Part 1 Foundation of Today's Promoting.

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1-2. Objectives_1. UnderstandThe social and financial environment that supported promoting in its initial yearsAdvertising\'s part in U.S. financial developmentAdvertising backing of the American media framework. 1-3. Objectives_2. UnderstandThe battle for moral and dependable advertisingAdvertising development amid the post-World War II eraModern publicizing in a period of divided gatherings of people and media.
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´╗┐Section 1 Background of Today\'s Advertising

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Objectives_1 Understand The social and monetary environment that supported promoting in its initial years Advertising\'s part in U.S. monetary improvement Advertising backing of the American media framework

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Objectives_2 Understand The battle for moral and mindful publicizing Advertising development amid the post-World War II time Modern promoting in a period of divided groups of onlookers and media

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Complements to the Advertising Function Advertising capacities most proficiently in an arrangement of unified trade an economy in which supply surpasses request It initially succeeded amid the Industrial Revolution

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The Creation of the Advertising Industry Branded items Growing working class National circulation framework

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Advertising\'s Modern Era Research Responsibility

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Exhibit 1.2 Basic promoting exploration was presented by the 1920s.

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Exhibit 1.3 Hoarding alludes to the initially printed open air signs.

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Periods in the History of Advertising Premarketing time Mass correspondence time Research time Interactive time

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Then and Now

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Factors Affecting the Growth of Persuasive Advertising Brand rivalry Product deals in view of picture over utility Influence from behavioral research Cars as materialistic trifles

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Development of Print Media Newspaper as an Advertising Medium Siquis Penny squeeze Magazines Mass Production The Advertising Agency

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American Association of Advertising Agencies

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Influences on Advertising in the Early Twentieth Century The Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) The Federal Trade Commission Act (1914) Council of Better Business Bureaus (1916) Printers\' Ink Model Statute (1911) Audit Bureau of Circulations (1914)

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FTC\'s Division of Advertising Practices

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Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)

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Major Periods in Advertising History World War I The 1920s Great Depression World War II Post-WWII to 1975 The 1980s The 21 st Century Click picture to visit Advertising Age\'s History Timeline

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Exhibit 1.10 In the 1920s, radio introduced another type of mass correspondence and promoting.

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The War Advertising Council The War Advertising Council upheld various endeavors to wrap the war up.

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Advertising Educational Foundation The Ad Council Retrospective, a glance back at authentic PSAs, is accessible at the AEF site (click picture) .

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Developments During the 1980s New innovation Audience fracture Consolidation Credit X-Entertainment has a few ads from the 1980s!

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And Now Emphasis on characterizing and using new innovation to achieve prospects Emphasis on measuring the benefit of putting resources into different correspondence channels

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Transitions Afoot Bob Garfield\'s View of the Current Period of Media Transition Visit ( click picture ) to peruse about Garfield\'s Chaos Scenario and Chaos Scenario 2.0

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Key Points: Advertising, Past and Future The possibility of powerful correspondence is as old as exchange. Publicizing can\'t be examined in theory. Publicizing is not restricted to customary media.

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For Discussion What components added to the ascent of cutting edge publicizing amid the most recent 100 years? How has new innovation added to more individual connections amongst sponsors and clients?

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