Part 1: Beginning with Windows Vista.

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7/13. Windows Vista Ultimate. Every one of the components in Vista Home Premium ... Can buy overhaul duplicate for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP ...
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Section 1: Getting Started with Windows Vista

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Windows Vista 6 Editions Windows Vista Starter Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Ultimate

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Windows Vista Starter Available just to developing markets where programming robbery runs widespread. Not accessible in created innovation markets, for example, the US, European Union, Japan, and Australia Only 3 Applications can be dispatched all the while No approaching system associations Memory restricted to 2GB Single 32 bit processors just

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Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Aero not accessible Single Processor Memory Limited to 8GB

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Windows Vista Home Premium All the elements of Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Aero Integrated Operating System Search usefulness Windows Media Center abilities: Can watch and record HDTV and associate with a Xbox360 Windows Tablet cabilities: advanced pen and touch screen interfaces. Incorporated DVD writing Extra Games File System Encryption Photo administration applications Limited to a solitary physical processor Memory Limited to 16GB

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Windows Vista Business Similar to Windows XP Professional Does exclude Media Center Windows Aero Integrated working framework look usefulness Windows tablet abilities IIs Web Server Fax Support Remote Desktop Previous variant bolster Dual physical processor bolster Memory Limited to 128GB

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Windows Vista Enterprise All the elements in Vista Business Virtual PC Express BitLocker Drive Encryption Subsystem for Unix-based applications Only Available by means of Microsoft Software Assurance or a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

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Windows Vista Ultimate All the elements in Vista Home Premium All the elements in Vista Enterprise DVD Ripping Support Podcast creation bolster WinSAT, which is utilized to enhance gaming execution

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Hardware Requirements To introduce Windows Vista effectively, your framework must meet certain equipment prerequisites.

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Hardware Requirements Windows Vista Capable PC 800 MHz processor 512 MB memory 20 GB hard drive; 15 GB free DirectX 9 video card equipped for 800 x 600 determination CD or DVD drive

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Hardware Requirements Windows Vista Premium Ready PC 1 GHz processor 1 GB memory 40 GB hard drive; 15 GB free DirectX 9 video card Pixel Shader 2.0 32 bits for each pixel memory subject to determination 128MB to utilize AERO CD or DVD drive

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Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) List of PCs and fringe equipment that have been tried with Windows Vista Located at Upgrade Advisor BIOS Compatibility Driver Requirements Hardware not on the HCL may work with Windows Vista, yet Microsoft Support won\'t not help you bolster your framework.

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Clean Install or Upgrade? Can buy overhaul duplicate for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Can perform set up update for Windows XP as it were! Must perform clean introduce with Windows 2000 Professional Must buy full form for all other working frameworks

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In-Place Upgrade Options

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Upgrade Considerations Application Compatibility Issues Not all applications composed for before renditions of Windows will work with Vista If perfect, you may need to reinstall. If not, then either buy redesigned variant that is, or keep running in similarity mode which we will cover later. Equipment Compatibility Issues Not all peripherals have drivers that are Vista agreeable.

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Migrating Files and Settings Windows Easy Transfer Can be utilized to exchange records and settings from Windows XP SP2 PC to your new Vista PC. Client Accounts Folders and documents Program Settings Internet Settings Favorites Email messages, contacts, settings Migrates just records from Windows 2000 SP4

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Migrating Files and Settings User State Migration Tool Used to move expansive quantities of clients over computerized organizations Similar to Windows Easy Transfer with the accompanying contrasts USMT is more configurable and can indicate which records and settings are exchanged. USMT is scriptable and utilizes order line utilities.

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Other Installation Options Disk Space Partitioning Partition Sizes System parcel: Boot Files and MBR Boot allotment: Vista documents C:\windows Windows Update and Security Settings Language and Locale Language to be utilized will decide things, for example, cash, numbers, date/time

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Installation Process Three principle steps: Collecting Information Installing/Upgrading Windows Set Up Windows

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Installation Process Collecting Information: Language Local Settings Product Key License Terms Type of Installation Install Location

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Installation Process Installing/Upgrading Windows: All records are duplicated from Setup project to the hard drive There are reboots included Files are extended Features are introduced Updates are introduced Installation finished

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Installation Process Set Up Windows: Configure client accounts Picture, secret word, watchword indication Specify PC name Must be exceptional Select overhaul and highlight settings Windows redesign, Explorer Phishing Configure time and date

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Troubleshooting Installation Four key investigating regions: Identifying Common Installation Problems Installing Non Supported Hard Drives Dealing with Incompatible Software Applications Start-All Programs-Accessories-Program Compatibility Wizard Troubleshooting with Installation Log Files Action Log \Windows\setupact.log Error Log \Windows\setuperr.log

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Dual-Boot and Multi-Boot Considerations Install more established working frameworks before introducing more up to date working frameworks Older working frameworks will destroy the Vista working framework Install each working framework on a different segment Basic versus Dynamic Disks Only Windows 2000, XP Pro, Server 2003, and Vista can see Dynamic Disks

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Dual-Boot and Multi-Boot Considerations NTFS/FAT32/FAT16 All Windows working frameworks can see FAT allotments, however just NT4 with SP4, Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 can perceive NTFS Disk Compression Vista can not read Windows 9x compacted circles. Just NTFS pressure. Encryption Vista scrambled records can not be perused by before adaptations. Boot.ini no more accessible in Vista Replaced with BCDEdit To alter boot choices

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Post-Installation Procedures Windows Activation To diminish programming theft Unless you have a corporate permit, you need to actuate 30-day elegance period Command line: slmgr - rearm Windows Update Critical Updates Service Packs Drivers Windows Ultimate Extras Backgrounds Texas Hold\'em and different recreations Sounds

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