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The menorah was engraved in stone around 2,000 years back and found in a ... what's more, once his Egyptian name, Saba Sabani, which was given to him by Pharaoh when he got to be treasurer. ...
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He might be awesome, and should be known as the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God might give unto him the position of authority of his dad David : And he might rule over the place of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there might be no end. "Enormous" antiquated divider revealed in Jerusalem CNN, September 4, 2009 An archeological delve in Jerusalem has turned up a 3,700-year-old divider that is the biggest and most established of its kind found in the locale, specialists say. Standing 8 meters (26 feet) high, the mass of enormous slice stones is a wonder to archeologists. "To develop straight dividers 8 meters ... I don\'t know how to do it today without mechanical equipment," said the uncovering\'s chief, Ronny Reich. "I don\'t feel that any architect today without electrical force [could] do it." The found segment is 24 meters (79 feet) long. "However, it is thought the stronghold is any longer since it proceeds with west past the part that was exposed," the Israel Antiquities Authority said in a news discharge. It was found inside the City of David, an archeological exhuming site outside the Old City of East Jerusalem on a slant of the Silwan Valley. The divider is accepted to have been worked by the Canaanites, an old agnostic individuals who the Bible says possessed Jerusalem and different parts of the Middle East before the approach of monotheism EVENT Abraham would have lived around this time - 3700 years prior. Right now Jerusalem was known as Salem (Peace). Melchizadek was lord of Salem and he met Abraham. There is a probability that Abraham strolled passed these extremely stones! Be that as it may, Salem was trodden around the Jebusites and was called Jebus until David caught it in 1000BC. Jesus said that Jerusalem would be trodden down again UNTIL the seasons of the gentiles were satisfied. For a long time Jerusalem was controlled by the gentiles and after that in 1967 Jerusalem was reestablished to Israel\'s control. We sit tight for the "child of David" to return and reestablish it to the capital of the whole earth. Remark BIBLE QUOTE (Luke 1:32,33)

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The unadulterated candle [menorah], with the lights thereof, even with the lights to be set all together, and every one of the vessels thereof, and the oil for light , Early menorah delineation found in Galilee Jerusalem Post, September 11, 2009 Israeli archeologists have revealed one of the most punctual portrayals of a menorah, the seven-expanded candelabra that has come to symbolize Judaism, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Friday. The menorah was engraved in stone around 2,000 years back and found in a synagogue as of late found by the Kinneret. Earthenware, coins and apparatuses found at the site show the synagogue dates to the time of the second Jewish sanctuary in Jerusalem, where the real menorah was kept, said excavator Dina Avshalom-Gorni of the Israel Antiquities Authority. The craftsman may have seen the menorah amid a journey and afterward reproduced it in the synagogue, she recommended. Occasion The Jewish sanctuary in Jerusalem alluded to in the article above was annihilated by Roman armies in 70 AD. The Arch of Titus in Rome, raised to check the Roman triumph, portrays troops conveying the menorah from Jerusalem to symbolize the thrashing of the Jews. The menorah turned into a Jewish image and is highlighted today on Israel\'s authentic symbol. It has turned into an image of their endless nature – dissimilar to different countries that blur away. The first menorah was put in the sanctuary. The sanctuary was a tent without windows, and along these lines manufactured light was required. This was supplied by the candle, which, notwithstanding, served likewise as an image of the general population of God, who are "the light of the world.". Maybe God is reminding the Jews that they be a light for the world and in the event that they are not then pulverization as in AD70 will happen upon them. We ought to regard this as well. Remark BIBLE QUOTE (Exodus 39:37)

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And Pharaoh removed his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph\'s hand, and showed him in vestures of fine material, and put a gold chain about his neck; and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him leader over all the place that is known for Egypt. Coins from period of Biblical Joseph found in Egypt MEMRI, September 24, 2009 According to a report in the Egyptian every day Al-Ahram, by Wajih Al-Saqqar, archeologists have found old Egyptian coins bearing the name and picture of the Biblical Joseph. The scientist distinguished coins from a wide range of periods, including coins that drag exceptional markings recognizing them as being from the time of Joseph. Among these, there was one coin that had an engraving on it, and a picture of a dairy animals symbolizing Pharaoh\'s fantasy about the seven fat bovines and seven incline cows, and the seven green stalks of grain and seven dry stalks of grain. The exploration group [managed to] decipher [the composing on the coin] by contrasting it with the soonest known hieroglyphic messages… "Joseph\'s name shows up twice on this coin, written in pictographs: once the first name, Joseph, and once his Egyptian name, Saba Sabani, which was given to him by Pharaoh when he got to be treasurer. There is likewise a picture of Joseph, who was a piece of the Egyptian organization at the time. Occasion The photo (upper right) is of the coins that have been found. The analysts found the coins when they filtered through a huge number of little archeological curios put away in the vaults of` the Museum of Egypt. At first they took them for charms, however a careful examination uncovered that the coins bore the year in which they were stamped and their worth, or representations of the pharaohs who ruled at the season of their printing. Fantastically a portion of the coins are from the time when Joseph lived in Egypt, and bear his name and representation. Joseph is a kind of Christ. He was rejected by his siblings. Thrown into a pit. Sold for silver coins. He stayed steadfast. He was a prophet. He in the end ruled Egypt and spared it from starvation. We sit tight for Christ to return and spare the world… COMMENT BIBLE QUOTE (Genesis 41:42,43)

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