Pandemic Influenza Overhaul.

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Pandemic Influenza Redesign Gary W. Gardner American Gas Affiliation Working Area Fall Advisory group Gatherings October 9, 2006 Motivation Current World Status Government Activities Industry Planning Current World Status Pandemic Danger – September 2006
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Pandemic Flu Update Gary W. Gardner American Gas Association Operating Section Fall Committee Meetings October 9, 2006

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Agenda Current World Status Government Initiatives Industry Preparation

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Current World Status Pandemic Threat – September 2006 No proof of HPAI H5N1 avian flu in the Americas Still no confirmation of human-to-human transmission 251 human cases and 147 (59%) passings since 2003 (all around) World Health Organization Risk stays high regardless of open “fatigue” with the issue New episodes noted in Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia Imperative to keep up forceful testing and arranging

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Annual Flu Occurs each winter 500k-1 million passings Deaths in danger populaces Vaccination accessible (?) and effective What Is The Difference? Pandemic Flu Occurs 3 times/century 50-100 million passings (1918) Larger danger populace Vaccination not accessible at beginning – months after the fact

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A 1918 Pandemic Today

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Government Initiatives Stop, moderate, or cutoff the spread of a pandemic to the U.S. Limit the household spread of a pandemic, and relieve ailment, enduring, and demise Sustain foundation and alleviate effect to the economy and society

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Potential Weapons in the Fight Vaccines and antivirals Transmission mediations Social separating

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What Does History Teach Us?

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Philadelphia Parade - September 28, 1918

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Mayor closes “theaters, moving picture shows, schools, pool lobbies, Sunday schools, supper clubs, lodges, social orders, open funerals, outdoors gatherings, move corridors and traditions until further notice” Closing request pulled back

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Conclusions from 1918 “Swift, spry, unequivocal, and composed activity in view of exact data and propelled readiness arranging, before the presence of flu in the neighborhood is critical.” Howard Markel, MD, PhD Defense Threat Reduction Agency Report, January 2006

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National Infrastructure Advisory Council Pandemic Prioritization Study Group Provide suggestions on basic framework (CI) prioritization in the occasion of pandemic Assumptions: A serious pandemic can altogether disturb the CI Medical countermeasures can ensure CI yet supplies are restricted Defining needs can prompt ideal utilization of constrained assets and best save societal capacity

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Pandemic Prioritization Study Group Specific Tasks Establish criteria/standards for prioritization Identify/characterize need basic administrations Identify basic worker gatherings Recommend correspondence procedures Identify standards for viable execution by DHS and HHS WILDCARD – state & nearby approach

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Public Health Response Challenges “CNN” Effect Communications Authority vagueness (Who’s in control?) Number of responders (merging) Poor utilization of uncommon assets

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Industry Preparation Business Continuity Planning & Preparation Oil & Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council Planning, Preparation & Response Reference Guide Working with elected/state/nearby government and wellbeing authorities AGA Pandemic “Point of Contact” Group

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Key Questions for Utilities How will you keep up operations when 10-25% of the workforce falls sick at one time? By what method will you adapt when your suppliers encounter the same non-attendant rates? In what manner will you correspond and connect with representatives, clients, government, media, and partners? By what means can existing HR, workforce arranging, and travel approaches be adjusted to control the spread? By what means will you handle field administration calls to homes and organizations? What administrative waivers should be sought after at this moment?

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Oil and Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council Planning, Preparation & Response Reference Guide Planning/Preparedness/Response Phases Planning Assumptions: - Timing is dubious - Once human-to-human, will spread quickly - Pandemic could keep going for 6 months – strike in 2 waves - Possibly 25% at first sick for up to a week - 35% truant rate – solid stay home with family - insufficient antiviral or antibodies will be accessible - Schools and organizations shut

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Oil and Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council Planning, Preparation & Response Reference Guide Action Elements: - Establish parts and obligations - Prioritize capacities and procedures - Identify key/discriminating laborers - Communicate, screen, and direction - Employee AND representative family prosperity most noteworthy need

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Global Survey on Pandemic Planning Electronic overview finished May 2006 553 organizations took part overall 76% US; 15% European; 5% Asia/Pacific; 3% Canadian Interviewed heads of 4 corporate capacities Human Resources Business Continuity Risk Management Environment, Health & Safety

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Global Survey on Pandemic Planning - Findings Assumptions in arrangements concerning non-appearance Employees with flu 97% Family individuals with influenza obliging consideration 95% Quarantine by open officials 80% Fear of contracting influenza from others 80% Closing of schools 78% Limits on open/private transportation 62%

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Global Survey on Pandemic Planning - Findings Measures included in arrangements Enhance abilities to work 72% from home or satellite facility Actively energize workers who 79% don\'t feel well to stay home Antibacterial cleansers 78% Stockpile antiretroviral drugs 24% Restrict travel 80%

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Global Survey on Pandemic Planning - Findings Larger multinational organizations are well along in the arranging procedure Critical commercial ventures are better arranged – littler organizations ill-equipped and at danger Asia/Pacific and Europe are preferred arranged over U.S. Potentially farfetched presumptions about virtual business environment reinforcement

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“Sometimes you truly don’t realize what you don’t know. Managing new and rising contaminations is an exceptionally humbling background. We ought not put on a show to realize what will happen. Will it be extreme or gentle? Which age gatherings will be generally influenced? We just don’t know.” Dr. Margaret Chan, World Healt

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