PALOMAR School Paleohistory PROGRAM.

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Degree in Archeology (33 units) Certificates (21 units each) ... Physical Anthropology Lab (1 unit) Special Problems in Archeology (2 units) ...
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´╗┐PALOMAR COLLEGE Archeology PROGRAM A Winning Combination

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Brief Program History Created in 1975 Designated as the Community College Public Archeology Program for Southern California Founded by Dennis O\'Neil Later drove by Stephen Crouthamel Directed Since 1996 by Philip de Barros

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Program for Whom? The exceptionally energetic avocationalist The understudy looking for a vocation in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) The understudy seeking after a propelled degree who needs great reasonable field and lab preparing

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Program Degree and Certificates A.A. Degree in Archeology (33 units) Certificates (21 units each) Archeological Excavator Archeological Surveyor and Lab Assistant

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Program Org Chart

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Excavator Certificate

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Excavator Certificate

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Required Courses for Excavator Certificate Intro Physical Anthropology Intro Cultural Anthropology Intro Archeology Archeological Excavation Advanced Excavation Prehistoric Cultures of North America Original Californians OR Physical Anthropology Lab (1 unit) + Special Problems in Archeology (2 units)

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Surveyor & Lab Assistant Certificate

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Surveyor & Lab Assistant Certificate

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Required Courses for Surveyor & Lab Assistant Certificate Intro Physical Anthropology Intro Cultural Anthropology Intro Archeology Archeological Excavation Archeological Surveying Lab Analysis Advanced Excavation OR Advanced Surveying

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Types of Internships Museums, Labs, and Curation Facilities San Diego Archeological Center San Diego Museum of Man Palomar College Archeology Lab South Coastal Information Center Barona Museum and Cultural Center Cotsen Institute of Archeology at UCLA Private Environmental Firms Tierra Environmental Services (Scripps Ranch) ASM Affiliates (Encinitas) Government Agencies Calif. State Parks (San Diego, Cuyamaca, Anza Borrego

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Internship Program Growth 1996-2001

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Program Upgrades I Equipment 1997-2000 Infrared aggregate station for mapping GPS units with Pathfinder programming Digital scales and light table Digital camera, scanner, & camcorder 2 Pentium PCs & field portable workstation 36" shading map plotter and digitizer ArcView GIS 3.2 and Auto CAD 2000 10 tripod screens and field buoyancy gadget 200 topographic and recorded maps

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Program Upgrades II Equipment & Programs 2000-2004 Conversion of Site Catalogs to Electronic Format with MS Access 4 Pentium III 800 mHZ Dell PCs New Pentium 4 PC, 2004 Dell Inspiron 8000 field tablet Idrisi 32 GIS and molding programming Additional duplicates of ArcView GIS 3.2 and Auto CAD 2004 Trimble GPS Datalogger Version 3.0 with Pathfinder 2.80 programming.

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Program Upgrades III Courses and Training Advanced Archeological Survey (ANTH 220) GPS, Total Station, and AutoCad Map preparing Internship Program Thru Coop Ed (CE 150) New Course, Fall 2004: Historical Archeology (ANTH 225) Certificate in GIS alternative (5 courses) 120 hrs ESRI ArcView 3.2 and ArcGIS 8/9 preparing for project organizer

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Community Outreach I High Schools and Colleges High School Interns and Contacts at San Marcos, Buena Vista, West slopes, and City Center High Schools Career Day Presentations to Local High Schools and High School Counselors Escondido Summer Work Program Joey Parish, Orange Glenn High School Agreement with Cal State San Marcos USD Archeology Cooperation Conference

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Community Outreach II Press Palomar Telescope and Class Schedules Ads for Survey and Excavation Classes Articles on Current On-Campus Excavations North County Times Articles on 1997, 2002 and 2003 exhuming classes Feature article on system in 1999 San Diego Union Tribute: 2002 component article Listing Program in AAA Departments of Anthropology , 2000-2001 release

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Community Outreach III Internet Web Pages Archeology Program (11,503 hits) Program Goals and Course Descriptions Degree and Certificate Requirements Career and Employment Opportunities Cuyamaca 2000 Survey Photo Essay (2412 hits) Student Success Stories Photo Essay (1351 hits) Excavations 2000-2003 Photo Essays California Indian Conference 2002 Archeology CLUB 2003-2004 Link to Soc. for Calif. Archaic exploration Web Page

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Program Growth 1996-2004* *Dr. de Barros on Sabbatical Spring 2002

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Thank You All!

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