Outline of European Union Law Research.

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European Commission. Chamber of the European Union. European Parliament ... By and large, the European Commission proposes new enactment and the Council and ...
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Review of European Union Law Research International & Foreign Legal Research Spring 2007

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Players European Commission Council of the European Union European Parliament European Economic and Social Committee Court of Justice Court of First Instance European Court of Auditors Others Class Materials

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Decision-Making Involves the Commission, the Parliament, and the Council. By and large, the European Commission proposes new enactment and the Council and Parliament pass the laws. All guidelines and methods are laid out in the settlements. Each proposition for another law depends on a particular settlement article, alluded to as the \'lawful premise\'s of the proposition.

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Legislative Procedures Assent Co-choice (the most well-known) Cooperation Consultation Class Materials

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Documents Primary Legislation (constitution) Treaties Treaty Establishing the European Community Treaty on European Union Others Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe (not in power) International Agreements with different nations & global organizations. Class Materials

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Documents Secondary Legislation Regulations Directives (require executing enactment) Decisions Other Recommendations Opinions Consolidated enactment Not official, however helpful Class Materials

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Preparatory Materials Preparatory acts Legislative proposition and conclusions from the Commission COM records Legislative proposition White papers (contain proposition) Green papers (talk papers) Class Materials

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Documents Case Law Judgments from the European Court of Justice and Court of First Instance Opinions Class Materials

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Sources Official Journal EUR-Lex Europa LexisNexis Westlaw Other print & electronic sources Class Materials

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Secondary Legislation Regulations and orders Number (EC) 408/98 L10 1998 93/13 (EC) OJ reference 1993 OJ L 95/29 Topic Legislation in Force

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Regulation Council control (EC) 1236/2005, 2005 OJ L 200/1 EUR-Lex LexisNexis Westlaw

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Directive Council Directive 2001/20/EC, 2001 OJ L 121/34 EUR-Lex LexisNexis Westlaw Implementing enactment LexisNexis Westlaw EUR-Lex European Current Law: Monthly Digest

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Case Law Print Official reports Commercial reports EUR-Lex Web webpage LexisNexis Westlaw

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Preparatory Acts Avian Flu, COM(2005)171 last EUR-Lex Pre-Lex Legislative Observatory

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Other Useful Sources Bulletin beginning to end Index Terminology Lots of print sources containing editorial, investigation & discovering instruments Journal writing Research guides

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