PALLIATIVE Consideration Administrations.

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Palliative Care. The dynamic aggregate consideration of patients whose illness is not receptive to ... Pro Palliative Care Teams ( gave by multi-expert Teams who have ...
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Palliative Care The dynamic aggregate consideration of patients whose sickness is not receptive to corrective medications. Control of agony and different manifestations, and of mental, social and profound issues, is foremost. The objective of treatment is personal satisfaction WHO 1990

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Principles of Palliative Care Affirms life and views biting the dust as an ordinary procedure Neither hurries nor defers demise Provides alleviation from agony and other troubling side effects Integrates the mental and otherworldly parts of consideration Offers an emotionally supportive network to help patients live as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances until death Offers an emotionally supportive network to help the family adapt amid the patients ailment and in their own particular mourning. WHO 1990

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Palliative Care "Numerous parts of palliative consideration are likewise material prior over the span of the ailment in conjunction with against tumor medications" WHO 1990

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LEVELS OF PALLIATIVE CARE General Palliative Care ( Generic Teams,Primary Care Teams ) Specialist Palliative Care Teams ( gave by multi-proficient Teams who have experienced expert preparing and whose primary range of practice is Palliative Care.

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PALLIATIVE CARE "Arrangement of palliative consideration administrations to all who need them paying little mind to determination" Standing Medical Advisory Committee 1992 NHS Executive E L (96) 85

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National Services Frameworks Cancer Coronary Heart Disease (counting Heart Failure) Older People Should have entry to Palliative Care proper to their requirements

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Calman – Hine (NHS Cancer Plan) Report 1995 Campbell Report 1996 HSS Boards Cancer Strategy Reports Palliative Care Sub-Groups Regional Advisory Committee on Cancer (RACC) Regional Review of Palliative Care Partnerships in Caring/Standards DHSSPS bunch usage of Partnerships in Caring DHSSPS/NCHSPCS norms & rules bunch DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICES

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N. Ireland Specialist Palliative Care Services (1.5m) (Red speck demonstrates Hospices)

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Specialist Palliative Care Services (Yellow dab demonstrates doctor\'s facility palliative consideration groups)

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Specialist Palliative Care Services (Shaded zones show group palliative consideration groups )

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Best Practice Guidelines Control of torment in patients with disease SIGN Guidelines 2000 Changing Gear: Guidelines for dealing with the most recent days of life National Hospice Council 1997 Integrated Care Pathway for the Dying Ellershaw 1997

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10 (+2)Consultants 4 Trainee Doctors 46 Specialist Nurses 61(80) Hospice Beds 1 Cancer Center/4 Unit PCT 11 Community Teams 6 Day Hospice Facilities 4 Bereavement Services 1Paediatric palliative consideration group (Regional) Pediatric Hospice Service PROVIDERS N Ireland Hospice Care Marie Curie Cancer Care Macmillan (Cancer) Relief The Foyle Hospice Southern Area Hospice Services Partnerships in Caring

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Undergrad. medicinal Undergrad. nursing Postgrad. restorative Postgrad. nursing Postgrad. multi-proficient Specialist Medical Training Queens Belfast (QUB) University Ulster(UU)&QUB Hospital& Community UU &QUB Hospital& Community UU/Hospice/MCCC 4year pro program (RCP/JCHMT & APM) Education

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Training for experts in Palliative Medicine Entry criteria MRCP,MRCGP,FFA,FFR Numbered preparing posts (SpR) Training educational modules APM, JCHMT 4 year pivot Palliative Medicine,GIM,Oncology Research ,HIV/AIDs ,Elective modules Assessment & Appraisal Accreditation ,(STA)

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Research U & NI Hospice Care (Dyspnoea) UU & Cancer Unit (Altnagelvin HSS Trust)(Syringe driver use) Marie Curie Belfast/RCSI Dublin (QoL) UU (Masters &PhD in nursing research in palliative consideration) Cancer Center/UU (Distress in disease patients) Cancer Center/Consortium (Fatigue Study) Multi-focus trials (Ketamine, Cannabis) Resources Ethical issues & high whittling down rates

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N.I joins with National Groups Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland Irish Association of Palliative Care National Council for Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Services N. Ireland Ethics Forum Royal College of Nursing Palliative Care Forum

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