Part 1 Why a Course in Human Sexuality .

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Section Overview. Why a Course on Sexuality?Sexual Knowledge QuizCross Cultural ComparisonsHistorical PerspectivesSex as a ScienceScientific MethodologySexuality Education. Courses on Sexuality. Consider where you found out about sex?Parents, peers, friends?How exact do you think your data is/was the point at which you were 13? 15? Time magazine/CNN overview (Stogdill, 1998)74% of youngsters say companions and TV
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The Fall of Satan from Paradise Lost John Milton

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Paradise Lost Book I Invocation and presentation of lyric\'s topic A record of Satan\'s revolt and removal from Heaven Dialog amongst Satan and Beelzebub The other fallen angels\' mobilizing around Satan - the devilish host recorded Satan\'s discourse to the armies (about the making of man) The working of Pandemonium

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Overview "Of Man\'s first rebellion, and the product Of that taboo tree, whose mortal taste Brought passing into the world, and, all our burden, With the loss of Eden, till one more prominent Man Restore us, and recapture the joyful seat,(1-5) refers to unique sin of Adam and Eve brought people demise interestingly

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Overview "Sing, Heavenly Muse… That shepherd, who first instructed the picked seed before all else how the Heavens and Earth Rose out of Chaos… " (6-10) not requesting custom Greek dream requesting Holy Spirit to rouse him as he did Moses to compose the Ten Commandments and Genesis

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Overview His lyric will be superior to anything all other established compositions Reason for composing "And legitimize the methods for God to men" (26). Why God grants people to endure and kick the bucket His ballad will recount the epic fight amongst God and Lucifer

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Disobedience of Adam and Eve "Say to begin with, for Heaven conceals nothing from thy see, Nor the profound tract of Hell, say first what cause Moved our fantastic guardians in that cheerful state, Favored of Heaven so exceptionally, to tumble off From their Creator, and transgress his will For one limitation" (27-32). God saw the transgression of Adam and Eve Questions how this happened

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Disobedience of Adam and Eve "Who initially enticed them to that foul revolt? The diabolical Serpent, he who was, whose cunning, Stirred up with envy and requital, hoodwinked The mother of humanity, what time his pride Had thrown him out from Heaven, with his host Of revolt holy messengers… " (33-38). Satan debased God\'s arrangement out of retaliation God permits shrewdness to exist all together that great may emerge from it Satan tossed out of Heaven by God He is to be faulted for unique sin

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Satan He needed to resemble God Rebelled and was rebuffed "To set himself in wonderfulness over his associates, He trusted to have leveled with the Most High, If he contradicted; and with yearning point Against the honored position and government of God, Raised scandalous was in Heaven and fight glad With vain attempt."(39-44)

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Satan and Hell "Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong blazing from the ethereal sky With repulsive destroy and ignition down To unlimited destruction, there to abide In utterly unyielding chains and reformatory fire Who durst resist the Omnipotent to arms" (44-49). Tossed out into profundities of damnation by God

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Hell Milton utilizes haziness and symbolism to show the loathsomeness of Hell "searing inlet (52) "cell unpleasant" (61) "No light, yet rather murkiness unmistakable" (63) "find sights of misfortune" (64)

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Hell "Districts of distress, doleful shades, where peace And rest can never abide, trust never comes That arrives by any stretch of the imagination; however torment without end Still desires… Such place Eternal Justice had arranged For those insubordinate, here their jail appointed In absolute dimness, and their segment set As far expelled from God and the light of Heaven" (65-73). Physical torment-searing yet dim Physiological torment "fate" "Lost bliss" "daunt" Eternal discipline Light and dull symbolism

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Beelzebub "He soon perceives, and weltering close by One next himself in power, and next in wrongdoing, Long after known in Palestine, and named Beelzebub" (78-81). Second in power under Satan

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Satan Bemoans their place in Hell "\'If thou beest he-yet O how fallen! How changed From him, who in the glad domain of light Clothed with extraordinary splendor didst eclipse Myriads however splendid in the event that he whom shared alliance, United musings and advice, measure up to trust And risk in the magnificent undertaking, Joined with me once, now wretchedness hath participated In equivalent demolish: into what pit thou seest From what stature fallen!" (84-91) Tells Beelzebub he has been changed for the more regrettable by God\'s discipline Mourns paradise when he sees the condition of Beelzebub Does not atone for his insubordination

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Satan "… so much the more grounded demonstrated He with his thunder; and till then who knew The constrain of those of those desperate arms?" (92-94). Did not understand the quality and force of God

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Satan Sees himself as the foe of God "Yet not for those, Nor what the powerful Victor in his anger Can else cause, do I apologize or change," (95-97). "Incalculable powers" Two "forces" Engage in "questionable fight" Heaven as a "lost field" God is Satan\'s "lost enemy" "endless war" (93-124) Presents them as his armed force Diction speaks to war

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Satan "the unconquerable will, And investigation of vengeance, unfading disdain, And bravery never to submit or yield: And what is else not to be conquer?" (106-109) Driving power for Satan God was annoyed with the fight he was unverifiable about the result

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Satan Will proceed was for time everlasting "since by destiny the quality of divine beings And this rose substance can\'t come up short, Since through experience of this awesome occasion, In arms not more terrible, in prescience tremendously propelled, We may with more effective trust take steps To wage by compel or cunning endless war Irreconcilable to our amazing Foe, Who now triumphs, and in the overabundance of bliss, Sole ruling holds the oppression of Heaven." (116-124)

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Satan Will take up arms against God\'s oppression God in paradise celebrating Take activity by and by

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Beelzebub\'s Response "That with pitiful topple and foul annihilation Hath lost us Heaven, and this compelling host In shocking pulverization laid accordingly low, As far as divine beings and wonderful embodiments Can die…/Here gobbled up in perpetual wretchedness." (135-142).

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Beelzebub\'s Response Doubtful Can we overwhelm God and his matchless quality? Understands the ghastliness of their circumstance

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Beelzebub\'s Response "That we may so suffice his vindictive anger, Or do him mightier administration as his thralls By right of war, whate\'er his business be, Here in the heart of Hell to work in flame, Or do his errands in the melancholy profound? What would it be able to then profit, however yet we feel Strength undiminished, or everlasting being TO experience interminable discipline?" (148-155).

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Beelzebub\'s Response Questions in the event that they are still slaves of God\'s Their discipline in hellfire is to do God\'s offering in damnation

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Satan\'s Response "to be powerless is hopeless" (157) "To benefit nothing never will be our errand, But ever to do sick our sole enjoyment As being the as opposed to his high will Whom we oppose" (158-162). Just submit deeds of shrewdness God can\'t control that His malicious will equivalent God\'s decency

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Satan\'s Response "Seest thou far off troubling plain, melancholy and wild, The seat of devastation, drained of light, Save what the gleaming of these enraged blazes Casts pale and horrendous?" (180-183) Satan\'s point of view of Hell He understands the awfulness of it and is repulsed by it

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Satan\'s Response "And reassembling our distressed forces, Consult how we may consequently most irritate Our Enemy, our own misfortune how repair, How conquer this critical disaster, What support we may pick up from trust, If not, what determination from misery." (186-191) Satan\'s arrangement of activity Seek retaliation for the offense

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Satan "Inclined on the surge, broadened long and expansive, Lay coasting numerous a rood, in mass as enormous As whom the tales name of tremendous size, Titanian or Earth-conceived, that warred on Jove, Briareos or Typhon whom drove the cave By old Tarus held, or that ocean brute Leviathan, which God od every one of his works Created hugest that swim the sea stream." (195-202) Indicates the giganticness and immensity of Satan Compared to Titans and goliaths from Greek Mythology

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Satan "… this is the seat That we should change for Heaven, this sad agony For that divine light? Be it in this way, since he Who now is sovereign can arrange and offer What should be correct: most distant from him is ideal, Whom reason hath squared with, constrain hath made preeminent Above his equivalents." (243-249) Accepts his new position and needs to rule sovereign Happy to have his own particular kingdom to manage Proves he is God\'s equivalent Pride "Preferred to reign in Hell over serve in Heaven" (263) Eager to rally his powers needs support to oppose God

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Epic Simile Something in the ballad is contrasted with something very outside the lyric Compares Satan to Titans and Greeks from mythology (196-208) Compares his arrival to crushing of a slope or fountain of liquid magma which make an unstable compel (230-237)

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