Outstanding Occasions: A California Point of view.

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Uncommon Occasions: A California Point of view. Karen Magliano, Boss Air Quality Information Branch Arranging and Specialized Bolster Division. Controlling Standards. Permit arranging endeavors to concentrate on what is controllable Perceive repetitive nature of normal occasions
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Outstanding Events: A California Perspective Karen Magliano, Chief Air Quality Data Branch Planning and Technical Support Division

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Guiding Principles Allow arranging endeavors to concentrate on what is controllable Recognize intermittent nature of characteristic occasions Require level of documentation proportionate with the occasion\'s intricacy Consider what are “reasonable and appropriate” control measures in setting of occasion 2

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Focus of Planning Efforts Recognize a pecking order of occasions: Makes a contrast in the middle of achievement and nonattainment Affects outline qualities and orders 3

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Natural Events Not sensibly preventable or controllable Can repeat Regardless of recurrence, are not controllable 4

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Practical Approach to Documentation Level of documentation ought to rely on upon many-sided quality of occasion Widespread, compelling occasions: Less documentation to satisfy weight-of-confirmation methodology Example: Large-scale rapidly spreading fires or local/high winds More perplexing occasions: More nitty gritty documentation Example: Distant, littler fires or small scale wind occasions 5

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Special Ozone Considerations More complex—not direct relationship like PM Wildfires commonly happen amid ozone season at times may compound as opposed to “cause” an exceedance May require more subjective investigation 6

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Assessing ‘Reasonable and Appropriate’ Control Measures Determine on an occasion particular premise Consider relative commitment of sources Consider potential outflow decreases and expense adequacy of further control 7

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Types of Events in California Wildfires High Winds Fireworks 8

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Case Study 2008 Northern California Wildfires June to August, 2008 Over 2,000 individual fires 1.2 Million Acres Burned NAAQS Exceedances PM2.5 PM10 Ozone

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Smoke from out of control fires covers Northern California

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Sacramento/www.news10.net/062808 Yosemite/www.news10.net/072808 Wildfire News Coverage

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CBS Video Clip – 06/24/08

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AP photograph/www.sfgate.com/062408 www.sfgate.com/062308 Photos – 2008 Wildfires

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7/8 - 7/12 6/24 - 6/28 7/25 Wildfire PM Concentrations All PM2.5 BAM Sites in Northern California

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Wildfire PM Statistical Analysis

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Wildfire Ozone Concentrations 7/8 – 7/9 6/27

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Wildfire Ozone Comparison

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6/27 7/8 7/9 Wildfire Ozone Statistical Analysis

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Case Study San Joaquin Valley High Wind Event May 21-22, 2008 Wind Gusts up to 48 mph NAAQS Exceedances PM10

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High winds sway San Joaquin Valley

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Turlock – May 2008 High Wind News Coverage

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Photos - 2008 High Wind Event

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High Wind PM Concentrations

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Summary Exceptional Events Rule is set up to distinguish occasions past arranging procedure control Events ought not drive the arranging procedure Flexibility required in light of nature and many-sided quality of occa

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