Greek religion , Norse Æsir and Vanir, the Yoruba Orisha, the Aztec divine beings, and numerous others.

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HINDUISM The sound OM, or AUM, is the most holy image for Hindus. It is frequently utilized as a part of petition

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HINDUISM Collection of convictions that created over a large number of years (combo of Arayan convictions w/local convictions). No originator. India. Brahman is most celestial soul Holy Men, GURUS, are otherworldly instructors. They translate the religion. Sacrosanct Books: Vedas/Upanishads Liberation from wishes and enduring: Moksha. Rebirth taking into account Karma and Darma Caste System (ex: Brahmin)

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JUDAISM Star of David (shield of David)… is the all inclusive image of Judaism. It alludes to King David, who managed the kingdom of Israel.

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JUDAISM First vigorously took after monotheistic religion. Book: Torah God picked Abraham to be the "father" of the Hebrew individuals. To Hebrews, God (Yahweh) was not a physical being and no pictures were made of Yahweh. Relocated to Egypt from Canaan (today\'s Israel) and were constrained into bondage. Departure: 1300-1200 BCE… Moses drove them from bondage. 900 BCE – 2 kingdoms: Judah and Israel. Judah was decimated by Assyrians. Battling for Jerusalem still exists today.

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CONFUCIANISM Confucius lived amid Zhou Dynasty (500\'s BCE) His impact wasn\'t acknowledged until Han Dynasty (200\'s BCE) 5 Basic Relationships Ruler/Subject 2. Father/Son 3.Husband/Wife 4. More established sibling/more youthful sibling 5. companions FILIAL PIETY – regard for folks and senior citizens. Social Order/Harmony Education is fundamentally critical

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DAOISM Laozi (600 BCE). Common Order is KEY! Of all animals of nature, just people neglect to take after the Dao or "the way". Government ought to do as meager as could be expected under the circumstances and allow the general population to sit unbothered. Fellowship with nature rather than political tumult.

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BUDDHISM WHEEL OF LAW – his teachings are frequently an image of the haggle of life and every single living thing.

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BUDDHISM Siddartha Guatama – 563 BCE Wandered to discover "Edification". 4 Noble Truths about misery and how to dispose of it. 8-Fold Path = ventures to Nirvana (discharge from childishness and torment. Draws from Hinduism – additionally a response to cruel Hindu customs (Caste). Spread all through all of Asia

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CHRISTIANITY CROSS = image of torturous killing of Jesus Christ… speaks to Jesus\' affection for humankind in passing on for its wrongdoings.

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CHRISTIANITY Worship of Roman divine beings was generic, polished without a lot of feeling. Christianity was acknowledged and spread. Accentuated singular associations with God. Jesus (prophet) was conceived a Jew in Judea (4 BCE?). Christians trust he is the child of God. Book of scriptures = combo of Jewish and new Christian thoughts Constantine was first Roman ruler to acknowledge it as the Romans extended East. It got to be authentic religion of Rome, in the long run.

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ISLAM Crescent Moon – got to be image amid Ottoman Empire. Possibly 5 stars speak to Pillars? A few Muslims really don\'t acknowledge it. It is frequently utilized on political banners to speak to Islamic countries.

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ISLAM Mecca, Saudi Arabia – blessed city Muhammad – Final Prophet (acknowledges Abraham and Jesus too. )… around 1000 years after AXIAL AGE! 5 Pillars of Faith Monotheistic Islamic Empire – gets to be it own domain! Exchange and Commerce spread its thoughts and turned into a tremendous domain.

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