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page 2. . . plan. hp procurve organizing and the new hphp procurve todayhp procurve vision and methodology. page 3. who we are in the new hp. . . . . page 4. the new hp procurve organizing business. post-merger, hp has set up a centered systems administration business:a complete end-to-end business modela reinvestment methodology to quicken growthreach a main two1 piece of the overall industry position in the endeavor eth
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hp procurve organizing business

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plan hp procurve organizing and the new hp procurve today hp procurve vision and technique

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individual frameworks bunch (PSG) imaging & printing bunch (IPG) desktops workstations note pads developing advances organizing purchaser/business printing computerized imaging computerized distributing organizing venture frameworks gather (ESG) hp administrations (HPS) servers stockpiling programming arrangements organizing client bolster oversaw administrations counseling and coordination space ability organizing procurve organizing business (PNB) our identity in the new hp

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the new hp procurve organizing business post-merger, hp has set up a centered systems administration business: a total end-to-end plan of action a reinvestment procedure to quicken development achieve a main two 1 piece of the overall industry position in the undertaking ethernet switch showcase by 2003 note 1: as of now #3 measured in absolute ethernet L2-L7 port shipments hp procurve organizing - less work, more system

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layer 3/4 at a layer 2 value hp procurve quick way innovation hp procurve switch 5300xl switch 4108gl hp procurve switch on a chip switch 2524 #11 in 1998 hp procurve hp advancestack skeleton at the cost of stackables building a scaffold to the future switch 4000m switch 2000 in view of Dell Oro\'s overall aggregate exchanged 10/100 Ethernet expanding on accomplishment in more astute systems administration … #2 in 2003 #3 in 2001 #4 in 2000 significantly reset client desires for value, execution and usefulness drive new usefulness into the standard constantly increase present expectations for dependability & TCO #5 in 1999 hp creates 10Base-T in 1985

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dependably on hp procurve conveys predictable client esteem blame tolerant outlines most abnormal amounts of joining hot-swappable segments free lifetime guarantee dependably on unwavering quality incredible hp quality cost/execution initiative moderate over-provisioning cost per port authority least aggregate cost of possession free programming redesigns reasonable various secure areas get to security secure administration assurance worked in security highlights secure systems administration made simple proactive systems administration plug & play/discover, settle & illuminate nature of-administration approach based administration simple to-utilize industry guidelines greatest adaptability open models initiative multi-seller interoperability prepared for a wide range of movement interoperable

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hp procurve switch portfolio today 9315M/9308M/9304M 5308xl/5372xl 5304xl/5348xl (8/4 space 10/100/1000 L3/L4 suspension) 4108gl/4172gl package 4104gl/4148GL (8/4 opening 10/100/1000 L2 body) cost 4000M (40 port or 10 opening, 10/100/1000 oversaw undercarriage) 2524/2512 (24/12 port 10/100 + 2 Gig Fiber oversaw) 2324/2312 (24/12 port 10/100 + 2 Gig Fiber unmanaged) 2124 (24 port 10/100 unmanaged) layer 2 10/100/1000 layer 3/4 10/100/1000/10Gig 408b (8 port 10/100 unmanaged) expandability

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pushing ahead: hp procurve organizing vision ethernet wherever control to the edge gigabit to the desktop remote incorporation security VoIP (voice over IP) best in industry add up to cost of proprietorship

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hp procurve organizing vision e 2 ethernet wherever hp procurve conveys an improved, streamlined systems administration environment with industry driving cost/execution

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completely actualized e 2 brought together texture utility handling utility stockpiling utility coordinated framework mgmt e 2 ethernet wherever "first mile" ethernet DSL 56K digital web (IP bundle over Telco) MAN/WAN ethernet (1 &10 GigE) hp administration in procurve cost/execution procurve activity mgmt for voice, video and information arrangement rehearse for remote "problem areas" stockpiling over ethernet (iSCSI standard) the utility server farm meeting processing, stockpiling, voice, video and the Internet into a consistent interoperable switch texture neighborhood stockpiling over ethernet (iSCSI) utility server farm (UDC) bound together texture fiber channel

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hp procurve organizing vision control to the edge hp procurve conveys the ability to control and oversee at the purpose of access without bargain

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control edge-to-edge control to the edge layer 3 and 4 all through your system layer 3 & 4 at a layer 2 cost – reasonable all around and prepared to utilize control the ways of each parcel layer 4 activity prioritization subnet movement separation down to the port

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hp procurve organizing vision gigabit to the desktop hp procurve conveys reasonable end-to-end almost zero sit tight for data get to

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10 gigE end-to-end close to zero hold up end-to-end gigabit to the desktop standard in all hp Compaq PCs by mid-2003 today: endeavor class switch items with industry driving cost/execution tomorrow: come out on top in driving the end-to-end cost bend for gigabit to the desktop (as hp did with 10/100)

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hp procurve organizing vision remote reconciliation hp procurve conveys un-fastened and secure finish answers for anyplace access to data and administrations

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hp anyplace, at whatever time availability PAN multiport coordinated Bluetooth incorporated IrDA LAN endeavor get to focuses smb get to focuses home entryways multiport, PC card, PCI card WAN numerous administrations Jornada, iPAQ, Blackberry, PCs multi-gadget administrations

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sweep server hp undertaking access point servers customers hp procurve foundation wired 802.1x end-to-end security remote combination for the venture LAN simple to-utilize, principles based, secure expansion of wire-based LANs fundamental with hp\'s general anyplace, whenever availability methodology initiative in 802.1x port-based get to security

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hp procurve organizing vision security hp procurve conveys ensured access to esteemed data and the system foundation through norms administration

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security securing clients data with get to control arrangements hp drove the development and institutionalization of 802.1x port based get to control ensuring the clients coordinate with secure administration arrangements hp OpenView is the main administration stage on the planet shielding the clients arrange from assault a scope of components ensures the system continues running

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hp procurve organizing vision VoIP (voice over IP) hp procurve conveys vigorous information and voice availability over the most moderate and most straightforward to-oversee foundation in the business

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Mitel HP iPAQ telephone VoIP industry standard movement administration underpins all the main VoIP arrangements hp procurve switches convey basic, strong, activity prioritization different arrangements are 2 to 4 times more costly a reputation of fruitful VoIP usage an association with Mitel for finish end-to-end arrangements

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hp procurve organizing vision least aggregate cost of possession (TCO) hp procurve conveys profoundly reasonable, inconvenience free systems

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most reduced aggregate cost of possession (TCO) prevalent designing and innovation yields genuine client esteem: less work, more system minimal effort of procurement overall hp bolster 160 nations 50,000 specialists hp incorporates at no charge what contenders charge $1000\'s for lifetime guarantee programming overhauls telephone bolster arrange plan for affiliates

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5 year cost of proprietorship hp, Cisco & 3Com arrangements an aggressive arrangement situation layer 3 5372 layer 2 4148 edge layer 2/3 OSPF plan 2 Gig interfaces between 5372\'s 2 Gig uplinks for 4148 to 5372\'s 1: utilizes 4005/4400 2: utilizes 4006/2950 includes layer 3: evaluated hp organize chart TCO examination hp versus Cisco & 3Com 5372xl 72 ports with 4 Gig ports OSPF 5372xl 72 ports with 8 Gig ports 5372xl 72 ports with 8 Gig ports 4148gl\'s 48 ports with 2 Gig uplinks 4148gl\'s 48 ports with 2 Gig uplinks

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hp procurve guide transporting now first wave control to the edge (9300/5300) and gig to the desktop (4100) administration security, VoIP, remote industry driving OpenView mgmt industry driving TCO close term (2H 2002) second wave control to the edge and gig to the desktop center market gig aggregators 10 GigE in center industry driving TCO longer term (2003) control to the edge for gigabit to the desktop upgraded security, VoIP and remote in-line control cutting edge undertaking net mgmt industry driving TCO

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48 port 10/100 outrageous Cisco hp 5300xl engineering versus Extreme Blackdiamond 48 port 10/100 hp 5300xl curve versus Cisco 6509 Cisco hp 5300xl design versus Cisco 4006 48 port 10/100 a case of hp development versus the opposition hp procurve 5300xl

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undertaking clients remaining on the ball with hp procurve substantial venture clients are doing less work and getting more system with hp procurve: Marriott Hotels Google General Mills General Tire Home Depot Kongsberg Simrab

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vast and medium clients remaining on top of things with hp procurve huge and medium clients are doing less work and getting more system with hp procurve: Venetian Hotel Casino Resort and Conference Center One Superior Place Chicago DY 4 Systems EdgeWing ASP Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

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training and government clients remaining on the ball instruction and government clients doing less work and getting more system with hp procurve: Jacksonville University Indiana University Hartwick College Huntington College Edmonton Public Schools Halton Catholic District School Board U. S. Virgin Islands

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how we\'ll be #2 by 2003 demonstrated plan of action endeavor LAN arrangements channel organization esteem for an esteem driven economy TCO administration client achievement single word:

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02-15-02 overall aggregate exchanged L2-L7 ports hp position CY 2000 to CY 2001 pioneer in switch port development

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the new hp procurve organizing business a systems administration pioneer since 1985 best-in-class venture LAN arrangements 1/2 to 1/4 the TCO of the opposition #2 b

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