P2600 Printed version Gadget and Framework Security October 2005 Working Gathering Meeting.

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Marriott Residence Inn Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mountain Ranch ... Rancho Bernardo Inn. Hilton Garden Inn San Diego/Rancho Bernardo. Doubletree Golf Resort ...
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P2600 Hardcopy Device and System Security October 2005 Working Group Meeting Don Wright Director of Standards Lexmark International don@lexmark.com

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Agenda Items Monday/Tuesday, October 24/25 Welcome & Introductions Update and Approve Agenda Review and endorse September Minutes IEEE Patent Policy Review 2005 Meeting Schedule 2006 Meeting Schedule Update on TCG Update on INCITS CS1 Working Group Review of Action Items from September Meeting Other Topics from email, other

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Agenda Items Monday/Tuesday, October 24/25 Document Review: Clauses 1-8, High Security PP From Submitted Comments Others Document Review: Enterprise PP Document Review: SoHo PP Document Review: Public PP CC V3 changes from ICCC2005 Other things Next meeting subtle elements Summarize and record activity things

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Minutes from September Meeting Minutes were distributed not long after the meeting. They are accessible at: http://grouper.ieee.org/bunches/2600/minutes/P2600-minutes-Sep2005.pdf Any remedies or changes?

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Instructions for the WG Chair At Each Meeting, the Working Group Chair might: Show slides #1 and #2 of this presentation Advise the WG enrollment that: The IEEE\'s patent approach is predictable with the ANSI patent arrangement and is portrayed in Clause 6 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws ; Early exposure of licenses which might be key for the utilization of norms a work in progress is supported; Disclosures made of such licenses may not be comprehensive of all licenses that might be fundamental for the utilization of guidelines being worked on, and that neither the IEEE, the WG, nor the WG Chairman guarantee the exactness or fulfillment of any revelation or whether any divulgence is of a patent that, truth be told, might be key for the utilization of gauges a work in progress. Teach the WG Secretary to record in the minutes of the pertinent WG meeting: That the previous guidance was given and the two slides were appeared; That an open door was accommodated WG individuals to distinguish or uncover licenses that the WG part accepts might be key for the utilization of that standard; Any reactions that were given, particularly the licenses and patent applications that were recognized (assuming any) and by whom. (Not important to be appeared) Approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board – March 2003 (Revised March 2005)

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IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws on Patents in Standards 6. Licenses IEEE principles may incorporate the known utilization of fundamental licenses and patent applications gave the IEEE gets confirmation from the patent holder or candidate concerning licenses whose encroachment is, or on account of patent applications, potential future encroachment the candidate states will be, unavoidable in an agreeable execution of either obligatory or discretionary parts of the standard [essential patents]. This certification should be given without intimidation and preceding endorsement of the standard (or reaffirmation when a patent or patent application gets to be known after introductory endorsement of the standard). This confirmation should be a letter that is as either: a) A general disclaimer such that the patentee won\'t uphold any of its present or future patent(s) whose utilization would be required to execute either compulsory or discretionary bits of the proposed IEEE standard against any individual or element consenting to the standard; or b) An announcement that a permit for such usage will be made accessible without pay or under sensible rates, with sensible terms and conditions that are verifiably free of any unreasonable separation. This affirmation might apply, at any rate, from the date of the standard\'s endorsement to the date of the standard\'s withdrawal and is permanent amid that period. Slide #1 Approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board – March 2003 (Revised March 2005)

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Inappropriate Topics for IEEE WG Meetings Don\'t talk about the legitimacy/centrality of licenses/patent cases Don\'t examine the expense of particular patent use Don\'t talk about permitting terms or conditions Don\'t examine item evaluating, regional confinements, or piece of the pie Don\'t talk about continuous prosecution or debilitated suit Don\'t be noiseless if improper subjects are examined… do formally protest. In the event that you have questions, contact the IEEE-SA Standards Board Patent Committee Administrator at patcom@ieee.org or visit http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/index.html This slide set is accessible at http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/pat-slideset.ppt Slide #2 Approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board – March 2003 (Revised March 2005)

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Officers Chair: Don Wright, Lexmark Vice Chair: Lee Farrell, Canon Secretary/Lead Editor: Brian Smithson, Ricoh

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2005 Meeting Schedule Dec 13-14 - San Diego Hewlett-Packard Rancho Bernardo, CA (north of San Diego)

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2006 Meeting Schedule Proposal January 16-17 (Las Vegas – provisional) March 2-3 (Ricoh keeping an eye on Lanier ATL office) April 3-4, Mount Laurel, NJ (close Philly) @ Okidata May 23-24 (Oc é minding Paris) June 19-20, Boulder CO @ IBM July 26-27 (Rochester, NY – speculative) September 6-7 (Portland/Vancouver – Sharp – conditional) October 23-24, Lexington KY @ Lexmark December 11-12 (Canon, Orange County – provisional)

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Trusted Computing Group Update

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INCITS CS1 : Cyber-Security Update

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Group General Action Items Update site with September gatherings results/substance - done Slides, Minutes, Action Items, Comment Resolution Update site with October meeting subtle elements - done Update site with preparatory December meeting points of interest – done Tell Carmen we\'re moving to CC V3. – done Edits to Clauses 1-8 preceding October Meeting – halfway Conversion of E & HS PP by October meeting – incomplete Results from beginning talks with Labs (Cybuck/Sukert/Wright) – fractional

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Project Schedule from Sept Meeting The PAR included appraisals of the end-purposes of the calendar: Initial tally through IEEE (Lab get this too) Do required recircs to draw near Run through the lab Recirc the lab\'s last changes if any Turn around the statement 1-8 changes beforeh Oct Meeting HS & E PP by October meeting Two entire days in Chicago to get docs fit as a fiddle. Get SOHO and Public found up by December meeting. Structure IEEE Ballot Body in 1Q06

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Action Items from Previous Meetings Review passages in P2600-activity things exceed expectations spreadsheet Any quickly clear augmentations?

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Validation of PPs – from September Do we require a lab? - Yes, in light of Peter\'s NIAP dialog. Citing process… . Which labs? CSC (assets to do both cleanup and approval) (Alan) SAIC (both) (Peter) COACT (perhaps) (Don  Thrasher ) Maybe others All PPs through one lab – bundle bargain. Who will deal with the communication with the lab? Subside can kick it off Don & Brian S. will be contacts for the lab. In what capacity will it be subsidized? Pass the cap? Any probability of gov\'t financing? - most likely not

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Document Section Status Other Editors Needed/Assigned: Clause 1 & 4 – Don W. Condition 2 & Bibliography & Informative References – Don W. Proviso 3 (definitions) - Alan Sukert, Xerox Clause 5 (situations) – Peter C. Provision 6 (resources) – Brian V. Provision 7 (dangers) – Jerry T. Provision 8 (relief) – Tom H. Undertaking PP - Ron Nevo HS PP – Brian Smithson SoHo PP - Carmen Aubry Public PP - Nancy Chen Other Annexes - Smithson

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Issues raised on email

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Document Review Comments on Draft per Comments Database Clauses 1 - 8 High Security PP (form 13a) Other Annexes

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Document Review: Enterprise PP Review Draft number 13a Any remarks submitted? Meeting remarks CCv3 archive at December Meeting

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Document Review: SoHo PP Review Draft number 12a No new draft Any remarks submitted? Meeting remarks CCv3 report at December Meeting

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Public PP What is calendar? Open PP: Nancy Chen We chose at the September meeting to hold up until we have CC V3 form of HS/E/SOHO PP before doing this one. CCv3 archive at December Meeting

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Reminder: Managing the Process Going Forward Going forward we should deal with the exchange and changes to the report. For the accompanying segments of the standard, we will have no "irregular" examinations. All proposed changes MUST be on the email reflector no less than one week before the meeting including particular changes asked. Provisos 1 through 8 High Security PP The SoHo and Public PPs will be added to the controlled rundown as they develop.

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Next Meeting Details December 13-14 Where: San Diego/Rancho Bernardo, CA HP San Diego 16399 West Bernardo Drive San Diego, CA 92027-1899 Nearby Hotels Marriott Residence Inn Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mountain Ranch Radisson Suite Hotel Rancho Bernardo Rancho Bernardo Inn Hilton Garden Inn San Diego/Rancho Bernardo Doubletree Golf Resort San Diego

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Next Meeting Details

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Next Meeting Details

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Action Items for December Shooting for a blended report at December meeting

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Mailing List and Web Site Web Site: http://grouper.ieee.org/bunches/2600 Mailing list: Listserv keep running by the IEEE A document is accessible on the site Subscribe by means of a note to: listserv@listserv.ieee.org containing the line: subscribe sexually transmitted diseases 2600 Only supporters may send email to the mailing list. No Change

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