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Ownership. Address 13 Awareness. review. The most recent couple of weeks we have inspected organization
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Ownership Lecture 13 Consciousness

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outline The most recent couple of weeks we have inspected organization – who is responsible for our activities? The current week\'s address concentrates on encounters when we are assumed control by others Spirit ownership Mediums and diverting Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Spirit Possession Accounts of soul ownership exist in the Bible and are basic in mystic temples today Common all through the world Bourguignon (1973) discovered religiously changed states in 90% of social orders, with soul ownership in 52% of cases Suggests that it is a social wonder

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What occurs in soul ownership? Shifts as a component of the way of life Requires an earlier faith in spirits Typically in a social authorized custom including music and droning The host then will go limp Then into writhings (e.g. Boddy, 1994; Goodman, 1988)

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Mischel and Mischel (1958) Studied the Shango religion in Trinidad Often the had are those of a lower economic wellbeing Allows for the had to participate in what might somehow or another be improper conduct – the plausible excuse hypothesis of soul ownership

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Speaking in tongues Glossolalia (i.e., talking in tongues) is vocalization that sounds dialect like however is without semantic significance or language structure (Samarin, 1972). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkf7DpnnNck Some go into shakings or lose cognizance; others are less sensational. Some appear to go into a daze some claim to have amnesia of their talking in tongues. All trust they are controlled by the Holy Spirit and that what they express is significant.

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What does it feel like to be controlled? Level of amnesia about occasions Perceived as automatic Are individuals encountering a modified state, or would they say they are simply imagining?

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Oohashi et al. (2002) Used a versatile EEG to gauge cerebrum designs among the profoundly had of Bali (known as Kerauhan) Only one of the members went into a daze Increases in theta and alpha recurrence Is ownership a modified condition of awareness?

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Spanos, Cross, Lepage, and Coristine (1986) Sixty subjects tuned in to a 60-second example of glossolalia (characterized to them as pseudolanguage) and after that endeavored to create glossolalia on a 30s pattern trial. A while later, half of the subjects got two instructional courses that included sound and recorded specimens of glossolalia blended with chances to practice glossolalia. Around 20% of subjects showed familiar without preparing 70% of prepared members talked familiar glossolalia on the post-test. Disclosed discoveries with reference to Social Learning Theory

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Spiritualism Earliest case of mysticism originated from the Fox sisters of New York State. Spoken with the soul of a pedlar Audible rapping commotions were heard prompted to an enthusiasm for the psychic marvels

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Magicians and hoaxers

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Pepper\'s Ghost A watcher looking through the red rectangle sees an apparition skimming beside the table. The fantasy is made by an extensive bit of glass or a half-silvered reflect, arranged amongst watcher and scene (green layout). The glass mirrors an identical representation room (left) that is escaped the watcher.

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Spiritualist Churches Despite the unmasking of the Davenports and others, by the possible confirmation of Margaret Fox (in 1888) there were 8 million mystics in the US Spiritualist houses of worship still survive today The administration is typically led by a medium. an opening supplication, an address, songs lastly a show of mediumship.

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Mediumship Like ownership 19 th century mediumship included an acceptance procedure Messages were delivered from past the grave Ectoplasm The medium asserted that the procedure was automatic Modern mediumship falls into two classes Trance directing Conscious diverting – which we will talk about later in the module

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Famous spirits Seth Channeled by Jane Roberts in the wake of utilizing an Ouija board in the 60s. Roberts went into a stupor and directed Seth The material talks about the way of physical reality, the beginnings of the universe, the hypothesis of development, the Christ story, and the motivation behind life, among different subjects. As indicated by Roberts, Seth guaranteed to talk from a nearby plane of presence Elvis Paula Farmer has diverted Elvis and delivered the original work "Elvis Aaron Presley: His Growth and Development as a Soul Spirit inside the Universe" Elvis examines his perspectives on life, demise, God, prominent music, and so on

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Common mix ups in Channelling The proof for stupor directing seems thin Many channellers commits errors in lingual authority, or emphasize or sentence structure while directing antiquated spirits. advisers for diverting frequently appear to be advisers for imagining

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Channeling: How to connect with your soul control "as individuals start to channel, they unavoidably feel as though they are making it up… When my understudies whine that they\'re simply making it up, I tell the, \'Great. Keep on making it up.\' Allow your creative ability to wander openly. ..Try not to permit your reasonable personality to decide around then. Push its contemplations aside; soon enough it will be back in charge"

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Although prior cases have been perceived different identity issue (now DID) picked up a more extensive consideration through the book and film Sybil : "One day, when she was conversing with me about something that ought to have made her furious, she bounced off the lounge chair, went over and struck her clench hand through one of the window sheets in my office. I hopped out of my seat, kept running over, got her wrist and said "Let me check whether you cut yourself." She ducked down and slouched her shoulders, looked up at me and stated, "Let me go." I stated, "No, I need to see your hand, and in the event that you cut yourself." She took a gander at me and stated, "Am I more imperative than the window?" I stated, "Certainly. A jack of all trades can settle the window, however in the event that you are cut, it would take a specialist to sew you up." She had not cut herself, but rather she was not talking like her run of the mill self. She looked more youthful and startled, so I asked her an unconstrained question, "Who are you?" She stated, "I am Peggy." I thought prompt this must be a double identity, however I said nothing to the patient in regards to this."

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DID is expected to happen as a reaction to adolescence injury Average number of identities is 13 ( Putnam et al., 1986 ) The identities regularly contrast as far as age, name and sexual orientation, discourse and physical side effects

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Birnbaum and Thomann (1996) over a 3-year time frame tried a patient with DID contrasts in predominant handedness, reaction to a similar drug, unfavorably susceptible sensitivities, autonomic and endocrine capacity, EEG, VEP, and provincial cerebral blood stream. Contrasts additionally found in visual capacity incorporating inconstancy in visual keenness, refraction, visual field, shading vision,

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Socio-Cognitive clarifications Spanos (1996) remarks that the occurrence of DID fluctuates with the advisor He sees DID as a fundamentally the same as procedure to entrancing and glossolalia, as "rule-represented social constructions."

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Hunjens et al. (2005) People with DID report between character amnesia – i.e. they don\'t know about different personalities Used an understood learning errand to evaluate procedural memory Real-test system configuration Results appeared to recommend an example of between character amnesia for both DIDs and test systems

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Gennaro, Herrman and Sarapata (2006) Argue that the memory disappointments in DID are disappointments related with the solidarity of cognizance They contend that many slips of activity (e.g. overlooking things, neglecting to accomplish something) are less sensational cases of such disappointments a similar system represents both

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Wegner (2002) Argues that soul ownership, directing, and DID are all indications of his hypothesis of obvious mental causation Argues that we as a whole have virtual operators, and that they differ inside every individual

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References Wegner, D.M. (2002). The dream of cognizant will . MIT squeeze: Cambridge, MA. Section 7 covers virtual office. Huntjens, R.J.C.; Postma, A.; Woertman, L.; van der Hart, O.; Peters, M.L (2005) Procedural memory in dissociative personality issue: When can between character amnesia be genuinely settled? Awareness and Cognition, 14, 377-389. Lilienfeld, S O., et al. (1999). "Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Sociocognitive Model: Recalling the Lessons of the Past," Psychological Bulletin , 125(5) 507-523. Spanos NP, Cross P, Lepage M, Coristine M. (1986). Glossolalia as scholarly conduct: an exploratory exhibition. Diary of Abnormal Psychology, 95, 21-23 Spanos. N. (2002). Various Identities and False Memories. (parts 3 and 4).

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