Palliative Consideration Nursing Right hand Preparing Venture.

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Enhance access to hospice and palliative consideration in all settings ... Palliative consideration is started much sooner than hospice consideration and the condition might ...
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Palliative Care Nursing Assistant Training Project National Association of State Veterans Homes Summer Conference August 18, 2009 Kelly Schneider, RN, BSN (308) 389-5106

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HPC Mission Honor Veterans\' inclinations at end-of-life Enrolled Veterans in VA offices Enrolled Veterans in the group Veterans qualified for enlistment however not yet selected

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The Imperative State Veterans Homes 24,000 nursing home beds ~ 6,000 passings every year 25% normal yearly death rate VA 23,000 inpatient passings 3,400 passings in nursing home beds (15% of all passings) 6,250 passings in hospice beds (27% of all passings)

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Comprehensive End-of-life Care Initiative (CELC) Improve access to hospice and palliative consideration in all settings Build an economical HPC foundation Implement quality measures and scatter fruitful practices Increase skill - PC Nursing Assistant Training Evaluate and screen adequacy and maintainability of activity

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PC Nursing Assistant Training Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Train VA and State Veterans Home staff Palliative watch over medical caretaker instructors Training materials On-going development and coaching for medical attendant teachers to actualize preparing programs in their offices Develop Curriculum Modify EPEC for Veterans for Nursing Assistants Create CDs and online access for separation learning

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Palliative Care Nursing Assistant Train-the-Trainer Program Focus Nursing partners working with Veterans needing palliative consideration Modules Communication Pain Management Symptom Management Care of the Patient and Family When Death is Nearing Taught by attendants who go to a Train-the-Trainer program

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Program Part of the VA Comprehensive End-of-Life Care Initiative Dynamic intuitive project to get ready attendant instructors to show palliative consideration to nursing colleagues Target gathering of people - VA and State Veterans Home staff Includes palliative consideration substance and help procedures to show nursing aides

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Participants get 2 year HPNA participation HPNA Approved Educator status 11 CEUs Training materials: Facilitator Guide/four nursing right hand modules/CD with slides and speaker notes Learning exercises

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Participants get HPNA Core Curriculum Statement on the Scope and Standards Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant Competencies Conversations in Palliative Care

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs Each office investigates their showing endeavors At one month, then like clockwork Participants get a month to month contextual investigation training by means of listserv Networking opportunity with different experts that administer to the veteran populace Identify and plan systems to oversee challenges confronted by teachers

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Why is this vital? Palliative consideration is started much sooner than hospice care and the condition may enhance after consideration is started Hospice organizations don\'t cover hospice care all day, every day Empowers the nursing right hand to recognize and report one of a kind issues identified with end of life consideration

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Why is this vital? Permits the nursing collaborator the chance to comprehend and give imaginative method for backing to veteran and relatives The consideration is practical

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs Oct 28 - 29, 2008 – Hollidaysburg, PA 48 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 13 SVH – 5

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs January 28 - 29, 2009 – Las Vegas, NV 55 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 17 SVH – 1

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs March 3 - 4, 2009 – Alexandria, VA 35 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 13 SVH – 1

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs April 29 - 30, 2009 – Atlanta, GA 76 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 37 SVH – 1

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs June 17 - 18, 2009 – St. Louis, MO 85 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 38 SVH – 10

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs July 29 - 30, 2009 – Boston, MA 65 went to # of offices spoke to VA – 26 SVH – 3

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Accomplishments Out of 136 VA & SVH offices going to the preparation 34 have submitted reports Number of nursing collaborators who have gone to preparing so far VA = 297 SVH = 71

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PCNA Train-the-Trainer Programs 2009-2010 Next strides: Continued Train-the-Trainer program the nation over Locations? Video chat & Web course Program beginning in January SVH support?

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Comments from offices "This is currently a piece of our yearly preparing for nursing aides" "Our nursing colleagues are exceptionally satisfied with the system and that they are singled out to get it" "One of the nursing associates saw the need to build up an accommodation truck for the veteran and his family amid his last days of life, we thought intentional administrations did this"!

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