Outreach Division Sanction and Current and Seedling Ventures.

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Place of Prayer Lutheran Church. 10/5/10. Outreach Division - Serving ... Support for Meals on Wheels. 10/5/10. Outreach Division - Serving with You! 4. Seedling ...
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Outreach Division Charter & Current and Seedling Projects House of Prayer Lutheran Church Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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Division Charter Serve as HOP point of convergence for effort to our neighborhood and group Help select tasks and endorse expense of assets for Outreach programs/ventures Organize raising money exercises to bolster outreach ventures Serve as HOP delegates for nearby group and worldwide effort associations Advertise outreach chances to HOP Congregation and sort out and/or lead affirmed HOP outreach ventures Help improve the lives of providers and collectors Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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Ongoing and Current Projects Fundraising for SHAPE We effectively connected for and won (Oct 05) a Weyerhaeuser Corporation Grant VEAP sponsorship Monthly Food Drives Thanksgiving feast commitments Christmas presents Shoes for Kids New sneakers for children beginning school in Fall 05 Simpson Shelter Feeding those in need a few times every year. Rolls and Fishes Prepare and serve 3 times each year Support for WIC HOP Clinic in association with Bloomington Public Health Provide monetary backing and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity Support for Agora Ministry Support for Greater Minneapolis Conference of Churches Bloodmobile association and sponsorship at HOP Support for Meals on Wheels Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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Seedling Programs Parish Nurse Program Reassessing Program Determining ebb and flow need to instruct HOP and our group in regards to wellbeing issues RIPPLE – (Reach Individual People - Practice Love and Encouragement) Education Scholarships and Grants (illustrations) GED Driver\'s Education Nursing Assistants Community Wellness and Healing Helping to distinguish slight seniors Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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Interested in Helping? I could get ready and serve a supper for Simpson Shelter or Loaves & Fishes I could help with VEAP accumulations at HOP I could give $$ for dinners I could give $$ for grants I have an Idea for Outreach to consider I could volunteer for the HOP WIC Clinic Contact any individual from the Outreach Committee or… Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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For more data contact Pastor Carlson ccarlson@house-of-prayer.com Or Steve Johnson johnson.1309@hotmail.com Outreach Division - Serving with You!

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