Parallels Control Boards for Microsoft Windows Servers.

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Shared facilitating offer web facilitating administrations to numerous customers on a solitary server. Other ... Different administrations databases, applications, web outline, and so forth ...
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Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers Microsoft Hosting Days Presenter: Doug Johnson Date: February 21, 2008

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Parallels Company Overview Market Leadership #1 in Desktop Virtualization (Parallels Desktop for Mac) #1 in OS-level Virtualization (Parallels Virtuozzo Containers) #1 in Server Automation Control Panels (Parallels Plesk Control Panel) Proven Track Record Powering more than 1 Million Servers and Desktops Serving more than 10 Million End-Customers in 125 Countries 27 Awards in the most recent 12 months Strong Foundation Founded toward the end of 1999, 8+ years of fast development Profitable with near 900 representatives overall 500+ Partners, including Microsoft, Apple, Intel, AMD, Dell, HP & IBM Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Automation Is Important Parallels gives 100% mechanization Automating undertakings wipes out human blunders and spares cash Automation conveys 24x7 administration Phone call: "I overlooked my secret key." Email: "I have to change my charging choices." Phone call: "Mr. Smith no more works for my organization, please erase him." Email: "Change my 404 message to … " Email: "I have to change my space settings." Phone call: "I have to add two Exchange clients to my administration." After Parallels, you may never hear these inquiries again! Fax: "I have to redesign my charge card data." Email: "Would you be able to add another database to my webpage?" Email: "I require ASP.NET 2.0 for my site." Email: "I require another FTP client." Phone call: "Would you be able to send me another permit key for my product?" "No rush – 5 minutes is fine." Email: "I might want to overhaul my administration arrangement." Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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What is the Parallels Plesk Control Panel? Server administration programming which permits non-specialized clients to oversee and appoint server administration errands Windows Management Quickly procurement an expert, client companion interface for client self-administration Customize the desktop for quicker undertaking focused organization Deploy IIS7 driven hosts Deploy DotNetNuke or .ASP locales Deploy Microsoft SQL datbases Deploy Windows firewall/Internet Connection Sharing Deploy Microsoft DNS Make many generally utilized Windows applications in a flash accessible #1 Windows-based server administration apparatus Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Hierarchical Management Tiered control boards Customizable XP "like" interface for client self-administration Customizable boards for: Service suppliers/chairmen Resellers Domain proprietors Mail clients Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Parallels Plesk Use Cases Business - SMB Businesses use Plesk to improve and secure server administration. Devoted servers – oversee and arrange DNS, email, databases, applications, web administrations (IIS 7, ASP.NET), FTP, SSL, and that\'s just the beginning. Shared servers – delegate capacities and server administration to offices Hosting Providers Hosting suppliers use Plesk in oversaw offers to delegate server administration to customers. Committed servers – sold to affiliates and also end-client customers Virtual devoted – less costly "devoted like" offering utilizing Plesk inside Virtuozzo Shared facilitating – offer web facilitating administrations to numerous customers on a solitary server Other facilitating – offer mail just or application facilitating arrangements to customers Resellers use Plesk to offer shared facilitating to customers from a solitary server. Web servers – re-brand and delegate undertakings to space proprietors. Different administrations – databases, applications, web outline, and so forth. Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Centralized Architecture (Parallels Automation) Centralized administration of assets on server ranches and bunches. Web Email Database DNS What is Parallels Automation? Single Server Architecture (Parallels Plesk) All administrations are overseen on a solitary server Growth includes including new servers with another duplicate of the administration programming Challenges Add new administrations and overhauling applications requires touching every server Centralized charging, DNS, and email are given independently Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Windows 2008 Server, IIS7 and MS FTP7 Support PHP FastCGI Support Single Sign On (SSO) SAML Application Packaging Standard (APS) Licensing & Upgrade New Mail and Anti-Spam Software Support Anti-infection and Anti-spam measurements Cold Fusion 8 Support  Webmail per Domain Plesk 8.3 for Windows Major Enhancements Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Parallels Plesk 8.3 for Windows Demo Click black box to begin video with sound Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Parallels Plesk Plus Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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Parallels Plesk Plus Promotion *Valid through June 30, 2008, new licenses just Save 10% off Parallels Plesk Plus (aggregate reserve funds more than 34%) when you buy Parallels Plesk 8.3 with Windows Server 2008 Take point of interest of IIS7 elements, for example, Fast CGI and Integrated Pipeline Support for quicker and more solid facilitating. Click here ( and enter rebate code: PARA-JW81 Parallels Service Provider Solutions

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